Archaeologists Discover Lost Egyptian City Said to Rival Pompeii

A new discovery on the west bank of the Nile, near the iconic Valley of the Kings, has archaeologists buzzing about what may be the most important archaeological find since the location of Tutankhamun’s tomb. An entire lost city has been found, with workshops, palaces, a cemetery, and living quarters. The site is said to be in excellent condition.

“There’s no doubt about it; it really is a phenomenal find,” Salima Ikram, an archaeologist who leads the American University in Cairo’s Egyptology unit, told National Geographic. “It’s very much a snapshot in time—an Egyptian version of Pompeii.”

The archaeologists have found multiple artifacts stamped with the seal of Amenhotep III or dated to year 37 of his reign, when Amenhotep III and Amenhotep IV are believed to have ruled side-by-side. According to Egyptologist Zahi Hawass, the team that found the lost city was actually searching for the mortuary temple of Tutankhamun after locating the mortuary temples of both Horemheb and Ay in the same area.

“The city’s streets are flanked by houses… some of their walls are up to 3 meters high,” Hawass continued. “We can reveal that the city extends to the west, all the way to the famous Deir el-Medina.”

Deir el-Medina is the name of the town where generations of artisans and laborers worked to carve rock tombs out of the Valley of the Kings. Wikipedia notes that Deir el-Medina is “laid out in a small natural amphitheater, within easy walking distance of the Valley of the Kings to the north, funerary temples to the east and south-east, with the Valley of the Queens to the west. The village may have been built apart from the wider population in order to preserve secrecy in view of sensitive nature of the work carried out in the tombs.” If the new city stretches all the way to Deir el-Medina, it means the village of workers may have been less isolated than previously thought.

Some of the decorative objects found at The Rise of Aten. Image by Zahi Hawass

The find is being described as “The lost golden city of Luxor,” but that appellation risks confusion. Luxor is a modern Egyptian city and its present-day boundaries are already known to include the ruins of Thebes, the ancient Egyptian capital. This new lost city, known in ancient times as Rising of the Aten, is inside the borders of modern-day Luxor, on the west bank of the Nile, not far from the Valley of the Kings. While described as a city, it’s not a large location.

Zoomed out view, showing the location of The Rise of Aten within Luxor.

Hawass identifies the site as “sandwiched between Rameses III’s temple at Medinet Habu and Amenhotep III’s temple at Memnon.” Google Maps (above) shows that this specific area isn’t very large, but here’s a zoomed-in view showing the relationship between the new finds and existing structures.

A zoomed-in view, showing the lost city in relationship to other nearby locations and the Valley of the Kings.

Rising of the Aten was built on the west bank of the Nile and occupied during the reign of Amenhotep III, but it was apparently abandoned suddenly during the reign of his son, Amenhotep IV, also known as Akhenaten, father of Tutankhaten / Tutankahmun. The changing titles of both pharaohs hints at the cultural upheaval in Egypt during their reigns.

Ancient Egypt was mostly polytheistic, but not entirely. During the reign of Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten, the capital of Egypt moved from Thebes to a new city he founded 250 miles to the north, named Akhetaten, which means “Horizon of the Aten.” At the same time, the nature of Egyptian religion changed.

Prior to the reign of Amenhotep IV, the Aten was the disk of the sun and considered one aspect of the Egyptian sun god Ra. Under Amenhotep IV, Aten became the sole deity Egyptians worshipped and the pharaoh renamed himself as Akhenaten. This was controversial, to put it mildly.

Akhenaten’s son, Tutankhaten, appears to have changed his name to Tutankhamun after his father’s death, possibly to signal allegiance to the old religious orders and to affirm Amun-Ra as leader of the Egyptian pantheon. He took multiple actions to restore the religious orders his father had disfavored, including abandoning Akhetaten and returning the seat of Egyptian power to Thebes. After his death, he was succeeded by Ay, who was possibly his great-uncle.

The Amarna period is known for its artistic experimentation. But Akhenaten, Tutankhamun, and Ay were all associated with what ancient Egyptians viewed as religious heresy. The pharaoh who came after Ay, Horemheb, practiced damnatio memoriae against his predecessors. Damnatio memoriae is Latin for “condemnation of memory” and refers to systemic efforts to exclude mention or depiction of a person from history. The efforts the ancient Egyptians made to keep the later rulers of the 18th Dynasty out of the history books have complicated our efforts to understand their lives today, despite the fact that Tutankhamun’s burial treasure represents the most complete trove of royal ancient Egyptian artifacts ever discovered.

ExtremeTech reached out to professor Kara Cooney, professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture and Chair of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures at UCLA, to better understand the implications of the find.  “This is one of the biggest things to happen to domestic architecture and settlement archaeology in some time,” Cooney said. “The town is beautifully preserved, even past one story, in mudbrick, which shouldn’t survive. What is astounding is all that comes with the town, tools, pottery, texts, as if the town was left suddenly, which is what archaeologists think happened.”

“Mudbrick isn’t preserved like this elsewhere,” Cooney continued. “They [archaeologists] are worried about preserving this site. Once rainstorm will do untold damage. This is a special and amazing find that must be carefully studied and preserved.”

The Rise of Aten could shed new light on a tumultuous period of time in Ancient Egypt when artistic and religious standards were changing. Reports indicate the city has been found “packed” with artifacts and everyday objects, many of which may help us understand the lives of the people that lived there. It is not clear if the site was used when Tutankhamun returned to Thebes. We may find clues to that decision as work on the site progresses.

One other thing we want to mention. There have been claims that the recent Rising of the Aten discovery reported by Zahi Hawass is an inadvertent duplication of French archaeological finds that date back to the 1930s. This appears to be unlikely. A follow-up investigation comparing the French expedition work to the Rising of the Aten site found that they occurred in two different locations, though both date to the reign of Amenhotep III. The two sites may or may not be related, but the claims of a previously-unknown Egyptian Pompeii are holding up thus far.

Every now and then, the discoveries we make in these long-lost places dramatically reshapes what we know of the past. Some of our knowledge of ancient writers and thinkers comes from just one place — a library in Herculaneum, buried by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. Rising of the Aten may hold similar secrets, kept safe and untouched for thousands of years.

Feature image by Zahi Hawass

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Australia abandons COVID-19 vaccination targets after new advice on AstraZeneca shots

Australia has abandoned a goal to vaccinate nearly all of its 26 million population by the end of 2021 following advice that people under the age of 50 take Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine rather than AstraZeneca’s shot.

Australia, which had banked on the AstraZeneca vaccine for the majority of its shots, had no plans to set any new targets for completing its vaccination program, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in a Facebook post on Sunday afternoon.

“While we would like to see these doses completed before the end of the year, it is not possible to set such targets given the many uncertainties involved,” Morrison said.

Authorities in Canberra changed their recommendation on Pfizer shots for under-50s on Thursday, after European regulators reiterated the possibility of links between the AstraZeneca shot and reports of rare cases of blood clots.

Australia, which raced to double its order of the Pfizer vaccine last week, had originally planned to have its entire population vaccinated by the end of October.

Australia’s hardline response to the virus largely stopped community transmissions but the vaccination rollout has become a hot political topic — and a source of friction between Morrison and state and territory leaders — after the country vaccinated only a fraction of its four million target by the end of March.

About 1.16 million COVID-19 doses have now been administered, Morrison said, noting the speed of Australia’s vaccination program was in line with other peer nations, including Germany and France, and ahead of Canada and Japan.

Australia began vaccinations much later than some other nations, partly because of its low number of infections, which stand at just under 29,400, with 909 deaths, since the pandemic began.

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Iran blames Israel for sabotage at Natanz site as U.S. begins talks to re-enter nuclear deal

Iran blamed Israel on Monday for a sabotage attack on its underground Natanz nuclear facility that damaged its centrifuges, an assault that imperils ongoing talks over its tattered nuclear deal and brings a shadow war between the two countries into the light.

Israel has not claimed responsibility for the attack. It rarely does for operations carried out by its secret military units or its Mossad intelligence agency. However, Israeli media widely reported that the country had orchestrated a devastating cyberattack that caused a blackout at the nuclear facility. Meanwhile, a former Iranian official said the attack set off a fire.

The attack further strains relations between the United States, which under President Joe Biden is now negotiating in Vienna to re-enter the nuclear accord, and Israel, whose Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to stop the deal at all costs. Netanyahu met Monday with U.S. Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin, whose arrival in Israel coincided with the first word of the attack.

At a news conference at Israel’s Nevatim air base Monday, where he viewed Israeli air and missile defence systems and its F-35 combat aircraft, Austin declined to say whether the Natanz attack could impede the Biden administration’s efforts to re-engage with Iran in its nuclear program.

“Those efforts will continue,” Austin said. The previous American administration under Donald Trump had pulled out of the nuclear deal with world powers, leading Iran to begin abandoning its limits.

‘We will take revenge’

Details remained scarce about what happened early Sunday at the facility. The event was initially described only as a blackout in the electrical grid feeding its above-ground workshops and underground enrichment halls — but later Iranian officials began referring to it as an attack.

A former chief of Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard said the attack had also set off a fire at the site and called for improvements in security. In a tweet, Gen. Mohsen Rezaei said that the second attack at Natanz in a year signalled “the seriousness of the infiltration phenomenon.” Rezaei did not say where he got his information.

This photo released Nov. 5, 2019, by the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran shows centrifuge machines in the Natanz uranium enrichment facility. (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran/The Associated Press)

“The answer for Natanz is to take revenge against Israel,” Iran Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said. “Israel will receive its answer through its own path.” He did not elaborate.

Khatibzadeh acknowledged that IR-1 centrifuges, the first-generation workhorse of Iran’s uranium enrichment, had been damaged in the attack, but did not elaborate. State television has yet to show images from the facility. However, the facility seemed to be in such disarray that, following the attack, a prominent nuclear spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi walking above ground at the site fell seven metres through an open ventilation shaft covered by aluminum debris, breaking both his legs and hurting his head.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif warned Natanz would be reconstructed with more advanced machines. That would allow Iran to more quickly enrich uranium, complicating the nuclear talks.

“The Zionists wanted to take revenge against the Iranian people for their success on the path of lifting sanctions,” Iran’s state-run IRNA news agency quoted Zarif as saying. “But we do not allow (it), and we will take revenge for this action against the Zionists.”

Previous target of sabotage

Officials launched an effort Monday to provide emergency power to Natanz, said Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of Iran’s civilian nuclear program. He said enrichment had not stopped there, without elaborating.

The IAEA, the United Nations body that monitors Tehran’s atomic program, earlier said it was aware of media reports about the blackout at Natanz and had spoken with Iranian officials about it. The agency did not elaborate.

Natanz has been targeted by sabotage in the past. The Stuxnet computer virus, discovered in 2010 and widely believed to be a joint U.S.-Israeli creation, once disrupted and destroyed Iranian centrifuges there during an earlier period of Western fears about Tehran’s program.

This photo released July 2, 2020, by the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, shows a building after it was damaged by a fire at the Natanz facility. Authorities later described the mysterious explosion as sabotage. (Atomic Energy Organization of Iran/The Associated Press)

In July, Natanz suffered a mysterious explosion at its advanced centrifuge assembly plant that authorities later described as sabotage. Iran now is rebuilding that facility deep inside a nearby mountain. Iran also blamed Israel for that, as well as the November killing of a scientist who began the country’s military nuclear program decades earlier.

Israel also has launched a series of airstrikes in neighbouring Syria targeting Iranian forces and their equipment. Israel also is suspected in an attack last week on an Iranian cargo ship that is said to serve as a floating base for Iran’s paramilitary Revolutionary Guard forces off the coast of Yemen.

Multiple Israeli media outlets reported Sunday that an Israeli cyberattack caused the blackout, but it remains unclear what actually happened there. Public broadcaster Kan said the Mossad was behind the attack. Channel 12 TV cited “experts” as estimating the attack shut down entire sections of the facility.

While the reports offered no sourcing for their information, Israeli media maintains a close relationship with the country’s military and intelligence agencies.

“It’s hard for me to believe it’s a coincidence,” Yoel Guzansky, a senior fellow at Tel Aviv’s Institute for National Security Studies, said of the blackout. “If it’s not a coincidence, and that’s a big if, someone is trying to send a message that ‘we can limit Iran’s advance and we have red lines.'”

It also sends a message that Iran’s most sensitive nuclear site is penetrable, he said.

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De ningГєn modo he bailado salsa no obstante si flamenco y me encantaria iniciarme! Bailar salsa zaragoza

De ningГєn modo he bailado salsa no obstante si flamenco y me encantaria iniciarme! Bailar salsa zaragoza

Alguien se apunta? Cristi Cris , 35 aГ±os. Zaragoza Hola! Mi nombre serГ­В­a Cristina y tengo 35 aГ±os de vida!

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Hola amistades violГЎceo , 57 aГ±os de vida. Zaragoza Un saludo a todo el mundo,soy latina y no ha transpirado me encantaria permitirse conocer individuos Con El Fin De mantenerse a tomar un cafe o irse a danzar que me encanta, y no ha transpirado En Caso De Que de entre esas amistaders surge el flechazo bienvenido sea. Un cordial saludo.

NOCHEVIEJA Y No Ha Transpirado COTILLON 2018

christian speed dating nj

Somos dos principiantes Luis Manuel , 55 aГ±os de vida. Zaragoza Buscamos 2 chicas , Con El Fin De mover el esqueleto salsa , grado aprendiz, de estudiar bailando en Tropico, destilador, Tokata, o en donde querais, la cuestion serГ­В­a danzar juntos de aprender a danzar. Busco chica Con El Fin De bailar salsa Alvaro , 38 aГ±os de vida. Zaragoza Hola. Estoy aprendiendo salsa desplazГЎndolo hacia el pelo me gustarГ­a perfeccionar bajando al Troppico las martes y jueves. Hasta pronto 9;agina, despues de haberme ausentado por aflicciГіn, estoy superando mi dolor. Busco pareja de iniciacion a bailes latinos vanessa , 38 aГ±os de vida.

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Relationship advice for males: 12 guidelines to check out

Relationship advice for males: 12 guidelines to check out

Its not all man really wants to be a lifelong playboy, so I’m here to instruct guys how to have a relationship that is happy.

For males wanting to get into relationships, there clearly wasn’t a lot of data on the market.

You can find guidelines you have to follow if you wish to have an effective and healthier relationship, however it’s difficult to acquire guidance or instruction on it. That’s since there is a vested desire for maintaining guys ignorant of how exactly to have a solid, delighted relationship.

First, you need to cope with the most obvious: there are a great number of females and Vichy Males on the market who feel threatened by a person whom chooses to position their pleasure during the center of his intimate choices…

Next, you need to cope with a society that disincentivizes satisfying relationships that are romantic. There’s a complete lot of relationship advice available to you that boils right down to women behaving how they desire to and males just suffering it. Guys whom declare that might not be the way that is optimal coexist are labeled “misogynistic” and “controlling.”

There’s a wealth of data nowadays on operating game, fulfilling chicks off Tinder, and learning how to be a bachelor that is hedonistic. Continue reading

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En funciГ­Віn de el recorrido etapa a la que las diferentes tipo de persona se descubra, lograrГЎn sentir el inclinaciГіn

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Has conocido d gente sobre 15 aГ±os abarcar la comunicaciГіn de mayor constante de que la la cual un individuo sobre 50 aГ±os de vida puede comprender?, lo cual se puede intentar La Personalidad Es Una De Las Cosas Que MГ­ВЎs Atrae Mujeres calcetines en coolmax prudencia pertenecientes a la sujeto, es mГЎs, PC la oportunidad de penetraciГіn alrededor la cual llegan a convertirse en focos de luces pueda percibir vuestro persona. Esto procura declarar el cual, efectivamente venus, la cual es una actividad su planeta de el deseo desplazГЎndolo hacia el pelo nuestras actos estarГ­a anotando para con su cliente en los brazos y las manos la permanencia a la que Ahora perfiles con el pasar del tiempo seriedad, serГЎ el segundo indicado para que halles su coito del perineo su vidade al lado

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10 methods to End a Dry Spell while having Great Intercourse Again

10 methods to End a Dry Spell while having Great Intercourse Again

Here is ways to get your groove right back following an intercourse drought.

No body really wants to acknowledge it however you’ve most likely skilled a dry spell, whether you have been solitary for awhile or perhaps you’re not linking together with your partner. Maybe that final date that is online so incredibly bad you entirely quit on guys. Or even the youngsters’ social life along with work load are really a recipe for a marriage that is sexless. But listed here is the news that is good there are many ways to reboot your sex-life. We tapped specialists to obtain their most readily useful advice for leaping right straight back in the bed room.

1. Do not leap directly into the event that is main

“Foreplay is essential,” claims psychologist Dr. Paulette Kouffman. “Women produce oxytocin, a hormones for bonding and trust through mental, psychological and physical foreplay. Mcdougal associated with the Book of Sacred Baths: 52 washing Rituals to Revitalize Your Spirit says foreplay will place you in both the feeling for intercourse, but more to the point, create that psychological connection that happens to be lacking. Continue reading

Hormonal birth prevention like the supplement, spot, shot, implant or hormone IUD can all influence your sexual drive

Hormonal birth prevention like the supplement, spot, shot, implant or hormone IUD can all influence your sexual drive

Estrogen as well as other hormones additionally fluctuate through your menstrual period. The hormones is responsible for activating development of the uterine liner every among other things month. But it is the midcycle progesterone & testosterone increase that you may make you super horny right before you’re going to get you durations [6] [7]. Pregnancy is yet another right time whenever hormones modification. Your hormones amounts all increase, and also this can cause behavior that is moody either increased or reduced libido. As soon as you give delivery, it may just take some time for what to return to normal. Nonetheless it’s not merely estrogen and testosterone that impacts your libido: perhaps the prolactin the human body creates during chaturbate males breast-feeding minimizes ovarian task and make a difference sexual drive [8]. It is both why it is harder to obtain pregnant if you’re nursing (but not impossible!) and exactly why you may battle to be in the feeling for sex: your hormones are still unbalanced. Luckily, normally short-term.

During menopause, the human body prevents producing since estrogen that is much which regularly means a plunge in libido [9] [10]. For those who have low estrogen, supplements can be obtained. Nonetheless it’s better to speak to your medical practitioner before you decide to try any supplements that are hormonal you’ll learn below.

Contraception Is Interfering

Hormonal birth prevention for instance the supplement, area, shot, implant or hormone IUD can all influence your sexual drive [11]. These contraception options add brand new hormones to one’s body. Some contraceptive is called a mix technique since it holds male and hormones that are female although not all do. Progestin-only birth prevention pills, also called POP or mini-pills, usually do not include estrogen.Most do, nonetheless. Continue reading