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'We want deeds, not just words': Theresa May under pressure to lift abortion ban in Northern Ireland

Beware the ire of the month of June. For three years running now, it has been

Who paid for them? Concern over spike in Facebook ads ahead of Ireland abortion vote

With just days left before a vote on one of Ireland's most contentious issues, researchers saw

Trump moves to ban funding for clinics offering abortion services

Until family planning clinics stop performing abortions or referring women to abortion providers, those health-care facilities

Google, Facebook take steps to prevent targeted ads in Ireland abortion referendum

Google is suspending all advertising connected to Ireland's abortion referendum as part of moves to protect

Abortion pill prescribed more than 4,000 times in 1st year of drug's availability in Canada

Doctors issued more than 4,000 prescriptions for the abortion pill Mifegymiso to Canadian women in 2017

Thousands join marches against proposed abortion restrictions in Poland

Tens of thousands of Poles dressed in black protested across the country on Friday against an attempt by

Mother's abortion history may influence her daughter

When mothers had a greater number of abortions, their daughters’ likelihood of having one or more

Ireland to hold abortion referendum in late May

Ireland’s voters will decide in late May on whether to lift a constitutional ban on most

Health Canada eases restrictions on abortion pill Mifegymiso

Women who want to use the abortion pill Mifegymiso can now take it farther along in

Ontario makes it illegal to protest outside and near abortion clinics

It will soon be illegal to protest outside and near abortion clinics in Ontario. The legislature