'American Horror Story: Cult' Premiere: Evan Peters' Pro-Trump Character Revealed — and He's Insane!

Despite assumptions that AHS would only feature a single point of view this season, it’s quickly revealed that there’s a major divide between the residents of the small town in Michigan where Cult takes place. Murphy, a noted Democrat, keeps things fair by satirizing both sides of the political spectrum to seemingly show, as he puts it, just how “ridiculous” the world we’re living in has become.

One of the standout characters this season is Trump supporter Kai Anderson, portrayed by Peters. The results of the election are the start of a new beginning for the dark, blue-haired anarchist, whose obsession with fear and power is apparent within the first two minutes.

“The revolution has begun,” Kai proclaims, jumping up and down and pelvic-thrusting the TV screen. “F**k you, world! USA! USA! USA!”

If that scene doesn’t prove just how empowered and manic Kai now feels in Trump’s America, he later paints his face orange with smashed Cheetos as an ode to his new president. It’s clear Kai is the leader of Cult, and is organizing a frightening movement led by triumph and rage.

During a press event earlier this year, Murphy revealed that Peters will also play a number of notorious cult leaders throughout season seven, including Charles Manson, David Koresh and Jim Jones.

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