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Bobby Bones and Sharna Burgess Admit They Were 'Shocked' by 'DWTS' Victory (Exclusive)

Dancing With the Stars crowned a new champion on Monday when Bobby Bones and pro partner Sharna Burgess took home the coveted Mirrorball trophy in one of the most surprising upsets in the show’s history.

ET’s Katie Krause caught up with the excited pair after the show, and they opened up about their big win, which came after weeks of less-than-stellar scores but tons of viewer votes and fan support.

“We were shocked,” Bones admitted. “You have to think about it, [when] we started the show, I had never danced before!”

“She got stuck with someone — she’s done [the show with] athletes and people that are like super [talented], she got Nick Carter and Antonio Brown, and then all of a sudden she gets Gumby,” Bones added. “I cannot believe we won.”

The 38-year-old radio host, who formed a close friendship with the long-time DWTS pro, said that the best part of winning is that Burgess finally gets to take home a Mirrorball trophy of her own.

“Mostly, I’m happy for her. I’m the most happy for frickin’ Sharna, because she deserved this,” Bones declared.

This is the 12th consecutive season that Burgess has competed as a pro on the long-running dance competition series, beginning with Season 16 in November 2011, and the first time she’s claimed victory after reaching the finals and coming agonizingly close four times before.

“This is probably the sweetest win that I could have had over seven [years],” Burgess said. “The journey that we had together, what we represented, and to hold a Mirrorball trophy at the end of that, it’s just it’s beautiful.”

“[It’s] the hardest work you had to do too,” Bones added with a laugh.

The Nashville, Tennessee, native readily admitted that it was all because of Burgess that he was able to dance at all. 

“I am goofy,” Bones said. “I mean, [my] elbows and knees don’t go in the right directions, [and], like, she made them go in the right direction most of the time.”

While Bobby’s boundless positivity and zest for life earned him a devoted following during his time on the show, there was still a little animosity from critics and haters who felt he didn’t deserve to stay in the competition while other dancers, whom they deemed more qualified or were earning higher scores from the judges, kept getting eliminated.

The criticism got so bad during the season that Bones eventually disabled the comments on his various social media platforms, in an attempt to stop the flame wars that kept popping up between his fans and his haters.

“I turned it off not because it was [about] fighting with me, but because my people were fighting them and I didn’t want that to happen,” Bones shared. “I try to take any sort of negativity out of my space because once it’s in me and it’s around me, it affects me. So I eliminated it.”

“I wasn’t angry,” he added. “People say things all the time, and they have the absolute right to have their opinion, but I try to keep good people around me because it makes me a better person.”

Clearly, there was enough positivity surrounding Bones to earn him and Burgess the glimmering Mirrorball trophy, and the 33-year-old Australian dancer revealed that she already knows what she’s going to do with the new hardware.

“I think I’m probably going to hold it for quite a while,” Burgess said. “It’s really heavy, my arms are gonna be an amazing shape… [but] I’m gonna bring it with me everywhere for a while.”

As for Bones, he said he’s going to keep it close by as well — specifically, in his bed.

“I’m gonna sleep with it every night. I’m probably gonna get it it’s own Bumble profile. It’s a whole thing,” he joked. “Listen, we’re best buds now so I’m looking out for him too so.”

While Bones has already been crowned the winner of Season 27, his DWTS journey hasn’t yet come to an end.

It was revealed during Monday’s season finale that Bones will be joining the Dancing With the Stars: Live! A Night to Remember, a live nation-wide tour featuring many of the DWTS pros and some of the season’s dynamic contestants.

And Bones isn’t the only Season 27 cast member who has signed on to be a part of the tour. Dukes of Hazzard star John Schneider, Bachelor in Paradise‘s Joe Amabile, Disney Channel star Milo Manheim, iconic Olympian Mary Lou Retton and Fuller House star Juan Pablo di Pace will also be returning to the DWTS family as part of the show.

The tour kicks off Dec. 15 at the Township Auditorium in Columbia, South Carolina, and will continue across the United States through Mar. 9, with a final performance at the Fred Kavli Theatre in Thousand Oaks, California. Check here for more info on the upcoming tour.

For more on Bones and Burgess’ exciting, surprising Dancing With the Stars journey, check out the video below.


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'DWTS': Why Bobby Bones Wanted to Share Heartbreaking Story Of Losing His Mom (Exclusive)

During his time on Dancing With the Stars this season, Bobby Bones has developed a reputation for his over-the-top antics and enthusiasm. However, fans got a see a very different side of the radio host during Monday’s Most Memorable Year week.

The 38-year-old radio host got very candid and emotional in a pre-taped package, where he opened up about his teenage hardships and the loss of his mom, and explained why 1998, the year he became the first person in his family to graduate high school, meant so much to him.

Speaking with ET’s Katie Krause on the carpet after the show, Bones explained why he wanted to share his emotional story with America.

“I hope that people are touched by [my story]. I think that’s why I tell my story so that people don’t feel so alone,” Bones shared. “I think I felt very alone for a lot of my life but once I was able to share my story more and more and people wouldn’t say, ‘Hey I felt sorry for you,’ but, ‘I get it and I understand you,’ it kind of encouraged me to tell it more. I just don’t want people to feel alone.”

During the tearful package — which played right before he and partner Sharna Burgess took the stage for their routine — a picture-in-picture feature (which is new to this season) gave viewers a look at the host as he watched his own segment while getting very choked up.

“I didn’t think it was going to affect me like it did,” he admitted. “I mean, it’s a story that I’ve written in a book and I talk about on the radio but to watch it back and then do something uncomfortable like dance which I don’t know how to do yet, [was tough].”

During the show, Bones opened up about how much graduating meant to him, considering his mom’s struggle with drug and alcohol addiction and a father who disappeared. According to Bones, his mother was inspired by his graduating to earn her GED, but sadly died from her addictions when she was in her 40s.

For their dance on Monday, Burgess choreographed a contemporary routine set to “A Million Dreams” from The Greatest Showman soundtrack, and the emotional performance served as a tribute to his mom, and his own perseverance as a kid.

“It’s always a lot of pressure when you take someone’s truth and you try to put it into dance and Bobby has such an incredible story and I wanted to capture it in the right way and with something that he connected to,” Burgess explained to ET. 

“One of the things Bobby told me was that when he was a kid, he found solace in books and reading and trying to build his knowledge and find a way out of his situation,” she continued. “And so I wanted to build this space where this kid was dreaming and reading and when he told me his story, instantly ‘A Million Dreams’ came to my head.”

Following their powerful performance, Bones was brought to tears as he sat by the edge of the bed that served as a central prop in their routine, and had a hard time finding his words as he spoke to the judges.

The pair earned 23 out of 30 for their efforts on Monday — their highest score of the season thus far — and a round of praise and support from the judges and his fellow stars.

The emotional display from Bones was a far cry from the wild exuberance he exhibited following his routines during the first two weeks. In fact, Bones’ celebratory nature may have hurt the couple after their New York Week dance, when he ended the number by performing the viral dance move the Floss, which confused the judges.

ET caught up with Bones and Burgess after that night, and the pro admitted she was a little mad at the radio host for not finishing the dance as planned, but didn’t want him to change who he was. Check out the video below to hear more from the couple.


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'Dancing With the Stars: Juniors' Kids Share Which 'DWTS' Pair They’re Playing Matchmaker For!

The full cast of competitors for the first season of Dancing With the Stars: Juniors was revealed on Tuesday, during the second night of the DWTS season 27 premiere, and it was clear from the young performers’ brief time on air that they’ve got more than enough charm and charisma to make the spin-off series a hit.

One of the biggest scene-stealers was 11-year-old Ariana Greenblatt, best known for playing Young Gamorah in Avengers: Infinity War, who made a real impression alongside her pint-sized pro partner, Artyon Celestine, also 11.

ET caught up with the beaming young stars after Tuesday’s show, and they opened up about their dynamic chemistry and even dished on their efforts to play matchmaker between first-time DWTS pro Brandon Armstrong — who is also their mentor on Juniors — and one of this season’s star contestants.

“We’re trying with Tinashe,” Greenblatt said, referring to Armstrong’s season 27 celeb partner. “Tinashe’s really pretty and he needs to date her because she’s nice and talented and so is he.”

“And they’re both single!” Celestine chimed in.

While Armstrong played coy about the possibility of romantic sparks between himself and his singer-songwriter DWTS partner, he joked about just how keen his young mentees are to see a love connection.

“If they have anything to do with it, it’s going to be happening,” Armstrong quipped.

“Ooh! Tinashe Armstrong. I’m feeling it,” Greenblatt said, beaming.

The effervescent young duo also dished on how excited they are that they no longer have to keep their involvement in the long-awaited spin-off series a secret anymore.

“It makes me feel amazing!” Greenblatt shared. “Just seeing the package [on the show] was like, ‘Woooohooo!!'”

“I’ve been waiting for them to announce her, because I’ve done like, videos and stuff and I can’t post it. I can’t post it because she’s in it,” Celestine said, referring to their time together in the rehearsal studios preparing for the show.

“In the studio, he was like, posting videos and being all funny and, like, I wanted to be in the video, but anytime I was like in a picture, they had to cover my face with an emoji!” Greenblatt recalled. “It was really sad.”

Check out the video below for more on the cast from the upcoming debut season of Dancing With the Stars: Juniors — which also includes Black-ish star Miles Brown, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, Bristol Palin’s son Tripp Palin, National Spelling Bee breakout star Akash Vukoti, singer Mackenzie Ziegler and General Hospital actor Hudson West, among others.

Dancing With the Stars: Juniors premieres Oct. 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


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'DWTS': Tinashe and Pro Brandon Armstrong on Their Competitive Drive to Win the Mirrorball Trophy (Exclusive)

With the new season of Dancing With the Stars just a day away, Tinashe and her first-time pro partner, Brandon Armstrong, are gearing up for a tough season of competition.

The DWTS competitors hit the rehearsal studio this week, and they opened up about their competitive drive, and how it’s going to give them an edge against the show’s other couples, in ET’s exclusive preview clip.

“Brandon is young, he’s fun, he’s cool, we have a good vibe,” the 25-year-old “No Drama” singer explained. “We’re both really competitive. I know he wants that Mirrorball [trophy], I certainly want that Mirrorball.”

“So I can’t wait to get on the dance floor and show America what we got!” she added.

Armstrong couldn’t agree more, saying, “I think the chemistry’s great!”

“I got the phone number, so I think the chemistry’s going smooth,” he joked with a laugh.

This marks Armstrong’s first time as a pro, after working as part of the DWTS troupe for the last three seasons, having signed on during season 24. 

He’s also appeared on stage during the show’s Dancing with the Stars: Live! Light Up the Night tour, which means he certainly has the chops to be a serious challenger in the coming weeks.

Tinashe arguably has the most dancing experience among her fellow slate of stars going into this season, but if DWTS has taught fans anything during its years on the air, it’s that anything can happen — and winning is as much about personality and chemistry as it is about footwork and flawless execution.

Last season’s champion pro, Jenna Johnson, will also be looking for a repeat victory this time around, and she’s showing fan favorite Bachelorette star Joe Amabile (a.k.a. Grocery Store Joe), the ropes.

You can watch our exclusive rehearsal studio interview with Johnson and Amabile on Monday’s Entertainment Tonight. Check here for local listings.

Dancing With the Stars kicks off Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. 


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'DWTS' Competition Tightens After Long-Awaited Elimination in Night One of Season 25 Finals

Scott and Slater also opened up to ET’s Cameron Mathison after the show, and the HGTV star said he’s proud of how far he made it and of the performances he shared with his partner.

“Words don’t even describe how I feel right now. I’m blessed to be in the finals, the final four, and to be up against such amazing talent,” Scott marveled. “I couldn’t have done it without this gal right here. This has been an experience of a lifetime.”

The pair danced their hearts out on Monday, and earned some of their highest scores of the season, including a near-perfect 39 out of 40 for their wild freestyle routine.

“I feel so good about everything that we’ve done [and] everything we’ve accomplished,” Scott reflected. “We did everything we wanted to do in that freestyle.”

The reality star made sure to credit his talented partner for any and all improvement he’s shown throughout the season.

“Going from never dancing before — like, no experience — to what she’s pulled out of me, it’s been phenomenal,” Scott explained. “I didn’t know I had it to make it to the finals, I honestly didn’t think I would make it to the finals, but it’s a testament to what she did with her choreography and her positive energy getting me here.”

According to Slater, dancing with Scott has been mutually beneficial.

“I learned so much from my partners, but from Drew I’ve really learned. He’s such an inspiration on how to attack life in the most selfless way,” she explained. “There’s not enough he can do for you and the people around you… He’s a visionary to me. So when I watch him do that and tackle all the things he does every day, without a complaint, that makes me want to be the type of person that he is.”

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'DWTS' Halloween Night Slashes Two Contestants in Surprise Double Elimination — See Who Got the Axe!

After a tense moment, Burgeron revealed that this week, there would be a surprise double elimination! Meaning both the WWE Diva and the TV personality would have to pack their bags.

As Lachey embraced Chmerkovskiy and Bella hugged Chigvintsev, they said their goodbyes to their fellow castmates, but after a night jam-packed with dances, there wasn’t enough time for them to share their final farewells.

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'DWTS': Jordan Fisher & Lindsay Arnold Earn Perfect 10s for 'Moana'-Themed Foxtrot on Disney Night

While deviating from tradition can often be dicey territory for contestants and pros, each of the judges acknowledged how truly flawless the performance was.

“Your talent is so undeniable,” Carrie Ann Inaba marveled after the performance. She actually singled out the number’s modern breakdown in the middle of the song, and said that, even though she felt it went on a little too long, “I can’t take anything away from you for it, because you delivered it so perfectly.”

The typically critical Len Goodman also referred to his usual distaste for adding non-traditional dance segments to classic styles, but said that Fisher’s perfect foxtrot form was so good “I can forgive anything.”

Bruno Tonioli added that Fisher and Arnold’s routine is “how you would dance foxtrot in the 21st century,” calling out the pair’s ability to pull off the classic dance form while incorporating unusual syncopations into the choreography.”

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'DWTS' Partners Val Chmerkovskiy & Victoria Arlen Visit Children's Hospital Los Angeles — See the Sweet Pics!

Last month, Chmerkovskiy shared that he has a newfound sense of “purpose” thanks to Arlen.  

“Victoria Arlen has given me a purpose beyond the dance floor,” he wrote on Instagram. “She has given me an opportunity of a lifetime.. to be able to make an impact on a very special community and beyond.”

“Today I’m showing up to work, as a man with a higher purpose and a drive beyond just doing another turn or dip, even though I think we can all agree that there are very few things more fun than a good ‘ol dip,” he added. “I’m going to work knowing that with this great opportunity comes a massive responsibility. I’m going to seize the blessings that are right there in front of me, not a single breath for granted, not a moment left empty of joy and gratitude, and who knows maybe through the laughter, the struggle, the ultimate joy we show on Monday, we can inspire the next Victoria Arlen.”

For more on the dancing duo, watch the video below. 

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy Praises 'DWTS' Partner Vanessa Lachey: 'They Can Say What They Want'

Sounds look there’s no more trouble in the ballroom for Vanessa Lachey and her Dancing With the Stars partner, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

After an emotional rumba on Monday night for the “Most Memorable Year” week of the competition, Chmerkovskiy wrote a heartfelt Instagram post about his partner and their performance.

“Everything I ever want for my partners is literally what @vanessalachey has brought to the dance floor last night,” he began. “Raw, unapologetic, real emotion expressed through a beautiful dance.”

The dance was inspired by the Lachey family’s difficult third pregnancy, and it struck a chord with the dancer. 

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'DWTS' Week 4 Preview: Vanessa Lachey, Terrell Owens, Jordan Fisher & More Reveal 'Most Memorable Year' Dances

Vanessa: 2016

While July 15, 2011 was certainly one of Vanessa’s most significant life moments as well, the Lacheys had another extra memorable year: 2016, when Vanessa gave birth to their third child, son Phoenix, 10 weeks premature last December. “It’s a very Merry Christmas indeed!” she captioned an Instagram post at the time. “We had our Christmas Miracle. Phoenix Robert Lachey decided to show up early.”

Nick and Vanessa are also parents to Camden, 5, and Brooklyn, 2.


For someone who’s been scoring some of the highest points on DWTS this season, it’s hard to believe that Victoria was once paralyzed. She’s commemorating the year 2017, not only because she’s fully regained her strength, but because it’s the year she was able to use her legs and commit to the show.

When she was just 11 years old, Victoria developed two rare conditions known as transverse myelitis and acute disseminated encephalomyelitis. This caused her to quickly lose the ability to speak, eat, walk and move, and was told by doctors that there was little hope for survival and that recovery was highly unlikely. In 2010, she learned how to speak, eat and move again, and six years later,  she learned how to walk after spending nearly a decade paralyzed from the waist down.

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