Demulen 30 birth control packages may contain broken pills, Health Canada warns

Packages of Demulen 30, a prescription birth control pill, may contain broken or chipped pills, Health Canada says.

Health Canada said in advisory Friday that Pfizer Canada has notified it of complaints about Demulen 30 (28-day package, DIN 00471526). 

Women are reminded to check their packages of birth control pills and to report problems if they see them.

Skipping a dose because the pill is missing, or taking a damaged pill, such as one that is chipped or fragmented for example, may increase the risk of pregnancy, because a woman may get less of the active ingredient, Health Canada said.

The ministry added that it's important to get a replacement package as soon as possible to avoid missing any doses.

If you notice anything unusual in the package, such as missing or damaged pills, you should return the package to the pharmacy for replacement as soon as possible. 

Previously, Health Canada reported quality concerns involving Alesse and Alysena birth control pills.

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