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Premiers call for 'voluntary' pharmacare program funded by Ottawa

The final communiqué from this week's Council of the Federation talks makes a few things clear

ER doc flagged Wettlaufer victim death as possible medication error, inquiry hears

An emergency room doctor thought a coroner should investigate an elderly woman's death because she thought

Pet therapy should be more than bonus treatment — it should be standard practice

We grew up in families that forbade animals from entering the household. Animals were seen as

More Canadian stroke patients could get clot-grabbing treatment

A procedure that allows doctors to pull stroke-causing blood clots out of patients' arteries could now save more lives

Deaths by alcohol-related liver disease skyrocket among young adults, U.S. study shows

Over nearly a decade, deaths from liver disease have been rising rapidly in the U.S., new

'We have to start getting used to it': Record-breaking temperatures heating up the globe

By July 15, at least 70 people in Quebec had died of heat-related complications as temperatures climbed

Single-sport kids feeling the strain of specialization, experts say

In rinks across the country, children are spending their summers perfecting their hockey game. It's an

UN 'sounding the alarm' on HIV progress

Welcome to The National Today newsletter, which takes a closer look at some of the day's most notable

Medicinal marijuana users worry as condos rush to ban pot smoking ahead of legalization

Gerald Major goes out on the back balcony of his condo several times a day, leaning

Canadians' average life expectancy could be cut by opioid scourge

Canada will soon find out whether the deadly opioid crisis is having an impact on how