Adam Levine Pranks Unsuspecting Food Delivery Man on ‘Ellen’: ‘The Gluten Has to Soak Into My Tongue’

“I don’t mean to be a diva but [singing] this ain’t gonna work!” Levine belted out in several different voices.

He got Izzy to yell “STELLA!” and “Help me Rhonda” down the hall under the pretense of calling out to his assistants.

The best part came when he asked for bread, saying, “Great let me try that. I can’t chew it. The gluten has to soak into my tongue.”

He then held the piece of bread on his tongue for several minutes, while DeGeneres laughed hard in his ear.  

As he explored the soft foods, Levine said, “You know what’s not soft? Blake Shelton’s butt. He has soft lips though.”

He then told Izzy about the prank and brought him onstage to receive his tip from DeGeneres. Watch the clips to see the fun!

On the show, Levine revealed the gender of his second child, watch the clip below to find out if he’s having a boy or a girl! 

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