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Republican senators break with Trump on Afghanistan, Syria withdrawal

The Republican-controlled U.S. Senate voted Monday to oppose the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria and

At least 30 mine workers killed in landslide in Afghanistan

At least 30 gold mine workers were killed in a landslide in Afghanistan's northern Badakhshan province on Sunday,

Taliban take at least 100 people hostage, Afghanistan officials say

The Taliban ambushed a convoy of busses Monday on a road in northern Afghanistan and took

ICC war-crimes prosecutor seeks investigation into Afghanistan conflict

The chief prosecutor for the International Criminal Court said Friday she’s seeking approval to open a

Freed hostage Joshua Boyle on why he went to Afghanistan and what his kidnappers wanted

They are free and safe, but the scars from five years held hostage by a ruthless

Canadian man and family held captive for years in Afghanistan arrive in Toronto

Freed after years in captivity, Canadian Joshua Boyle, his American wife and their three children have arrived

Trump's Afghanistan war strategy: A 'realistic but undefined' policy U-turn

U.S. President Donald Trump struck a new tone on the war in Afghanistan on Monday —

Trump makes only move he can on Afghanistan

Even though his administration mused openly about turning the Afghan war over to well-connected private security

Trump vows U.S. will 'fight to win' in Afghanistan but offers no details

Reversing his past calls for a speedy exit, U.S. President Donald Trump recommitted the United States

Mosque attack in western Afghanistan kills at least 29

A suicide attack on a Shia mosque in the western Afghan city of Herat killed at least