Catalan leader calls for mediation with Spanish government to resolve crisis

Catalan regional leader Carles Puigdemont said on Wednesday he was in favour of mediation to find a way out of the Catalan crisis but that the Spanish government had not accepted it.

“This moment calls for mediation. We have received various offers in the last hours and we will receive more. All of them know I am ready to start a mediation process,” he said in a televised address. “I will repeat it as many times as necessary: dialogue and agreement are part of the political culture of our people, however, the state has not given any positive answer to those offers,” he said.

Puigdemont called the government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy “irresponsible” for not accepting mediation in the deadlock.

The Catalan parliament is expected to unilaterally declare independence from Spain next Monday after a referendum that the Spanish government and courts have declared illegal.


Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy delivers a statement at the Moncloa Palace in Madrid on Oct. 1. Puigdemont called Rajoy’s government ‘irresponsible’ for not accepting mediation in the deadlock. (Sergio Perez/Reuters)

“I am sure that in the next few days we will show the best of our country when the institutions of Catalonia will have to apply the results of the referendum,” Puigdemont said.

He also criticized King Felipe VI for following what he said were the government’s “catastrophic” policies toward Catalonia.

“You have disappointed many Catalans,” Puigdemont told the king.

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A Spanish riot police officer shoots a rubber bullet at people trying to reach a voting site at a school assigned to be a polling station by the Catalan government in Barcelona on Sunday. (Emilio Morenatti/Associated Press)

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