8 Things We Learned From Yolanda Hadid’s ‘Believe Me’: ‘RHOBH’ Secrets and New David Foster Divorce Details!

5. She’s tried pretty much anything to help with her Lyme disease.

Yolanda kept a detailed health diary, documenting the years of medical tests, procedures and medications she has tried while battling Lyme. She started a chemotherapy-like pill regimen, which required her to down 150 different tablets a day, took up smoking raw tobacco, tried magic mushrooms and medicinal marijuana — and even a combination of ayahuasca and frog venom.

“This is definitely an intense experience,” she writes of that last bit. “But I am always enchanted by the thought of a cure.”

6. While she never contemplated suicide, she did routinely ask God to take her away.

Yolanda recalls at least three instances where she wished for death in the book, but she never actually attempted to take her own life. She just wanted freedom from suffering, praying to God each time. Her lowest moment came on a trip to Miami, a trip she did not feel well enough to make, but that she claims David forced her into.

Yolanda walked to the beach, stripped naked and entered the ocean waters. “God, please just take me in a way,” she says to herself. “Please carry my body away. I just want to disappear.”

Other instances were in private, mostly lying in her bathroom, seeking pain relief on the cold tile floor and repeating this sad mantra: “I feel like I want to die. I can’t possibly get through another day.”

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