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'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Jenna Cooper Accuses Jordan Kimball of Fabricating Texts of Alleged Cheating

Well, we didn’t see this one coming. 

Bachelor in Paradise star Jenna Cooper promised her followers a “huge twist” in the controversy over her alleged leaked text messages, and it’s here. Jenna’s former fiance, Jordan Kimball, took to Instagram on Friday to claim that Jenna and her legal team are accusing him of sending the messages. 

Scandal erupted last month when — just hours before Jenna and Jordan’s engagement aired on the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise — a Reality Steve report claimed Jenna had been cheating on Jordan, and posted screenshots of text messages allegedly between Jenna and another man. 

Jenna maintained her innocence, and quickly hired a legal team, determined to prove the texts were fabricated. The reality star later claimed that the “forensic analysis of my electronic devices and iCloud account prove that the fraudulent text messages posted by ‘Reality’ Steve were not mine” — and now, she appears to be claiming she was framed by Jordan. 

On Friday, Jordan posted a series of screenshots of an email allegedly from Jenna’s attorney, which claim that Jordan was the one who “fabricated” the texts. “You are clearly avoiding the situation because you know the truth already,” the email claims, before requesting that Jordan publicly release an apology and state Jenna was not the one to send the messages. 

The email continues, stating that if Jordan doesn’t comply, private text messages between Jordan and Jenna will be released to the public, and a lawsuit will be filed against Stephen “Reality Steve” Carbone. Jordan did not caption the post. 

Shortly after the scandal, a source told ET that Jordan was taking things “one day at a time,” but handling the whole situation “with class.” 

“He was understandably very emotional,” another source told ET, adding that Jordan and Jenna had spoken about the scandal over the phone. “Jordan felt that Jenna was just making things worse with her answers to his questions. He feels like he only knew one side of her. He knows he didn’t do anything wrong here but it all still hurts.” 

See more in the video below, and let us know what you think at ET’s Bachelor Nation Facebook group here


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'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Jordan Kimball Admits He 'Got Played' By Jenna Cooper

Jordan Kimball is continuing to process what happened between him and Jenna Cooper.

In a new interview on Reality Steve’s podcast, shared on Wednesday, the Bachelor in Paradise star revealed that he “forgives” his former fiancee amid cheating allegations, and is open to meeting up with her.  

“I feel like we went through a lot together, and we had a milestone in each other’s lives,” Jordan expressed. “I gave her my heart. I thought she gave me hers, and I feel like we owe each other that closure, to see each other and talk in person.”

“I’m not going to state that it’s happening right now. I don’t know when it would happen, or if that’s even up for discussion right now” he continued. “I don’t know how she feels, but I’m remaining extremely civil. In the most uncomfortable way, I am here for her, because she is really going through a tough time. I have forgiven her, and it hurts me to even have to forgive her because that means that I’ve accepted that this has happened.”

Bachelor Nation hasn’t been able to keep their eyes off the pair’s recent breakup, as their relationship exploded just hours after their engagement aired on Paradise‘s season five finale on Tuesday. Just hours before the Paradise finale, a Reality Steve report claimed Jenna had been cheating on Jordan, and posted screenshots of text messages allegedly between Jenna and another man. On Wednesday morning, Jordan announced on Instagram that he had ended their relationship.

Not necessarily closing the door completely on reconciliation, Jordan told Reality Steve that he’s not sure how she’ll prove the text messages wrong.

“She’s just been denying it. She’s been telling me that’s she’s going to prove it all wrong,” he explained. “And she’s asked me if I’m going to be there for her, and it’s like, look, you’ve got to prove it wrong first. … I think it’s awful that she’s getting attacked by America right now. I don’t think anyone deserves that. But also, her initial reaction to all this makes me believe it’s true, and I also didn’t deserve to have the things said about me that were said.”

“I got played,” Jordan also stated during the podcast. “It’s looking like I got played, and once you got played, the last thing you want to do is get fooled as well. So right now I have to take myself away from this until it’s proven otherwise. And with all this information, the likeliness of that, it’s the detail and everything, this makes no sense that this could be someone framing her. It’s a lot to take in. It’s been a very short amount of time. I’m thankful for all the support and everything. I teared up today just because I care about her, and I don’t want to see her hurt. At the same time, there’s not a lot I can do for this. There’s not really much I can do at all.”

Meanwhile, Jenna also spoke out on Wednesday, claiming that the texts were “completely fabricated.” She said she didn’t cheat on Jordan, and that she had hired an attorney “to punish those responsible.”

For now, a source told ET on Wednesday that Jordan is taking things “one day at a time.”

“He has an upcoming trip planned for a few days,” the source revealed. “Hopefully that will keep his mind off things… With her taking legal action, hopefully, that will give him clarity.”

For more on the drama between the two, watch the video below.


Chris Harrison Reveals Whether 'Bachelor in Paradise's Jordan & Jenna Breakup Will Play Out on TV (Exclusive)

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What's Next for 'Bachelor in Paradise' Stars Jordan and Jenna After Cheating Scandal (Exclusive)

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'Bachelor in Paradise' Cast Reacts to Kamil’s Savage Breakup With Annaliese (Exclusive)

The Bachelor in Paradise cast is not happy with Kamil. 

The real estate agent and model seemed to cruise through this season without making too many waves, but that all changed on Tuesday’s season five finale of the Bachelor spinoff. All seemed fine and dandy between him and Annaliese during the episode, as he decided against the engagement she wanted to badly but rather to continue exploring their romance in the real world. 

They seemed serious, and when she arrived at the reunion show, Annaliese revealed that they were “in a good spot.” Then Kamil came out and broke up with her. Annaliese, clearly blindsided, ran backstage and burst into tears, with the cast later huddling around to support her. Some cast members — including Bibiana, Astrid and Tia — couldn’t hide their shock and disappointment during the show, but they all had something to say about it afterward. 

“Oh, my gosh, how bad was that?” Bibiana asked ET’s Lauren Zima at the taping. “I just think, like, where are your morals? Where do you stand as a person? For you to do that and just like, drag that relationship right up to that point, that takes a lot.” 

“For someone who has it in him to do something like that, it’s better that he does something now like that than in the future,” she reasoned. “Just to think that he led her on and allowed her to make plans after this, yeah, some questionable things, but I don’t think he’s the brightest tool in the shed.”

Venmo John couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “I was just cringing through all of that. I remember looking up, and I’m, like, biting my fist. I was like, ‘Don’t do this, don’t do this,’ and he kept dragging it out and dragging it out. Then you look over at Annaliese, and she’s like, breaking down internally,” he said. “I think he could have handled it so much better. All he needed was to have a conversation even two days prior, and for some reason, he had to wait and do this in front of everybody watching. That was painful to watch.” 

Kamil’s excuse, of course, was that he hadn’t seen Annaliese, and wanted to break up with her in person… on national television. “I wish he would have did it off-camera, but I feel like he was dying to say it,” Grocery Store Joe told ET. “So, I mean, he probably should have just said it a while ago, when he really felt it. But I don’t know.”

Kenny, who briefly romanced Annaliese this season, said it hurt him to see her betrayed like that. “Right before that was all said, we were talking and she said, ‘I am so excited to see Kamil!'” he revealed. “I don’t know Kamil, and it’s not my job to sit here and judge him on what he does and his choices, but I would just say that maybe if you were to watch this, maybe you would realize that there was a better way to do that. She’s just too good of a girl to have gone through that, and I really feel bad for her.”

“You always have a choice,” he continued. “When it comes to this thing, when it comes to love and someone and your heart is involved — the only thing that you owe the person is the truth. I don’t know how much truth he gave her.”

Annaliese and Kamil’s devastating breakup definitely put a damper on things, but we also got two engaged couples out of Paradise this season (or at least one). Chris and Krystal and Jenna and Jordan got engaged during the episode, and happily gave updates on their relationships. It was hours before the episode aired, however, and weeks after the reunion show was filmed, that a report surfaced accusing Jenna of cheating on Jordan. 

“Jordan is shocked by the report,” a source told ET. “They were long-distance and a few things had raised his suspicions early on, but he moved forward. It’s a really strange spot for him to be in; they just spent time together recently. Frankly, he’s disgusted.” 

A source close to Jenna, meanwhile, said that “she’s just feeling very confused on what to do from here.” 

Let us know what you think about all the drama at ET’s Bachelor Nation Facebook group here. See more on Bachelor in Paradise in the video below.


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'Bachelor in Paradise' Sneak Peek: Kenny Gets in the Ring to Defend Krystal's Honor (Exclusive)

Kenny King is getting in the ring!

The Bachelorette fan favorite is showing off his wrestling moves on next week’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, and we’re totally here for it. ET has an exclusive sneak peek of Kenny’s date with Krystal (not sure how they end up together, to be honest), in which he heroically defends her honor with some kickass moves. 

“The date card said, ‘Who will be your match? Kenny’s a wrestler, we’re in Mexico. I knew it was Lucha Libra,” Krystal explains, as they’re shown enjoying a match ringside, though things quickly heat up when she’s approached by one of the wrestlers. The metaphorical gloves come off, and Kenny’s literal shirt does too. 

The single father jumps into the ring, where he battles it out with some of his signature moves, using his insane muscles — and a chair — to defeat his opponent. 

“It was so cool to see Kenny like, get up onstage and just, like, shine,” Krystal says. “It was like, beautiful! … It just made me feel so happy and grateful that, like, he took me on this date.”

Watch the clip in the video player above. 

ET spoke with Krystal as Paradise kicked off earlier this summer — and she told us that she had “saged” her soul in preparation for the show. 

“I just developed a really strong morning routine… I wanted to clear emotional space coming into Paradise and work through some growing pains I had, so, yeah, I burned a lot of sage, girl,” she hilariously revealed. 

“When I got back from The Bachelor, in all honesty, I was really defeated and I was just depleted, and I was down. It took a while, and just a lot of anxiety, like how is everything going to go down ’cause I was aware toward the end I was the villain and it was so not my intention to never be anything close to that,” she continued. “I really just lost control and it was a very stressful experience for me.” 

The former Bachelor villain is clearly back in the driver’s seat for Paradise, however. See more in the video below. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. 


‘Bachelor’ Villain Krystal Nielson Says She ‘Saged My Soul’ for ‘Paradise’ (Exclusive)

‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Colton and Tia Rekindle Their Romance — After Her Date With Chris

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Shares First Clip of Grocery Store Joe, and He Hopes to Last at Least One Day

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'Bachelor in Paradise' Alum Jade Roper Shows Off Stunning Push Present from Husband Tanner Tolbert

The ring represents the couple’s first child together, a baby girl named Emerson Avery, born Aug. 17. Their little one came four weeks ahead of Roper’s due date. In an Aug. podcast, Tolbert revealed that he had trouble believing that his wife was actually in labor, because she’d been having premature contractions for a month. 

Since Emerson’s arrival, the lovebirds, who married in a televised wedding last year, have been sharing adorable snapshots of their daughter on social media. 

“So we probably take too many pictures of our daughter and I’m cheesing too hard with all the sappy pics but you guys I seriously can’t stop I’m still on the newborn high and omg I love her so much. ?????????,” Rober wrote on Instagram earlier this week. 

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Corinne Olympios Explains 'Bachelor in Paradise' Incident and Why She Called Herself a 'Victim'

Olympios said that her memory loss was due to excessive drinking and a medication she was taking, which she doesn’t identify. 

“I did drink, you know, too much. I definitely understand that, but I was also on a medication that severely blacks you out and impairs your judgment and messes with your balance,” she noted. “I didn’t know you were supposed to not drink on it. So, it really just caused a horrible, horrible blackout. It was like I went under anesthesia and just woke up.”

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'Bachelor in Paradise': Jasmine Drives Christen to Tears After Fierce Confrontation — But Did She Go Too Far?

The Bachelor castoff found herself in a fierce confrontation with newcomer Christen, after the virgin (she assured us she still was one at the beginning of the episode) asked Matt out on a date — and he said yes.

“Why’d you ask Matt? Because what I got when we sat down, it was like, ‘You and Matty!’ Like, you knew!” Jasmine yelled as Christen stood there, brushing her teeth like a deer in headlights. “Let’s be 100 percent, Christen. You knew me and Matt had a thing, which is fine, but I’m just saying it kind of sounded like BS when [you asked him on a date]… it seemed a little sneaky and slimy.”

The tense interaction drove Christen to tears, as she confided in Raven that she didn’t “want to hurt her feelings.” 

“I’m in a rock and a hard place,” Christen cried, as Jasmine continued to slam her to the camera (and other contestants feared that Jasmine might “put her in a chokey”). 

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'Bachelor in Paradise': Dean Unglert Plays the Field & Leaves a Girl in Tears — Is He 'Bachelor' Material?

“If Dean goes, I’ll be pretty pissed off about it. Because that’s not right,” Kristina admitted. However, when Danielle asked Dean out on a date, he accepted the request right in front of Kristina — and immediately, the tides turned against him in the eyes of all the other girls in the cast.

Dean was upfront with Kristina about their date, but said that he still cared about her. The pair seemed to be in a stable place after their honest chat, but the calm was short-lived.

After Dean and Danielle went on their ATV-riding date, he clearly couldn’t make up his mind about his emotions because he continued to flirt heavily with both of his romantic interests.

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Entertainment Tonight – Top Stories

'Bachelor in Paradise' Stars Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes Spotted Holding Hands — See the Pic!

What happens in Paradise doesn’t always stay there.

Bachelor in Paradise stars Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes flaunted a little PDA while walking around West Hollywood, California, on Saturday.

EXCLUSIVE: Amanda Stanton Opens Up About ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ Says Filming Was ‘Intense’ After Scandal 

A source tells ET that Stanton and Hayes have been seeing each other since the latest season of Paradise wrapped production. “He really makes her smile,” the source said.

Stanton and Hayes proudly wore their Dodger blue as they attended a baseball game with fellow Bachelor alums Ashley Iaconetti and Jonathan Treece. While it was all fun and games on social media, Stanton and Hayes couldn’t help but sweetly hold hands during a moment alone.

Photo: Splash News

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Amanda Stanton on Josh Murray Reconciliation: ‘I’ve Closed That Chapter’

Stanton told ET earlier this month that she was “single,” but that she was “glad” she went back on Bachelor in Paradise after her engagement to Josh Murray ended last year. 

“I was definitely hesitant about it, I think just because I did walk away engaged last time, and that didn’t work out, and that was a really hard time for me, but I think one of the reasons I wanted to go back was to kind of end it on a different note,” she explained, adding that she’s “kind of moving on from the whole TV thing.” “I went in with a different approach than I did the first time. I think I had more fun this time, was less serious, didn’t rush into anything, so I’m glad I went back and did it a bit differently.”

“It was just a little more fast paced, so there were more dates, it was a little bit shorter obviously,” Stanton explained of the accelerated shooting schedule once filming resumed last month. “But yeah, we did rose ceremonies every other night, and it was intense.”

See more in the video below.

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Amanda Stanton Opens Up About Josh Murray Split

Additional reporting by Lauren Zima.


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