An Interview with Fonzo Crow – Up and Coming Comedian in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

I was very excited to interview Comedian Fonzo Crow, a very talented local favorite in these parts, as well as in all the cities he travels to delivering nonstop Laughter… by any means necessary!!!
Hope you enjoy the interview listed below.
Where are you from?
I’m from Dallas, Texas
How long have you been doing comedy?
Doing comedy 5 years
What got you into standup?
I had never been to a show before so I looked up comedy shows in Dallas.
Went to an open mic to watch. Got drunk on Patron and did the classic “I’m funnier than these people” line. I signed up and was horrible, looking back at it. But as soon as I heard myself on the mic I feel in love with it.
Where was the first place you performed comedy?
The first place I performed comedy was at Backdoor Comedy Club in Dallas, TX.
Who have you opened up for?
Haven’t really opened for big named comics yet- I seemed to fly under the radar for years so I pretty much opened for everyone.  If a crackhead was on a flyer they would probably put me up before him not knowing what to expect.
What has been your most memorable moment doing comedy?
My most memorable moment was when I hosted a show and a old white couple at least 70 years old walked up to me, prayed over me…told me that I was going to be someone special. They shook my hand and put a $50 bill in it.
Who are some of your favorite comedians?
All time favorites are Richard Pryor,  Eddie Murphy, Rodney Dangerfield , Bernie Mac and Martin Lawrence. New age favorites are Tony Roberts, Corey Holcomb and DeRay Davis
What is your ethnic background?
I am black, but since my name is Alphonso,  I sometimes claim to be Dominican.
Do you have any military background?
No, I do not have a military background, but I’m a beast on call of duty, which I know is totally different unless you’re high and then I’m a lieutenant.
Are black comedians funnier?
I don’t think its about race. Comedy is selective and I know white people that are funnier than black people and vice versa. Problem is white guys sometimes only say stuff that only white people understand. Like one liners about Duck Dynasty or something. Most black comics talk about things that everyone goes through or knows.
What is the hardest thing about doing comedy?
The hardest thing about doing comedy would have to be separating the problems in your life off the stage or trying to be able to smile and make people laugh when you don’t even have anything to smile or laugh about. Learning to take serious issues you might be experiencing and lightening them up. Also, I would say the other hard part is remembering Rome, wasn’t built in a day and to be persistent.
What do you think about hecklers?
Hecklers are cool only when they aren’t drunk. I never really have too many hecklers because I think my style keeps everyone engaged and makes them forget to heckle.
Are black audiences tougher?
Black audiences are much tougher. Black people show up to the show with a different mindset like, “I know this motha##### better be funny because I can be at home sleep.” White crowds typically show up to laugh at a comedy show.
How often do you do open mics?
I don’t do open mics very often anymore. I practice at home mostly. Unfortunately, I’m not able to get out all week like some other comics because I have to take care of my son.
Any advice for anyone that wants to try comedy?
Just try it if you want to do it. A lot of people think they are funny and feel like they can get on stage and do what we do. And then they get on stage and see how real things are up there. But you have to at least try because, you never know. However, always keep coming up with new material or new ways to make your jokes stronger.
Have you done any acting?
I have not got into any real acting roles yet. Since elementary we would meet up every summer and make our own homemade version of in In Living Color skits but that’s about it. Acting is definitely something that I am going to get into though.
Do you have any hobbies?
Just being around my son and playing with my son. I let him him think he is going to win, only to pull off last minute victories and ruin his pride and self esteem..lmao.
Name three favorite people you admire.
I can’t name 3 people …I would just say anyone that I call my family I love all of them.
What was your childhood like?
Growing up was cool. I had young parents who were learning to be parents and growing up at the same time as me. My parents were tough on us but not abusive or anything. My mom is the reason that I listened to Too Short and played basketball. My pops is the reason I have no problem working all day. I was fortunate enough to have to parents that love each other and stick through tough times together. However, the fact that they are still together might be the reason Im not successful yet or didn’t prosper in basketball. If my home was broken I probably had a better chance to be drafted or something.
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