'Property Brothers' Star Drew Scott Announced as First 'DWTS' Season 25 Cast Member

And for Slater, the pressure is on this season.

“You know what? I totally feel the pressure,” she confessed. “But I like that. It was the first time I won last season, which was incredible. I’ve got another good partner, so I can’t believe my luck right now.”

“Everybody is on the same team and celebrating each other and I’ve got a great partner,” she continued. “I’m so stoked about this one! He’s gonna help me renovate my house! I need something in return.”

Scott has faith that Emma has what it takes to nab another mirror ball this season.

“You’re gonna do it,” he said. “I’ve been watching Dancing With the Stars forever, everyone supports everyone, it’s not punching everyone down to win, everyboys’s sort of pushing each other to raise them up and do better.”

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