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Ministry considered options for handling 'dysfunctional' chiropractors college after CBC report, FOI shows

For nearly two years, a group of B.C. chiropractors say they rang alarm bells about "outlandish

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A new health app launched this month is raising questions over whether it will help cure doctor

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Health Canada's recent warning that homeopathic remedies are not an alternative to vaccines doesn't go far

Canada's fight with Big Tobacco is back on

This is an excerpt from Second Opinion, a weekly roundup of eclectic and under-the-radar health and

How imported shrimp is bringing superbugs to Canada's shores

A CBC Marketplace investigation has found worrying levels of antibiotic-resistant bacteria on imported shrimp bought at

Robot-assisted surgery widely embraced, but 'newer doesn't always mean better,' experts warn

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Anthony Adili has performed hundreds of knee replacement surgeries in his career. He's

More than half of Canadians may have trouble adopting new food guide, survey suggests

The fruit-and-vegetable-heavy fare touted in the new federal food guide may be too expensive — or

They face financial ruin to get a new lung. Some are choosing to die instead

At 42 years old, Natalie Jarvis decided she was ready to die. Late last year, her

Company that made OxyContin confirms it's considering bankruptcy as lawsuits loom

The company that has made billions selling the prescription painkiller OxyContin said Wednesday that it is

Health Canada starts releasing protected drug and medical device data

Data about medical devices and drugs that used to be carefully guarded by Health Canada is