Corinne Olympios on DeMario Jackson's Response to 'Paradise' Scandal: 'He Kind of Just Went For It'

“I was just kind of like, ‘Let’s just talk everything out,'” the reality star said of her reaction to the show’s shutdown in June. “The next thing I know, DeMario is saying this, this and this and I’m like, ‘Ugh! Why?!'” 

“He kind of just went for it, and was like, so on the defense, and it’s like, I was never mad at you or blaming you for anything!” she continued, adding that she was “nervous” to reach out to Jackson after the scandal “because he was talking to the media.” 

“I can’t help but feel like he thought I thought that he did something to me,” she guessed of why Jackson might have been so defensive. Olympios released a statement after the shutdown, in which herself as a “victim.” 

The reality star, who also opened up about the incident on Tuesday’s Good Morning America, insisted that she doesn’t “remember much” of the circumstances that led to a producer filing a third party complaint of misconduct — or the whole first day of Paradise. 

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