Kristen Bell Calls Jimmy Kimmel From Florida, Gives Update on Hurricane Irma Evacuees: We're 'Safe & Sound'

Later, Bell also helped find shelter for her friend Jennifer Carpenter’s aunt and grandma.

ET spoke via Facetime with the Dexter star — who is not in Florida, but was trying to help her grandmother find shelter — and she dished on the magic Bell was able to work to keep her family safe.

“We would book a room and then I would call and see what their storm preparedness looked like, and all of a sudden the room wasn’t available‚Ķ We had a couple of people say that because they had dogs — my grandmother’s dog is three pounds — they would reject them,” Carpenter shared. “So I thought, ‘I’ll call Kristen, maybe they can sleep in the hallway,’ and you know, a few minutes later after I reached out to her, she had a room for them.”

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