EXCLUSIVE: Riz Ahmed Says His Parents Have No Idea He Won an Emmy, Talks Season 2 of ‘The Night Of’

But don’t you wake up mom and dad when you win an Emmy?!

“They’re asleep!” Ahmed protested when Frazier gave him a hard time, adding, “I sent them a text.”

Ahmed, who’s had a breakout year in Hollywood, added that he was surprised by his own reaction to landing his first Emmy.

“It’s quite a crazy thing because obviously conceptually you understand this is our job, there are awards, people get awards sometimes. It’s a bit of a random thing,” he said. “But when it actually happens, it’s quite a physical thing, weirdly. I just feel super relaxed. I could sleep for a week now.”

Ahmed added that he doesn’t know the fate of his HBO mini-series. 

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