Kate Winslet Says She Purposely Didn't Thank Harvey Weinstein in Oscars Acceptance Speech

While Winslet said that she “thankfully” was never the target of sexual harassment by Weinstein — adding, “I somehow dodged that bullet” — Winslet claims his bullying behavior as a producer was intolerable.

“For my whole career, Harvey Weinstein, whenever I’ve bumped into him, he’d grab my arm and say, ‘Don’t forget who gave you your first movie.’ Like I owe him everything,” Winslet said, referring to her debut film role in Peter Jackson’s 1994 crime drama Heavenly Creatures, which Weinstein’s former company, Miramax, produced.

“But that’s how he operated,” Winslet stated. “He was bullying and nasty. Going on a business level, he was always very, very hard to deal with — he was rude. He used to call my female agent a [vulgar name for a woman] every time he spoke to her on the telephone.”

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