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Advocates call on premiers for better sex ed across Canada

Sex education saves lives. That’s the message advocates outside of the Council of Confederation tried to deliver

New hotline to help human trafficking victims launches across Canada

A national hotline to help victims and survivors of human trafficking is now taking calls, with

Restrictions to alcohol content in sugary drinks take effect across Canada

New regulations restricting the amount of alcohol allowed in potent, sugary, premixed drinks take effect today

Push on for fresh, local hospital food across Canada over ‘pitiful’ alternatives

Wild salmon with lemon dill sauce, blueberry soup and bone broth may be high-end restaurant meals

Mysterious Band of Ice Stretches Thousands of Miles Across Saturn Moon

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Indigenous women coerced into sterilizations across Canada: senator

When she was 17 years old, Liz was coerced by a Children's Aid worker into having

Mental health support by text launches for kids across Canada

Canadian youth can now access mental health support through a free bilingual texting service being rolled

Alphonso, R.J., Taylor, Denis: Canada's talented teens shine across sports spectrum

The number of teenage Canadian athletes seemingly on the precipice of big things in high-visibility sports

Warnings to Taipei and Washington: China takes real and verbal shots across Taiwan Strait

Beijing’s threat was vague but ominous — a warning from the Maritime Authority to stay out

Humboldt Broncos supporters across Canada, U.S. leave hockey sticks outside in tribute

What started as a text between two friends has turned into a social media phenomenon. On