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Fierce competitor Ted Lindsay remembered as 'a giant' for hockey, beloved ambassador

The hockey community is remembering Hall of Famer Ted Lindsay, who died Monday at age 93.

Known as “Terrible Ted” for his competitiveness and grit on the ice, Lindsay helped the Detroit Red Wings win four Stanley Cups (1950, 1952, 1954, 1955) and was instrumental in the formation of the first NHL players’ union.

Here is a look at some of the reaction from the hockey world:

"A true trailblazer in seeking to improve conditions for all players, Ted was instrumental in organizing the original Players' Association in 1957. All players, past, current and future, are in his debt. All those who have, and will follow him into the NHL, enjoy improved rights and benefits in large part due to the efforts he made."

Donald Fehr, NHL Players' Association executive director

"Terrible Ted" was one of the nicest men in hockey. Every player should be thankful for his courage to create the Players' Association, which has grown into partnership between the players and owners of the NHL. He was a true champion on and off the ice and will be deeply missed."

— Wayne Gretzky, all-time NHL leading scorer and Hockey Hall of Famer

"The National Hockey League mourns the passing and celebrates the incomparable life of the legendary Ted Lindsay. One of the game's fiercest competitors during his 17-season NHL career, he was among its most beloved ambassadors throughout the more than five decades of service to hockey that followed his retirement. In Detroit, he was a civic icon."

Gary Bettman, NHL commissioner

"So sorry to hear about the passing of Ted Lindsay. He was a giant for our game as player, GM, coach and even bigger for how he stood up for what was right. We are all indebted to him for his contributions to the NHL."

Marc Crawford, Ottawa Senators interim head coach

"Saddened to hear Ted Lindsay has passed. Had the honour/privilege in the Red Wings locker room ('93-'01) to have my stall beside his. Ted's presence helped teach me about having true respect for the game and accountability to those who played it before us. You were a great man, 'Terrible.'"

Aaron Ward, former Red Wings defenceman

"That rare combination when great athleticism and vision intersect in the same person. A transformational figure in the evolution of this great game. RIP Ted."

— Stu Grimson, former Red Wings enforcer

"If you played in the NHL and you don't fully understand what this man has done for your quality of life, then spend the rest of the day reading up on him please. Thank you Mr. Lindsay for caring about the players."

Kelly Chase, former NHL player

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CBC | Sports News

Ben Affleck Says Alcoholism Is 'a Part of My Life and Something I Deal With'

Ben Affleck Says Alcoholism Is 'a Part of My Life and Something I Deal With' | Entertainment Tonight

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Hurricanes respond to Don Cherry calling team 'a bunch of jerks'

Coach's Corner star Don Cherry made his feelings known about the Carolina Hurricanes' elaborate victory celebrations on Hockey Night In Canada on Saturday, calling the Hurricanes "a bunch of jerks."

The Hurricanes have adopted a few different celebrations after winning at home, including games of "Duck, Duck, Goose," and simulating a walk-off home run:

WATCH | Hurricanes celebrate win with game of Duck, Duck, Goose

Carolina entertained fans after beating Vegas 5-2 on Friday. 0:31

WATCH | Carolina goes deep after win over Edmonton:

The Carolina Hurricanes' creativity in their viral 'Storm Surge' celebrations seems to know no bounds. 0:46

Cherry is not a fan.

"These guys, to me, are jerks," Cherry said. "And I'll tell you one thing, they better not do this in the playoffs. This is a joke."

The NHL's 1976 Jack Adams Award winner for coach of the year also took issue with those defending the celebration.

"'Young men expressing themselves for joy of winning,'" he said. "You don't do this in professional hockey."

Apparently the word of Cherry's unhappiness with the "Storm Surge" celebrations reached whoever runs the team's Twitter account.

The team's Twitter bio was also updated to reflect their new status:

The Carolina Hurricanes have a new Twitter bio. (Twitter/@NHLCanes)

It's safe to say they'll take Cherry's comments into consideration, but don't expect any changes to the tradition any time soon.

Later Sunday, the Hurricanes revealed a "bunch of jerks" t-shirt that they say will be available to fans in the near future. 

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CBC | Sports News

'A bit messy on the other side': Dutch economy braces for Brexit shockwave

The Brexit stakes are high for Chayenne Wiskerke, who owns and manages an onion packing and exporting firm in Kruiningen, near the Netherlands' border with Belgium.

Wiskerke Onions, a fourth-generation family business, says it packs an eye-watering 185,000 tonnes of onions a year and ships them to more than 100 countries. A whole 20 per cent of production, though, is destined for the United Kingdom.

But what will happen as the U.K. moves to leave the European Union, particularly if there is no deal for the divorce by the March 29 deadline?

Wiskerke worries about her company's trucks being stopped at the border for inspection, leading to delays for supermarkets that can't stockpile fresh produce.

"That's the most difficult thing — you don't know how to prepare," Wiskerke said.

As is happening in the U.K., politicians and executives in the Netherlands are working to alleviate the economic fears that could haunt businesses such as Wiskerke Onions while Britain's uncertain political future sends shockwaves to continental Europe.

The Dutch government says it's been in talks with 250 foreign firms considering moving or expanding operations into the Netherlands in the wake of Brexit. At least 42 made the move in 2018, according to figures recently published by a Dutch foreign investment organization.

The European Medicines Agency is in the process of relocating from London to Amsterdam. Electronics giants Sony and Panasonic have announced plans to move their European hubs from Britain to the Netherlands.

Not a good outlook

But the outlook overall is hardly positive, even for this country.

While some Dutch entrepreneurs see it as a business opportunity, government officials here use stark language to warn of domestic economic trouble as a result of Britain's EU breakup. Trade with the U.K. accounted for $ 43 billion US of the Netherlands' exports in 2017, according to World Bank data.

The uncertainty is also affecting operations for British firms looking beyond March 29, and prompting them to take action on the continent.

In a conference room in the suburban Dutch city of Breda on a recent morning, Brian McKenzie handed over his British passport to a notary to be photocopied. Both of them signed paperwork.

The Rotterdam skyline spreads out from the city's World Trade Center, where offices are being renovated to handle U.K. businesses that want a foothold in Europe after Brexit. (Stephanie Jenzer/CBC)

What may have seemed like a mundane interaction highlighted both the fears and business opportunities Brexit represents in the Netherlands, a top trading partner for Britain.

McKenzie acts as chief operating officer for Process Systems Enterprise (PSE), a London-based tech firm developing tools and services for petrochemical companies such as Shell and pharmaceutical giants like GlaxoSmithKline.

His recent visit to the Dutch notary's office was a step in the process to legally set up a European mainland subsidiary for PSE — a plan to avoid disruptions caused by Brexit.

"It feels like we're moving away from where our roots are," McKenzie said later. "But it's a necessity."

Gateway to the mainland

McKenzie said other British companies seeking international contracts or staff would plan to keep a foothold in an EU member state such as the Netherlands.

"I don't think there's a business in the U.K. that's not considering it," he said.

Dutch businessmen Melvin van Esch, left, and Bjorn Wagemakers help British-based companies set up Europe-based subsidiaries in the Netherlands. (Stephanie Jenzer/CBC)

Brexit represents a boon for Bjorn Wagemakers, the Breda-based businessman who helped PSE move some operations to the Netherlands. Wagemakers said business is "great, because of Brexit."

He said his firm, Intercompany Solutions, has been receiving an increasing number of inquiries from companies with British operations seeking to move ever since Britain voted to quit the 28-member bloc in 2016. He says he's received 15 such requests just this year

Jeroen Redder manages the business hub at the World Trade Centre in the middle of Rotterdam. (Stephanie Jenzer/CBC)

Rotterdam, a 40-minute drive from Breda, already presents itself as a gateway to the European mainland. It's home to the continent's largest port, adjacent to the North Sea. Local business promoters say it stands to reason that Rotterdam would also act as an entryway to EU-based trade.

"When forced to leave Great Britain, Rotterdam is the first port where they arrive, literally," said Jeroen Redder, who manages the business hub at the towering World Trade Centre in the middle of Rotterdam. The building is undergoing renovations and hoping to attract businesses with U.K. operations seeking greener pastures on the mainland.

A warning to businesses

A top economic policy maker in the Dutch government told CBC News the worst is yet to come.

"The effects on the Dutch economy will be big," said Mona Keijzer, the Netherlands' state secretary for economic affairs. "We say to our Dutch entrepreneurs: Prepare yourselves."

Mona Keijzer, Dutch state secretary for economic affairs and climate policy, worries about what Brexit will mean for her country because the British and Dutch economies are intertwined. (Stephanie Jenzer/CBC)

Indeed, the government recently released uniquely colourful imagery in a bid to underscore the potential risks Brexit poses to Dutch companies with international supply chains and trade links.

Foreign Minister Stef Blok tweeted a photo featuring a giant fuzzy blue monster lying on his desk, wearing a T-shirt marked "Brexit."

"Make sure Brexit doesn't sit — or lie — in your way," the tweet warned, with a link to a government website that lays out potential pitfalls for Dutch firms.

The longer parliamentarians in London grapple over the best way forward, the greater the odds Britain crashes out of the EU on March 29 without a divorce deal. It could leave the U.K. bound to impose — and suffer — tariffs and trade delays.

"It's a bit messy on the other side and that's a shame because our economies are very intertwined," Keijzer said.

For Wiskerke, the uncertainty is very real.

Produce ordered from Wiskerke Onions one day can be on the shelves of British grocery stores the next day. (Stephanie Jenzer/CBC)

As it stands, British grocery stores can order Dutch onions one day and have them on shelves the following day. In the event of a disorderly Brexit, she says there's "absolutely" a risk British supermarkets will run out of onions.

Wiskerke hopes Dutch produce trucks can be pre-screened before reaching Britain to avoid any delays in supply. She's confident governments will eventually agree to plans to avoid the worst Brexit-induced trade disruptions.

"They will always need onions," she said.

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CBC | World News

New Leaf Jake Muzzin's career has been 'a story of perseverance'

Denny Lambert remembers plenty about a young Jake Muzzin.

There was his size, skill, leadership and an unwavering determination to better himself as a hockey player.

What also stood out — perhaps more than anything — was what Muzzin did when he wasn't on the ice.

"The best part about him is he's an unbelievable person," said Lambert, Muzzin's junior coach. "This guy cares about his community, cares about his teammates, cares about his family.

"He's the kind of person I hope my twin boys grow up to be like. He's respectful, honest, hard-working."

The Toronto Maple Leafs acquired Muzzin from the Los Angeles Kings on Monday in a trade aimed at bolstering a blue line viewed as the weak link on a talented roster eyeing a long playoff run.

The six-foot-three, 213-pound Muzzin won the Stanley Cup in 2014 with the Kings and instantly becomes an important piece for any potential success his new team might enjoy this spring, possibly on Toronto's top defence pair with Morgan Rielly.

But long before this latest twist, the soon-to-be-30-year-old's career was nothing short of a roller-coaster.

A veteran of nearly 500 NHL games, Lambert had Muzzin in all four of his seasons with the Ontario Hockey League's Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds — two as an assistant and two more as head coach.

The potential in Muzzin was there, but it was clear the 11th pick in the OHL draft, who sat the entire 2005-06 campaign following back surgery, was a late bloomer in need of help when it came to figuring out his body.

"We worked out together to get him to the playing weight he needed to be at — just kind of guiding him in the right direction," Lambert recalled Tuesday in a phone interview from Sault Ste. Marie. "I liked to teach the kids I worked with what it was going to be like in the NHL. How hard it's going to be, how grinding it is. You're going to have some ups and downs, but the key to playing in the NHL is being consistent.

The Toronto Maple Leafs acquired defenceman Jake Muzzin from the Los Angeles Kings on Monday. (Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

"It was unbelievable to watch him develop."

Muzzin didn't sign with the Pittsburgh Penguins after they took him in the fifth round of the 2007 NHL draft following his first season playing for Sault Ste. Marie.

The native of Woodstock, Ont., re-entered the draft in 2009, but was completely passed over before returning to the Greyhounds as a over-age player.

Lambert, 49, said Muzzin struggled to log 20 minutes early on in the OHL, but was registering close to double that by the time he was named the league's top defenceman in 2009-10.

"He had something to prove," said Lambert, who played for Anaheim, Ottawa, Nashville and Atlanta. "It's a story of perseverance."

Muzzin eventually signed with the Kings as a free agent in 2010 and established himself as a full-time NHLer in 2013 after 146 games in the minors. In 496 NHL contests, he has 51 goals, 162 assists and 298 penalty minutes.

"He became that go-to guy," said Lambert, who went on to briefly coach in the QMJHL with Gatineau and is now an officer with the Anishinabek Police Service. "He did everything really well. He could kill penalties, he could play on the power play, great first pass, good shot.

"He was a professional even back then."

Familiar with Muzzin from his time as a Greyhounds scout, Toronto general manager Kyle Dubas said acquiring the defenceman for two prospects and a 2019 first-round pick checked a lot of boxes.

Jake Muzzin celebrates with the Stanley Cup after the L.A. Kings defeated the New York Rangers in the 2014 final. (Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The on-ice component, playoff experience — his 50 games immediately puts him second on the Leafs — and the fact he's signed through next season at a reasonable $ 4-million US salary cap hit are huge, but Lambert said Muzzin's presence in the locker-room can't be understated.

"He was my captain and he was the leader," said Lambert, "I didn't have to worry about the team because I knew when we spoke, he'd let me know how the team was doing and what we needed to do to correct things.

"He was a great leader at communicating both on and off the ice."

Lambert said he hasn't spoken to Muzzin in quite some time, but is eager to follow this next chapter.

"You get emotional because you know how hard he worked and how hard he's working to stay where he's at," Lambert said. "It's a true story of how you can make it.

"The energy that he put in, the determination and the drive and the never-quit attitude … it's quite the story."

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CBC | Sports News

Jurors in traumatic trials need counselling and support, not just 'a coffee and a handshake': advocate

Read Story Transcript

Patrick Fleming spent 10 months as a juror on a high-profile murder trial, listening to the disturbing evidence in the case of a young woman who had hired hitmen to kill her parents.

"I don't think you can ever really prepare yourself for these things," said Fleming.

"You see it on TV, you listen to it, you hear about it … it's different when you hear about it sitting in a courtroom, watching and listening to the accused and what was done," he told The Current's Anna Maria Tremonti.

When it ended in January 2015, Fleming said, there was "a handshake and a cup of coffee, and out the back door we went." 

Fleming was a juror on the Toronto-area trial of Jennifer Pan, who was eventually sentenced to life in prison for the first-degree murder of her mother, and the attempted murder of her father, who survived with a critical head injury. The jury heard graphic details of the crime, including the 911 call from the night of the attack, and "heartbreaking" testimony from Pan's father.

The trial had left Fleming feeling isolated from his family. "You're [just not] there, emotionally or physically," he said.

But at the time, there was no counselling support available for jurors.

Despite recommendations from the justice committee last year, advocates argue there is still a lack of counselling and support for jurors in Canada. (Shutterstock)

That has since changed in Ontario, where free counselling for jurors was introduced in January 2017, after a former juror spoke to CBC News about the PTSD he suffered following a trial.

While some other provinces have followed suit, including B.C. in May 2018, Fleming said there are still big differences from province to province, with some not offering counselling services.

In May 2017, Fleming was one of 12 former jurors who wrote what he called "12 angry letters" to then-federal justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, calling for a national program of support for jurors who suffer trauma.

The campaign resulted in a May 2018 report from the justice committee, recommending that jurors be offered comprehensive psychological support, and be compensated with at least $ 120 a day.

Currently, it's up to employers in most provinces whether they pay a juror's wages in their absence. The daily stipend also varies: Albertans get $ 50 a day; in Ontario jurors get $ 40 a day after the 10th day, then $ 100 a day after the 50th. Quebecers get $ 103 a day until the 57th day, when it rises to $ 160.

"Jurors should not be disadvantaged financially or psychologically as a result of conducting their civic duty," the report states, adding that better services could increase overall confidence in the justice system.

In 2015, Jennifer Pan was found guilty of both first-degree murder and attempted murder for her role in the phoney home invasion of her parents' house in 2010. (Alex Tavshunsky/CBC)

Wilson-Raybould responded to the report last August, saying she was committed to finding ways to better assist jurors.

Fleming wants to see the recommendations implemented across the country.

"I don't think it's fair that there should be a patchwork, that some provinces and territories have different healthcare for that support," Fleming said.

"We're really striving to get that national support."

Montreal MP David Lametti took over the justice portfolio in a cabinet shuffle on Monday.

Illegal to discuss certain details with a counsellor

Despite having to review graphic evidence while serving as a juror in a murder trial, Michaela Swan cannot talk freely to a counsellor about the experience's emotional toll.

"I did go through a few counselling sessions myself following my jury duty — just to process things — and I sat there saying: 'I don't know if I'm allowed to tell you this,'" Swan told Tremonti.

Under Canadian law, it is a criminal offence for former jurors to discuss details of deliberations, even with medical professionals.

For Swan, that has meant difficulties in processing her time as a juror in the murder trial of Tyler Myers, in Salmon Arm, B.C.

Tyler Myers, 22, was killed by a gunshot wound, and found on the Bastion Elementary school yard in Salmon Arm on Nov. 21, 2008. (Facebook)

In 2008, Myers, 22, was lured to Bastion Elementary school yard by his 17-year-old girlfriend Monica Sikorski, where he was shot and killed by her other, 16-year-old boyfriend. Swan was a juror in the trial of the male accused, who was found guilty and sentenced as a minor. He cannot be named because of his age at the time of the murder.

During the trial, autopsy pictures were used to show the damage done by the bullets, Swan said.

Michaela Swan served as a juror on a murder trial in 2016. (Submitted by Michaela Swan)

"That was quite intense … that's when we got the pictures of the body, and the actual crime scene, which was in an elementary school field," she said.

She had also been affected by the details of the undercover operation used to catch the suspects.

"In the park, when my kids were playing on the playground … it just made me question, I'm like; 'I wonder if that's an undercover operation,'" she said. 

When the trial ended, Swan was told no counselling supports were available.

"I was back to work on the Monday morning, and my brain was just — it was a mess."

She said she couldn't stop thinking about the decision they had reached, and if it was the right one.

In late October, Conservative MP Michael Cooper introduced a private member's bill, Bill C-417, to allow jurors to disclose that information during medical treatment.

"No one should be unable to get mental health treatment for simply doing their civic duty," Cooper said at the time.

Private member's bills do not usually pass, but Bill C-417 has all-party support. It has now been sent for its second reading.

Conservative MP Michael Cooper introduced Bill C-417, to allow jurors to discuss deliberations with medical professionals. (Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press)

'I really felt listened to'

Fleming and Swan were among the former jurors invited to testify before the House of Commons justice committee in May 2017, leading to the committee's report a year later.

The committee also heard from legal experts and medical professionals who stated that jurors can experience nightmares, trouble sleeping, new phobias, outbursts of anger, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse problems.

"I really felt listened to," Swan said about her appearance before the committee. She added, however, that she was "a little bit disappointed with the implications of the changes that still haven't been made."

I don't think that bullet ever stops. It may stop travelling, but I don't think it ever stops emotionally– Patrick Fleming

Both Swan and Fleming would serve on a jury again, they said, but they want national change so that Canadians who serve on future juries will be protected.

"I don't think that bullet ever stops. It may stop travelling, but I don't think it ever stops emotionally," Fleming said.

"It has a huge impact on people."

Written by Padraig Moran. Produced by Jesscia Linzey and Joan Webber as part of The Current's One Bullet series.  

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CBC | Health News

Lady Gaga's Road to the Golden Globes: Her Complete 'A Star Is Born' Journey

It’s as if Lady Gaga was meant for A Star Is Born.

The fourth iteration of the classic film stars Gaga as Ally, a talented yet insecure songwriter who falls in love with Bradley Cooper’s Jackson Maine, an alcoholic rock star on the wane. The drama chronicles their tumultuous love story, as well as the effects of fame and addition, and the pop star, in her first leading role on the big screen, shines brighter than ever.

After all, Gaga has always wanted to be an actress, first and foremost. It just happened that music worked out first. But since the movie’s premiere at the Venice Film Festival, the 32-year-old has been showered with praise and accolades, including the National Board of Review award for Best Actress, two Golden Globe nominations for Best Actress in a Drama and Best Original Song, and four GRAMMY nominations, including Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

With awards season kicking off on Sunday at the 76th Annual Golden Globes, let’s take a look back at Gaga’s incredible A Star Is Born journey:

March 2016: After years of development, during which directors like Clint Eastwood and stars like Beyoncé were reportedly attached to star in the latest remake of A Star Is Born, Cooper officially signs on to make his directorial debut.

Lady Gaga 2016

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Parker Media

April 13, 2016: Cooper is blown away while watching Gaga perform “La Vie en Rose” at Sean Parker and the Parker Foundation cancer benefit. “She had her hair slicked back, and she sang ‘La Vie en Rose,’ and I was just…levitating. It shot, like, a diamond through my brain. I loved the way she moved, the sound of her voice,” Cooper later told Vogue about seeing her perform.

April 2016: The next day, he called her agent, drove to her Malibu home and pretty much offers her the role. “[I] fell in love with [Gaga’s] face and eyes,” he recalled. “She came down the stairs and we went out to her patio and I saw her eyes, and honestly, it clicked and I went, Wow.”

Gaga made spaghetti and meatballs as they discussed working together on the project. “The truth is, it’s only going to work if we can sing together,” Cooper told Gaga, who then printed out the sheet music for the classic folk song, “Midnight Special.” Gaga revealed in her Vogue cover story that she was shocked my Cooper’s “tremendous voice.”

“He sings from his gut, from the nectar! I knew instantly: This guy could play a rock star,” she said. “And I don’t think there are a lot of people in Hollywood who can. That was the moment I knew this film could be something truly special.”

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper 2016

Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

April 29, 2016: Gaga holds on tight to Cooper as paparazzi snap her riding on his motorcycle as the twosome make their way to dinner in Santa Monica, fueling rumors that she would be starring in the remake. Eventually, Ally and Jackson would similarly ride off into the sunset together onscreen.

August 2016: Gaga officially joinsA Star Is Born. It’s also revealed, naturally, that the songstress will write and perform new music for the film.

April 17, 2017: Gaga begins filmingA Star Is Born and shares the first photo from the film. “I am so excited to star in my first movie alongside someone I’m so lucky to call my friend,” she captioned the photo on Instagram. “I always wanted to be an actress on the big screen. The story of ‘A Star is Born’ is so special and I’m so grateful to Bradley for making my dream come true. Can’t wait for you to meet Ally. She has her first scene in 5…”

April 18 & 19, 2017: With Gaga set to headline both weekends of Coachella — taking over last minute when Beyoncé had to step down — the A Star Is Born crew takes advantage of the primo location and heads to the festival to shoot concert footage of Ally and Jackson performing together during the interim weekdays.

June 6, 2018: The first trailer for the highly anticipated musical drops, which not only gets fans even more excited for the remake, but introduces the iconic “Shallow” wail, Oh, haaa-ah-ah-ah, haaaaWWAHH, HAAA-AHH-AHH-AAHHH.


Jacopo Raule/GC Images

Aug. 31, 2018: A Star Is Born premieres at the 75th Venice International Film Festival. Before the main event, Mother Monster makes an epic entrance arriving on a boat taxi in a chic Jonathan Simkhai bustier dress paired with black stilettos, before stunning in a Marilyn Monroe-style, low-cut, vintage white dress by Azzedine Alaïa for the film’s photocall:

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga at A Star is Born photocall

Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

For the actual screening, Gaga turns heads in a dress fit for a princess, a gorgeous, blush pink Valentino gown from the Fall 2018 Couture collection. Adorned with feathers, the floor-length dress featured multiple layers and a flattering strapless cut. The film would also go on to receive praise and admiration from early viewers.

Lady Gaga 2018 TIFF Star Is Born Premiere

VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images/Kevin Winter/WireImage

Sept. 9, 2018: Continuing their festival circuit, Cooper and Gaga make a glamorous statement at the Toronto International Film Festival, with the leading lady arriving at the red carpet in an Armani Privé black gown which she accessorizes with a black veil, matching hat and Chopard jewelry.

At TIFF, Gaga told ET that her chemistry with Cooper was instantaneous and said that if he wanted to take on a real-life singing career, he’d be a natural. “There’s no other actor that could play a rock star, he’s the only one,” Gaga said. “If he wants to, he can do anything.”

Gaga receives a standing ovation following the screening and is moved to tears when Lukas Nelson, who co-wrote many of the film’s original songs, tells her, “You destroyed every single scene you were in.” The audience bursts into extended applause and Cooper even jumps out of his seat to join in, which makes Gaga cover her face with her hands, mouthing, “Please stop” and “Thank you” at the crowd.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Sept. 24, 2018: Gaga shines in a metallic silver Givenchy Haute Couture design and Bulgari jewelry for the A Star Is Born Los Angeles premiere, and tells ET how “humbled and grateful” she is that she’d been given this opportunity, leading to her now-infamous “100 people in a room” quote.

“Bradley is a visionary human being. He has such an eye for creating an atmosphere of liberation and talent. He believed in me,” she said. “You know, 100 people can be in a room, and 99 don’t believe in you. If just one person believes in you, it can change everything. He believed in me and I’m so grateful to him for that.”

Sept. 27, 2018: Gaga and Cooper’s first single from the movie drops, with an accompanying music video that features new footage from the film. “Tell me something, girl, are you happy in this modern world?” Cooper’s Jackson croons. “Or do you need more? Is there something that you’re searching for?” About one minute in, Gaga as Ally hesitantly jumps in, singing, “Tell me something, boy, aren’t you tired trying to fill that void? Boy, do you need more? Ain’t it hard keeping it so hardcore?”

Lady Gaga London premiere of A Star Is Born

Samir Hussein/WireImage

Sept. 28, 2018: Gaga exudes renaissance elegance in an Alexander McQueen gown at A Star Is Born‘s London premiere. The multitalented performer stuns in a pearl embroidered, embellished gold-and-white, off-the-shoulder corseted dress with voluminous sleeves and ruff collar from the fall/winter 2013 archive collection from Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton.

Oct. 5, 2018A Star Is Born opens in theaters and Gaga marks the occasion by sharing behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram:

Nov. 8, 2018: Following the release of the movie, Gaga kicks off her awards season circuit by attending the SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s 3rd Annual Patron of the Artists Awards in Beverly Hills, stunning in a taupe A-line strapless Christian Dior gown, but all eyes were on her massive, pink, sparkling diamond engagement ring.

Lady Gaga


Nov. 18, 2018: The superstar then attends 10th Annual Governors Awards in Hollywood in a black Valentino gown, with puffy sleeves and a voluminous body. The awards show is put on by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, who famously also throw the Academy Awards, and is seen as something of a precursor to Oscar consideration.

Lady Gaga 32nd American Cinematheque Award Presentation Honoring Bradley Cooper

Steve Granitz/WireImage

Nov. 29, 2018: The onscreen couple attends the 32nd American Cinematheque Award Presentation honoring Cooper in Los Angeles. Gaga illuminates the red carpet in a curve-hugging Azzedine Alaïa dress. “It just makes my heart sing. I am so happy to be here tonight,” Gaga gushed to ET. “He is such an incredible director and you know he made me a better actress.”

“You know, that’s what’s really come out of all of this for me: the reward of a lifetime friendship with someone I deeply respect,” she added.

Dec. 6, 2018: A Star Is Born receives five Golden Globe nominations, including Best Drama, Best Actor in a Drama and Best Director for Cooper. Gaga is nominated in the Best Actress in a Drama category, as well as Best Original Song for co-writing “Shallow.”

“I am very grateful A Star is Born has touched so many people and to the Hollywood Foreign Press for recognizing our film with such abundance,” Cooper said in a statement. “I’ve wanted to tell stories through film for as long as I can remember and I feel lucky even to have had the opportunity to do that – to be included in a community of such inspiring artists is incredibly humbling. A huge congrats to all of this morning’s nominees and especially to my dear friend, Lady Gaga.”

A Star Is Born

Interscope Records

Dec. 7, 2018: Gaga gets even more accolades when “Shallow” earns nominations for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and Best Song Written for Visual Media for the 2019 GRAMMY Awards.

Dec. 12, 2018: The pop star adds another nomination to her list. The actress gets nominated for Female Actor in a Leading Role for the 2019 SAG Awards.

“I’m so honored to be recognized by SAG as an actress alongside Bradley and Sam Elliott, and above all completely emotional to be recognized as an ensemble,” Gaga tweets following the announcement. “A real family was built with this cast and I am so grateful. Thank you so very much for these nominations what a gift.”

Jan. 6, 2019: All eyes will be on Gaga when she arrives at the 2019 Golden Globes. While she’s set to present with Cooper, the real question is: Will she win her second and third Globes? She’s our pick, but we’ll all have to tune in to find out!

The 76th annual Golden Globes airs Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/ 5 p.m. PT on NBC.


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Trump promises shutdown will last 'a very long time' if Senate rejects bill

The U.S. government was careening toward a partial shutdown Friday after President Donald Trump's quest for a border wall left Congress without a clear plan to keep the government running past a midnight deadline.

The Senate was being called back to session to consider a package approved by House Republicans late Thursday that includes the $ 5.7 billion US Trump wants for the border with Mexico. It is almost certain to be rejected by the Senate. Senators already passed their own bipartisan package earlier in the week to keep the government running with border security at existing levels, $ 1.3 billion, but no money for the wall. Both bills would extend funding through Feb. 8.

The White House said Trump will not travel to Florida on Friday as planned for the Christmas holiday if the government is shutting down. More than 800,000 federal workers will be facing furloughs or forced to work without pay if a resolution is not reached before funding expires at midnight Friday.

"The Democrats, whose votes we need in the Senate, will probably vote against Border Security and the Wall even though they know it is DESPERATELY NEEDED," Trump tweeted early Friday. "If the Dems vote no, there will be a shutdown that will last for a very long time. People don't want Open Borders and Crime!"

Trump then implored Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell to employ the so-called nuclear option, in which the rules would be changed so that a simple majority would advance legislation to the final vote, instead of the typical 60-vote threshold.

At issue is funding for nine of 15 cabinet-level departments and dozens of agencies, including the departments of Homeland Security, Transportation, Interior, Agriculture, State and Justice, as well as national parks and forests.

Many agencies, including the Pentagon and the departments of Veterans Affairs and Health and Human Services, are funded for the year and would continue to operate as usual. The U.S. Postal Service, busy delivering packages for the holiday season, would not be affected by any government shutdown because it's an independent agency.

The shutdown crisis could be one of the final acts of the House Republican majority before relinquishing control to Democrats in January. Congress had been on track to fund the government but lurched when Trump, after a rare lashing from conservative supporters, declared Thursday he would not sign a bill without the funding. Conservatives want to keep fighting. They warn that "caving" on Trump's repeated wall promises could hurt his 2020 re-election chances, and other Republicans' as well.

Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer of New York said improving border security can be accomplished by methods other than a wall, which the Democrats consider 'unnecessary and exorbitantly expensive.' (Manuel Balce Ceneta/Reuters)

Republican McConnell of Kentucky warned senators they may need to return to Washington for a vote Friday. Many senators already left town for the holidays.

"Now we find compromise," House majority leader Kevin McCarthy of California said. "We have time right now to get it done."

House Democrats unanimously opposed

Late Thursday, the Republican-led House voted largely along party lines, 217-185, to attach the border wall money to the Senate's bill after Republican leaders framed the vote as a slap-back to Nancy Pelosi. She is poised to become House speaker on Jan. 3 and had warned Trump in a televised Oval Office meeting last week that he wouldn't have the votes for the wall.

House Republicans also tacked on nearly $ 8 billion in disaster aid for coastal hurricanes and California wildfires.

"No matter what happens today in the Senate, Republican House Members should be very proud of themselves," said Trump on Twitter early Friday, emphasizing that no Democrats voted in favour.

I looked him in the eyes today, and he was serious about not folding without a fight.– Republican congressman Mark Meadows, on Trump

Some Republicans senators cheered on the House, but prospects in the Senate are grim amid strong opposition from Democrats. Even though Republicans have a slim majority, 60 votes are needed to approve the bill there.

One possibility Friday is that the Senate strips the border wall out of the bill but keeps the disaster funds and sends it back to the House. House lawmakers said they were being told to stay in town for more possible votes.

With Pelosi's backing, the Senate-passed bill likely has enough support for House approval with votes mostly from Democratic lawmakers, who are still the minority, and some Republicans.

Others were not so sure. "I don't see how we avoid a shutdown," said retiring Rep. Dennis Ross, Republican from Florida.

Mark Meadows, the chairman of the conservative Freedom Caucus, said he was not convinced after a White House meeting with GOP leaders that Trump would sign the Senate bill.

"I looked him in the eyes today, and he was serious about not folding without a fight," said Meadows, who represents North Carolina's 11th District in the House.

Trump's sudden rejection of the Senate-approved legislation, after days of mixed messages, sent Republican leaders scrambling for options days before Christmas.

'Steel slats' enters the lexicon

House Speaker Paul Ryan, exiting the hastily called meeting with Trump at the White House, said Thursday, "We're going to go back and work on adding border security to this, also keeping the government open, because we do want to see an agreement."

By afternoon, Trump shifted his terminology, saying he's not necessarily demanding a border wall but "steel slats" — which is similar to the border security fencing already provided for in the bill.

"We don't use the word `wall' necessarily, but it has to be something special to do the job," Trump said at a farm bill signing at the White House. The nuance could provide Trump a way to try to proclaim victory since the Senate bill includes money for fencing, but not the wall.

It's been five weeks since the U.S. midterm elections, and for anyone following politics in that country it already feels like a lifetime ago. But the changes those midterm results are likely to trigger are just beginning. The National brings back our team of U.S. political experts to help decode the state of play in Washington and map the road ahead for 2019. 12:38

Democratic leaders have made clear they will not budge on their opposition to the border wall that Trump campaigned on saying Mexico would pay for it. Mexico has refused.

"The Trump temper tantrum will shut down the government, but it will not get him his wall," said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Democrats favour border security, Schumer said, but he denounced the wall as "ineffective, unnecessary and exorbitantly expensive."

Ryan and McCarthy had endured complaints during a private morning meeting earlier Thursday from rank-and-file Republicans in the Capitol that they were closing out their majority without a fight on a major issue.

Trump interrupted the basement session with a phone call to Ryan, and then the president lashed out at Republican leaders on Twitter.

Ryan had promised a "big fight" after November's midterm elections, but as Republicans lost House control, negotiations over the year-end spending bill have largely been between Trump and Democrats.

Trump has bounced back and forth with mixed messages. Just last week he said he would be "proud" to shut down the government over the wall. Earlier this week he appeared to shelve shutdown threats, with the White House saying he was open to reviewing whatever bill Congress could send him.

"Republicans are in a state of disarray," said Pelosi. "Wall funding is a non-starter."

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CBC | World News

Lady Gaga Reveals What the Biggest 'Reward' of 'A Star Is Born' Has Been for Her (Exclusive)

Lady Gaga couldn’t be more excited to show some love to Bradley Cooper as he was celebrated as the 32nd American Cinematheque Award honoree at a star-studded gala on Thursday.

Gaga walked the red carpet outside the star-studded gala, held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, where she looked absolutely stunning in a gorgeous, curve-hugging, semi-sheer ivory gown while posing for the press.

ET’s Lauren Zima spoke with the singer-turned-actress before the black-tie gala kicked off, and she couldn’t have been more excited to step out in support of her A Star Is Born co-star on his big night.

“It just makes my heart sing. I am so happy to be here tonight,” Gaga gushed. “He is such an incredible director and you know he made me a better actress.”

The acclaimed film, which heads into this burgeoning awards season with some heavy Oscar buzz surrounding it, marked Cooper’s directorial debut, as well as one of his most memorable performances to date.

Part of the appeal was the instant on-screen chemistry between Gaga and Cooper, which translated into a genuine, lasting off-screen friendship.

“I just love him so much and he is such a dear friend of mine and I am just so proud to be here tonight,” said Gaga, who explained that they’ve managed to remain friends even after the production wrapped and the promotion cycle came to an end earlier this year.

“We talk all the time, yeah,” she shared. “And it’s exciting and wonderful and we are both so grateful for how the film is being received.”

“You know, that’s what’s really come out of all of this for me: the reward of a lifetime friendship with someone I deeply respect,” she added.

ET also spoke with Cooper before the gala presentation, where he opened up about traversing the treacherous terrain of awards season and admitted that he and Gaga are “just doing it together.”

Check out the video below to hear more from Cooper about A Star Is Born‘s Oscar buzz.


Bradley Cooper Says He and Lady Gaga Are Navigating Awards Season 'Together' (Exclusive)

Lady Gaga Gives Off Ruth Bader Ginsburg Vibes in Black Gown

Bradley Cooper Had Another Rocker in Mind to Play Opposite Lady Gaga in 'A Star Is Born'

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John Krasinski Reveals He Played The Aliens in 'A Quiet Place' — Here's Why!

In John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place, the affable actor pulled triple duty, directing, co-writing and starring in the tense thriller. However, it turns out his involvement went even deeper than anyone realized.

The star sat down on Jimmy Kimmel Live!on Tuesday, during the show’s week-long trip to Brooklyn, New York, and Kimmel got Krasinski to open up about a secret role the actor played in the acclaimed horror thriller that really no one knew about.

“Nobody knows it because I’ve kept it quiet,” Krasinski said, as he got a little embarrassed by Kimmel’s line of questioning.

As it turns out, Krasinski didn’t just star as Lee Abbot, a devoted father doing his best to protect his family from the bloodthirsty aliens who have overrun the planet — he also plays the murderous extraterrestrial beasts themselves.

The actor donned a full-body motion capture suit and provided much of the physical performances for the horrifying alien antagonists, and Kimmel had a photo from the set to show what it looked like.

“The commitment level was very high,” Krasinski joked, as Kimmel showed the audience a picture of the actor wearing a skin-tight mo-cap suit and screaming into the sky while portraying one of the vicious predators.

“The amazing people at [Industrial Light and Magic] asked, ‘So how does the creature move?’ and I said, ‘Well, this is how I think he’s gonna crawl,'” Krasinski said, recalling how the whole opportunity came about. “And they said, ‘Well, why don’t you throw on the suit?’ And I was like, ‘Totally!'”

“Then they took that picture and I thought I was auditioning for Lion King,” he added, laughing at himself.

In the film, Krasinski starred opposite his real-life wife, Emily Blunt, who played his wife in the movie as well. While Kimmel has been friends with Krasinski for years, he still pointed out that casting his wife in the movie could have been a dicey proposition if something (such as an ugly divorce or even just a marital spat) might have happened right in the middle of production.

“To direct your wife in a movie, it’s a risky thing to do,” Kimmell said.

“Yeah, that’s why I didn’t ask her to do it,” Krasinski said. “It’s true. I never asked her to do the role. I wrote the movie with her in mind… but I got so scared.

According to the star, there were two things that made him nervous. “First, that she would say ‘no,’ because that’s just gonna be an awkward dinner,” he said. “But I was actually more afraid that she’d say, ‘Yes, I’ll do it for you.”

“I’ve been next to her when she’s made all these amazing decisions and she’s without a doubt the classiest, smartest, most dedicated actress I’ve ever known,” Krasinski said, marveling at his wife’s regalness. “And when you see how much she puts into every role, I didn’t want her to come to set just for me.”

Apparently, he never even asked her to read the script. In fact, it was Blunt who asked to read it while the two were on a plane trip together.

“[When she finished], she genuinely looked sick,” he recalled. “And I was reaching for a barf bag thinking she was gonna throw up, and instead she said, ‘You can’t let anyone do this movie.'”

“It was like a romantic comedy, where she was like proposing to me? She was like, ‘You have to let me play this part,'” he continued. “And I think I just screamed ‘yes’ on this flight.”

In the end, the two starred in one of the best-reviewed horror movies of the year, and took home a worldwide gross of $ 334.5 million off a modest $ 17 million budget.

Given the film’s wild success, it’s hardly a surprise that the filmmaker has been thinking about how a sequel might come together. 

Speaking with ET in September, Krasinski revealed, “I’ve been tinkering with an idea for a few months and it just started to percolate and we’re all really happy about it.” Check out the video below to hear more.


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