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'American Horror Story': Emma Roberts and Olympian Gus Kenworthy to Play a Couple in Season 9

'American Horror Story': Emma Roberts and Olympian Gus Kenworthy to Play a Couple in Season 9 | Entertainment Tonight

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Jessica Lange Will Appear in 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse'

Surprise, bitch!

We bet you thought you’d seen the last of Jessica Lange — but the cast of American Horror Story: Apocalypse confirmed today that the Emmy-winning actress and former Supreme will return to the long-running Ryan Murphy-produced drama. 

“I do have the great pleasure of letting you all know that, yes, she will be back,” star Sarah Paulson confirmed to a room full of journalists at the Television Critics Association press tour on Friday. 

“Jessica will be returning as Constance in an episode that I’m going to direct,” Paulson added with a triumphant smile.

Lange’s grand return will happen in episode six of the highly anticipated Coven and Murder House crossover season of AHS.

FX also announced that the anthology horror drama has been renewed for an impressive tenth season. 

So just what should fans expect from the ominous season of AHS: Apocalypse? “The story begins with the end of the world and then our world begins,” executive producer Alexis Martin Woodall shared. “It starts in the real world. It’s very tangible and I feel like it’s a familiar character.”

“If the apocalypse is the launching point, what’s the fantasy of what happens next?” Woodall continued. “If we’re still here then the world didn’t completely end.”

While the exact details surrounding Apocalypse are being kept under wraps, Paulson was able to unveil that she will be playing three different roles this season. She’ll be playing a new character named Venable, as well as reprising the characters of Cordelia from Coven and Billie Dean from Murder House.

Paulson also added that Cordelia is still the reigning witch of the coven when we first see her again in Apocalypse.

“She is the Supreme — for now,” she teased. “At the beginning of our story, that is the title she still holds. I don’t know how long that is going to last. An enjoyment is not possible at the juncture of the story, she’s not running around like her mother snorting cocaine and throwing young witches against the wall, though she may like to be doing that.”

Emma Roberts will be reprising her Coven role as Madison Montgomery, while Leslie Grossman is playing Coco St. Clair Vanderbilt. Billie Lourd is taking on the role of Mallory and Adina Porter’s character is named Dinah Stevens. And Kathy Bates, whose character sports a dark pixie cut hairdo, will be playing Miss Me.

“There is a mystery to the show that is better unfolded,” showrunner Woodall concluded. “It is an experience. This season is very different show for us — as always.”

American Horror Story: Apocalypse will premiere Sept. 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.


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'American Idol' Alum Lauren Alaina Engaged to Longtime Boyfriend Alex Hopkins

Congrats to Lauren Alaina

The American Idol alum revealed on Instagram on Saturday that she’s engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Alex Hopkins. The two have been dating since 2013, two years after she placed second on Idol behind winner Scotty McCreery.

Alaina, 23, went on to find success in country music as well as in love. She started dating Hopkins when they were both 17. “Being yours forever has a nice ‘RING’ to it. #HoppilyEverHopkins @_alex_hopkins WE ARE ENGAGED. EEEK. 💍❤️,” Alaina wrote alongside her sweet engagement post on Instagram while showing off her stunning sparkler. 

Hopkins captioned the same pic, “Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you for the first time, the future Mrs. Lauren Hopkins. 📸@jsrandall.” 

Alaina opened up about her future with Hopkins in an interview with Taste of Country earlier this year. “Everyone asked us if that was going to happen. I don’t know!” she said. “We have definitely talked about marriage, obviously. When you have been together for six years, it’s bound to come up at some point.”

“He’s the most attractive man I have ever seen,” she added. “Like every time I look at him — I mean, the older we get, the more attractive he gets and I’m starting to be like, ‘Glad we met at 17 because you are way cuter than me.'” 

McCreery, meanwhile, recently married his own longtime love, Gabi Dugal, in a beautiful North Carolina ceremony last month. They also dated for six years before tying the knot. 

“She’s been my best friend for a while now,” McCreery told ET earlier this year. “I think we just had to get to the point in our lives where, she wanted to work for a year and kinda get her feet under her, and I still had to get my feet under me with the songs and the album and some transitions. So, we kinda got to a good place in our lives and I felt like it was right. I’ve known her my whole life… I knew she was the one a while ago.”

See more in the video below. 


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Katy Perry on What She's Hoping For in 'American Idol' Season 2: 'Bigger Hair, Better Dresses' (Exclusive)

After signing on for the first season of American Idol, Katy Perry said she and her fellow judges went in without a total understanding of what to expect. Now that season two is coming around, they’ve all wised up a bit.

Perry and her co-stars, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, spoke with ET’s Lauren Zima at the taping of American Idol in Los Angeles on Thursday, and they opened up about what they’re looking for next season.

For Perry, her hopes are pretty clear-cut. “Bigger hair. Better dresses,” the singer said, adding, “[and] more obscenity.”

“It’s so nice to have planned employment for next year,” Bryan quipped. “I’ve never had employment this far out in my whole life.

“What I love the most is the fact that now… we know how it works,” Richie chimed in. “So, the next time around, it gets even better because we understand how the whole thing works. It’s so great.”

According to Perry, her biggest hesitation when the season first started came from having to work alongside Bryan for months on end.

“I mean honestly, I look back at the first one and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, this guy is so crazy. I can’t believe we have to do like months with this weirdo,'” she said. “And now he’s like my brother.”

However, Perry said that the honest truth of the situation is that they all like the impact the show is having, on viewers and on the judges themselves.

“We know we’re having an effect on people and they’re having an effect on us,” Perry said. “And that, my friend, is priceless.”

American Idol airs Sundays, live coast-to-coast, at 8 p.m. ET, 5 p.m. PT on ABC.


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'American Idol': 'Frozen' Star Idina Menzel to Mentor on Disney Night

Things could get icy in a special episode of American Idol this Sunday!

Frozen star Idina Menzel is set to join the reality-singing competition as a mentor for the series’ Disney-themed episode.

ABC has confirmed that Menzel — best known for belting out the Oscar-winning track, “Let It Go,” and voicing the lead character, Queen Elsa, in 2013’s Frozen — will mentor the contest’s final 10 contestants.

A thrilled Menzel, 46, also confirmed the gig on Twitter, sharing a link to an article announcing her Idol appointment, and adding, “This is so exciting!”

According to Variety, the singer and actress will start working with the remaining singers this week, ahead of Sunday’s episode.

The series welcomed another songstress, country music star Cam, to mentor contestants earlier this month.

Cam told ET that the talent she encountered was so “unreal” that she “didn’t even know what to say as a mentor.”

See more on American Idol and Menzel below.


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Kelly Clarkson Dishes on Her 'Voice' Strategy & Why She Won't Be Watching the New 'American Idol' (Exclusive)

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Kelly Clarkson is ready to make her debut on The Voice! The 35-year-old songstress is joining the 14th season of the reality singing competition, serving as a coach alongside Alicia Keys, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. ET’s Leanne Aguilera caught up with the “Since You Been Gone” singer at NBC’s Television Critics Association red carpet on Tuesday, where she dished on her strategy for the upcoming season. “Well two things: One, I try and talk them to death,” she explained. “Like, out talk the…

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'American Idol': Why the New Judges 'NEVER' Want You to Audition With Their Songs

Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan are excited to help uncover undiscovered talent. Hearing their own music over again… not so much.

ET’s Sophie Schillaci talked to the new American Idol judges in Los Angeles, where they all agreed on the biggest “don’t” for Idol hopefuls: singing one of their songs.

“Never,” the judges resoundingly agree. Richie adds, “Don’t do it.”

“Because here is the thing — we have heard those songs so many times day in and day out,” Perry explains, “And God bless… I love my songs, I am so grateful for them … but I don’t need to hear them again.”

“There’s a plug for the songs,” Richie laughs.

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'American Horror Story: Cult' Cuts Mass Shooting Scene In Wake of Las Vegas Massacre

The latest episode of American Horror Story: Cult has been heavily edited following the deadly mass shooting that occurred in Las Vegas last weekend.

FX revealed in a statement on Monday that they were making substantial changes to a massacre scene that was originally supposed to take place at the beginning of episode six.

“In light of the tragedy last week in Las Vegas, [creator] Ryan Murphy and the producers of American Horror Story: Cult have chosen to make substantial edits to the opening scene of tomorrow night’s episode,” the statement said. “This opening, which was filmed two months ago and which portrays an occurrence of gun violence that has sadly become all too common in our country, contains a sequence that some viewers might find traumatic.”

ET got a sneak peek look at the scene that has since been cut, and “traumatic” is an accurate description. It showed Evan Peters’ character, Kai Anderson, giving a speech at a campaign rally, when someone pulls out a gun and opens fire, killing and injuring a number of people in attendance. While it appears Ally Mayfair-Richards (Sarah Paulson) is responsible for the massacre, it’s revealed at the end of the episode that it was actually a different character who pulls the trigger.

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Sofia Richie Congratulates Dad Lionel on 'American Idol' Gig: 'Proud of You'

On Friday, after weeks of speculation, it was confirmed that Lionel and Luke were the last two judges to join the show.

“HELLO @AmericanIdol! Excited to announce that I will be on the judges panel w/@katyperry@LukeBryanOnline & host @RyanSeacrest,” Lionel tweeted after the news was announced. “#TheNextIdol.”

The country singer also shared a video of himself voicing his excitement about joining the singing competition show.

Meanwhile, Blake Shelton, a good buddy of Bryan and The Voice coach, shared his thoughts with ET about how the “Kick the Dust Up” singer would do as a judge.

“I think people are going to realize just how dumb he really is when they see him on national television, in an environment where there’s no script,” Shelton joked of how he thinks Bryan will do on Idol. “But you’re also gonna see what a great, great, dude that guy is.” 

For more on AI, watch below. 

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'American Horror Story: Cult' Premiere: Evan Peters' Pro-Trump Character Revealed — and He's Insane!

Despite assumptions that AHS would only feature a single point of view this season, it’s quickly revealed that there’s a major divide between the residents of the small town in Michigan where Cult takes place. Murphy, a noted Democrat, keeps things fair by satirizing both sides of the political spectrum to seemingly show, as he puts it, just how “ridiculous” the world we’re living in has become.

One of the standout characters this season is Trump supporter Kai Anderson, portrayed by Peters. The results of the election are the start of a new beginning for the dark, blue-haired anarchist, whose obsession with fear and power is apparent within the first two minutes.

“The revolution has begun,” Kai proclaims, jumping up and down and pelvic-thrusting the TV screen. “F**k you, world! USA! USA! USA!”

If that scene doesn’t prove just how empowered and manic Kai now feels in Trump’s America, he later paints his face orange with smashed Cheetos as an ode to his new president. It’s clear Kai is the leader of Cult, and is organizing a frightening movement led by triumph and rage.

During a press event earlier this year, Murphy revealed that Peters will also play a number of notorious cult leaders throughout season seven, including Charles Manson, David Koresh and Jim Jones.

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