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Heidi Klum Says Mel B's 'Spirits Are Up' as 'AGT' Judge Prepares to Enter Rehab (Exclusive)

Heidi Klum is proud of her friend Mel B

The 45-year-old supermodel and TV personality spoke with ET’s Denny Directo at the live taping of America’s Got Talent on Tuesday about her fellow judge ahead of her previously announced time in rehab. 

“To me, she seems [to be] doing really well,” Klum tells ET. “Yeah, spirit is up. She’s excited to come to work. We’re having a good time together. I think she’s good.”

This comes after Mel announced in August that she was planning to check herself into a facility in September. 

At the the time, Mel told Lea Michele, who was filling in for Ellen DeGeneres, the real reason behind her decision

“No, I’m not an alcoholic. No, I’m not a sex addict. I was with the same person for 10 years,” she said. “It was quite a turmoil, very intense… I do suffer a lot from PTSD.” 

In late August, more of the singer’s fellow judges lent their support ahead of her stint in rehab. 

“She’s a very strong, wonderful lady who’s battled what a lot of people battle,” Howie Mandel told ET at the time. “I’m just amazed at how she can show up and be a true professional and just a wonderful person who is entertaining and I’m thrilled and I feel lucky that I get to sit beside her and that America gets to enjoy her and watch her and listen to her.” 

Simon Cowell echoed the sentiment, adding, “Mel’s a trooper… she comes to the show, leaves everything behind, focuses on the contestant. That’s a true professional.” 

The America’s Got Talent finale airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. 


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'AGT': Simon Cowell's 4-Year-Old Son Steals the Spotlight After 'Walk of Fame' Tribute to His Dad

Simon Cowell received a standing ovation from the audience on Wednesday’s America’s Got Talent results show after they played a pre-taped video tribute to him in celebration of his recent star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

After the touching segment, host Tyra Banks walked over to Simon to get his reaction to the sweet tribute, but was startled by his adorable 4-year-old son, Eric, who ran over and popped up from the side of the table.

Eric was decked out in his giant sound-dampening earmuffs that protect his hearing while sitting in the cheering crowd, and he jumped onto his dad’s lap to play with Simon’s microphone stand on the judges’ table.

“What do you wanna say to daddy?” Banks asked the precocious toddler.

“I’m the biggest star ever!” Eric adorably declared with a level of confidence and bravado that he undoubtedly inherited from his father.

Reflecting on the tribute, Simon admitted that getting a star meant a lot to him.

“That probably was the best feeling, actually being alive when getting the star, it was great,” Simon said. “I have to tell you, it was one of the best days of my life ever. I’m very grateful.”

Eric continued to steal the spotlight as he yelled into Simon’s [now muted] mic over and over as Tyra went on to present the next segment of the show.

Simon was presented with his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last Wednesday, and he spoke with ET about his little boy after the ceremony.

“He’s the apple of my eye. Just seeing him here today, [I’m] just praying one day he’ll be standing up there,” Simon said, referring to the podium where he had just been presented with a plaque commemorating the occasion.

For more on Simon’s star-studded Walk of Fame ceremony, check out the video below.


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'AGT': Breathtaking 71-Year-Old Ballroom Dancer Earns Golden Buzzer After Bringing Judges to Tears

America’s Got Talent got very inspiring on Tuesday when a breathtaking dance duo proved that age is nothing but a number.

Quin Bommelje, a 71-year-old ballroom dancer, took to the stage with her 35-year-old dance partner, Misha Vlasov, and floored the judges with her incredible performance.

During a pre-taped package that played before her performance, Quin opened up about her life and the journey that led her to this season’s AGT competition.

“In a million years, I never thought I would be here today,” Quin shared as she reflected on her upbringing in a small village in Thailand as the daughter of a rice farmer, and how her parents instilled in her the work ethic that’s enabled her to follow her dreams.

Quin also explained that her passion for ballroom dancing only came about 10 years ago, when she and her husband of nearly five decades took a ballroom dance class, and she fell in love with it.

“I realized dance was my dream,” Quin said. “After three years, my husband can’t keep up with me… and after that I had to find a young man to dance with.”

With her devoted husband watching from the audience, Quin and Misha took to the stage and performed an amazing dance number set to the high-energy tune “Sax” by Fleur East.

With lifts and spins that you’d expect from a lifelong seasoned ballroom pro, the dynamic dancing duo dominated the floor and blew the judges away.

“You have definitely inspired me,” Heidi Klum marveled. “I think you are an absolutely incredible woman.”

“The best part about you guys is your personality,” Simon Cowell added. “You were great. This is exactly what we were looking for.”

However, no one was moved by the performance quite as deeply as guest judge Martina McBride.

“You know, you say you want to inspire people of a certain age, but you have inspired everybody of all ages. It was truly a remarkable performance,” McBride said, before slamming the coveted Golden Buzzer and bringing Quin to her knees, weeping with joy, as the pair were showered with shimmering confetti.

McBride’s Golden Buzzer sends the amazing duo immediately through to the live rounds at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. 

The America’s Got TalentJudge Cuts round continues next Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.


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EXCLUSIVE: Evie Clair On Finding the Strength to Perform in 'AGT' Finals: 'I Know My Dad Was There'

On Tuesday’s America’s Got Talent finals, singer Evie Clair delivered a powerful tribute to her late father that brought many audience members to tears, and earned a lot of love from the judges.

ET’s Denny Directo caught up with Clair backstage after the show, where she got candid about how she got through her emotional rendition of Louis Armstrong’s iconic “What a Wonderful World,” just two weeks after her father’s death.

“I just prayed before that I would be able to do that and I feel like I really had strength from God and I know my dad was there,” Clair said, adding that she could also feel the support of her family and the audience.

As for the song itself, Clair said it was a way to honor her father’s memory. “That was my dad’s favorite song, he’d always sing that. That would be the only song he would sing in public,” she recalled. “So, that was kind of like a tribute to him.”

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Grace VanderWaal Returns to the 'AGT' Stage as First Round of Quarter-Final Cuts Narrow the Field

Grace VanderWaal returned to America’s Got Talent!

WATCH: ‘America’s Got Talent’: 10-Year-Old Angelica Hale’s Epic Cover of ‘Clarity’ Brings Judge Mel B to Tears

The 13-year-old singer, who won the competition last season, took the AGT stage on Wednesday to adorably perform her latest single, “Moonlight,” before five acts were eliminated during the results show.

This week was the beginning of the quarter-finals, with 12 acts performing on Tuesday night for a chance to move on to the semi-finals. Seven acts advanced to the next round, but five had to say goodbye.

WATCH: ‘America’s Got Talent’: Singing Ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer Returns With Amazing Cover of Jackson 5 Hit

The performers that were safe this week were Air Force Academy singing group In The Stairwell, singer Christian Guardino, comedian Preacher Lawson, rollerskating duo Billy and Emily England and singer Yoli Mayor.

Also advancing to the next round was singing ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer, who got the Golden Buzzer during AGT‘s first round and returned on Tuesday with an amazing rendition of the Jackson 5 hit “Who’s Loving You?” 10-year-old singer Angelica Hale’s cover of Zedd’s “Clarity” brought Mel B to tears and also earned her a spot in the semis.

“What an amazing song you’ve chosen. This song is so dear to my heart and you’ve literally did everything to it. You did it so much justice,” Mel marveled on Tuesday night after Hale’s performance. “You’re so small, but you’ve got this massive voice.”

Unfortunately, AGT fans had to part ways with young dancing duo Artyon and Paige, Singing Trump, singing clown Puddles Pity Party, comedian daredevil Bello Nock and dance crew Just Jerk.

EXCLUSIVE: Mel B Goes Sexy in Sheer ‘Superhero’ Bodysuit, Gets Candid About Her Dating Life on ‘AGT’

ET spoke with AGT host Tyra Banks after the show on Tuesday, where she gushed about Hale’s powerful performance.

“Angelica Hale, little beautiful angel voice, ran up to me and grabbed my little makeup legs that are covered in makeup, and she’s like, ‘Tyra, Tyra, I’m so scared. I’m so scared.’ And I had to talk her off the scared ledge,” Banks told ET. “And I told her that, ‘No, you’re not scared. You’re excited. Whenever we’re scared and nervous, we say we’re excited, we’re excited, and it turns that energy around.’ And then she went out there and like, hit that Mariah note, and it was done.”

Watch below for more of Banks’ comments on this week’s show.

America’s Got Talent airs Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.


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EXCLUSIVE: Mel B Goes Sexy in Sheer 'Superhero' Bodysuit, Gets Candid About Her Dating Life on 'AGT'

Playing EXCLUSIVE: Mel B Goes Sexy in Sheer ‘Superhero’ Bodysuit, Gets Candid About Her Dating Life on ‘AGT’

Single Spice! Mel B’s dating life was front and center during Tuesday’s live shows on America’s Got Talent. The 42-year-old former Spice Girl gushed, “I am so happy to be single right now,” during the show, and it showed in her sexy outfit choice for the evening.

WATCH: ‘America’s Got Talent’: 10-Year-Old Angelica Hale’s Epic Cover of ‘Clarity’ Brings Judge Mel B to Tears

Mel rocked a sheer bodysuit with blue rhinestone detailing and opened up to ET’s Denny Directo after the show about her racy ensemble.

Photo: Getty Images

“I’ve kind of dived into a bit of see through stuff before, but today I was feeling the blue superhero vibes,” she dished. “I’m like a girly girl. I like to do dress up.”

And though the former Spice Girl admitted that having her dating life discussed on the televised show was “kind of embarrassing,” she still had fun with it.

“Well, you’ve got to. It’s a great show, great panel, great contestants. Yeah, it’s all good,” she said.

Scary Spice wasn’t afraid to let her emotions show, especially when 10-year-old Angelica Hale belted out a moving rendition of Zedd’s “Clarity.”

“It’s like a roller coaster ride,” Mel said. “This show, it’s live, and I’m the kind of person whatever I feel just comes out. That’s why I say, ‘I’m not going to cry’ even though I’m probably crying at the time that I’m saying it. People’s live can change doing this show and they’re putting their heart and soul out there.”

WATCH: ‘America’s Got Talent’: Singing Ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer Returns With Amazing Cover of Jackson 5 Hit

When pressed on what her connection to the song is, Mel quipped, “I’m not telling you! It’s ‘cause it has to do with sex,” later adding that she was “joking!”

For more from America’s Got Talent, watch the clip below!


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