Inside Kim and Kanye’s Multimillion Dollar Mansion Sale: See the Pics & Meet the New Owner! (Exclusive)

“I didn’t want to make a big splash [by putting it on the market publicly]. I think it would take away from the house. And when showing it, I didn’t tell anybody whose house it was, because it was more about the house and what a piece of art this house is,” he continued. “Once they fall in love with the house, at that point, obviously, I am going to disclose who the owners are.”

As soon as there was an interested buyer, Altman not only disclosed that that Kim and Kanye owned the home, but allowed them to personally take over the sales pitch.

“Kim gave us the tour of the house, because it was important to understand why they did what they did [when they renovated],” he revealed. “Who better to give us a tour of a piece of art than the creator of the piece of art?”

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Marina Acton, the home’s new owner, told ET she was very surprised that Kardashian was there when she went to look at the property. Of her encounter with the reality mogul, she said, “It was amazing to see someone who is so popular be so down to earth.”

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