Bad Management and Bad Customer Service = #lakeviewatparkside #rentanapt

The year was 2015 and our current apartment was negative in so many ways! New Management took over a year ago and it definitely showed through their actions. Our apartment was hot, theft increased and maintenance took forever to assist you. Not to mention that a fire occurred, our cable was constantly stolen and our electricity would go out once every two months. Could I really complain when I was paying $750.00 for a two bedroom, two bathroom 750 square feet apartment? According to current apartment laws, I was able to report this to the current Leasing Management company or County housing division depending on what current apartment problems I had. I did report them and was offered solutions. It wasn’t enough so I decided to relocate to a luxury apartment in order to truly enjoy my stay with amenities to make my life less stressful.

After doing research at the time, I decided to move into Lakeview at Parkside apartments located less than a mile away. Due to the popularity of this luxury apartment complex, I had to be placed on a wait list to get an apartment in the future. The complex offered two pools, four lakes (which you could do catch and throw fishing) , a game room, fitness center, Indoor basketball court, racketball court, sauna, jacuzzi spa, inside walking trail with views of rabbits at times, and a gated community patrolled by police. After waiting three months, we were finally called to look at a 1000 square foot apartment for only $1225 per month. The management was EXCELLENT!!!

They went over the apartment lease explaining everything to help us understand the rules and regulations signing it. They explained why they had 60 days lease instead of a 30 day lease but how they could allow certain exceptions depending on extenuating situations. They promoted “Customer Service” as they wanted us to know that our stay was important to them. The next two years I could clearly see that in their personnel and actions. Whenever I had a problem, they made sure to resolve it within 24-30 hours and follow up with us afterwards. Whenever we went into the lobby to sign up for a meeting, they were quick to make sure our wait was as a short as possible. If a problem occurred, they tried their best to make sure to resolve the issue or explain why something couldn’t be resolved if no possible options were available. They offered exceptions to Veterans and disabled individuals to help them with first floor apartments to better suite their needs when requested.

I loved my apartment and it showed in my review on google for others to know Lakeview at Parkside apartments was a great apartment complex. Though I saw other luxury apartment complexes like Venetian and Fioro being built, I still enjoyed my stay at Lakeview at Parkside apartments. In the year, 2017, new management and staff replaced the current ones we dealt with and customer service diminished. Whenever we had problems seeking resolution, it normally took 48-72 hours. If a problem with a power outage occurred, the staff knew nothing and simply stated “There’s nothing we can do about it and you just have to wait and see what happens.” We begin to see roaches in our apartments and had to request spraying (which could only be done on Tuesdays) once a service request was given. Unlike the current apartment management, who requested to have monthly spraying throughout apartments, the current management only requested spraying when needed to save money.

Broken gate for 2 months

I noticed that our gated community was no longer has gates working properly allowing strangers to park and stalk our apartment community. We started to have a rood leak in our apartment every time it rained which begin to cause mold and stains in the ceiling. Though we reported it 8 times, it still never got completely repaired. Unfortunately, we decided to not renew our lease as we were considering other job options and possible relocation. We understand that rent may increase due to not having a locked in rate by signing a lease.

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crack in the foundation of apartment.
Hallway light blocked by mold and dead insects.