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Canadian adults earn failing grade on physical activity report card

It’s not just kids who get too much screen time and too little physical activity —

Withdrawing life-support in critically-ill adults with brain injuries

Severe brain injury is the leading cause of disability among young Canadians. Many end up in the

‘Immunity can wear off over time’: doctors highlight undervaccination in adults

Vaccinations are commonly considered a childhood health issue, but if adults think they’re protected, doctors say

'Kids are hurting. Adults are hurting': Gay former player fights homophobia in hockey

It's easy to tell male teenage hockey players not to use homophobic slurs. It's more difficult to actually

Obesity-related cancers rising in U.S. young adults

Mirroring the decades-long increase in obesity rates in the U.S., cancers that are thought to be driven at

Food allergies reported by a 'high' rate of U.S. adults

Food allergies are often considered a childhood condition, but at least 10 per cent of adults

Deaths by alcohol-related liver disease skyrocket among young adults, U.S. study shows

Over nearly a decade, deaths from liver disease have been rising rapidly in the U.S., new

OHIP+ no longer covers kids, young adults with private insurance, Ontario's new health minister says

Children, teens and young adults with private health benefits will no longer be eligible to receive free

Adults with autism often misunderstood and lack support

A think-tank formed to understand the challenges faced by autistic seniors says there are few resources

Misconceptions about ibuprofen have led 15% of adults to take unsafe amounts, researcher says

Many adults who use ibuprofen and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs take too much, increasing their risk of serious