Player’s Own Voice podcast: Michael Woods on how to make peace with pain

There are contradictions in most athlete’s careers, but Canadian professional bike racer Michael Woods embodies a doozy. In the last year, he has posted career highlight results in the world’s biggest races, even as he was battling injury and personal tragedy at home.

Grand Tour racing is famously a sport whose athletes embrace suffering, but even so, Woods has found a way to harness setbacks and managed to train and race even harder through them.

He gained the respect of thousands of racing fans, along with a lot of sympathetic winces with his performance at this year’s Tour de France.

He tells Anastasia Bucsis, host of the Player’s Own Voice Podcast, that he picked up some of his mental techniques from Wayne Gretzky. He describes literal out of body experiences that he has had while winning some of the most gruelling mountain races in the world. Certainly a lot of years of punishing practice in the saddle and on the running track went into the mix as well.

Those early years as a super-elite track runner set Woods apart in other ways. For most of the peloton, winning a Tour de France is the dream, but as an early career runner it’s Olympic glory that that fuels the fire for Michael Woods. Barring disaster- he has already marked a big X on his calendar for Tokyo in 2020.

Player’s Own Voice podcast host Anastasia Bucsis gets an intimate look inside the world of professional bike racing with Ottawa racer Michael Woods. 

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