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Federal agency looking at fitness trackers for public sector workers

A little-known research group inside the prime minister's own department has been looking at whether public

14 dead in Colombia plane crash, says aviation agency

Fourteen people were killed in a plane crash in the Colombian plains province of Meta on

Pharmacare advisory council calls for national drug agency, but no guidance yet on universal coverage

Canada should create a new national arm's-length agency to manage prescription medications, including negotiating prices and

Romaine lettuce now safe to eat, Public Health Agency says

The outbreak of E. coli infections linked to romaine lettuce appears to be over in Canada,

Federal agency racks up big expenses after scientists reject web meetings

A federal agency that funds medical science is racking up large travel and hospitality bills after

Food agency taking steps to prevent entry of lettuce suspected in E. coli cases

The federal government is advising the food industry not to import romaine lettuce from areas in

Canada gives $50M to UN Palestinian refugee agency U.S. says is 'flawed'

Canada is contributing $ 50 million to the United Nations Palestinian refugee agency — after the

Saudi Arabia invites Turkish officials into consulate in Istanbul, state news agency says

Saudi Arabian officials invited Turkish experts and related officials to visit its consulate in Istanbul, the

World Anti-Doping Agency reinstates Russian Anti-Doping Agency

[unable to retrieve full-text content] CBC News’ Jamie Strashin reports on the global reaction to WADA’s

World Anti-Doping Agency votes to reinstate Russia

The World Anti-Doping Agency reinstated Russia on Thursday despite a wave of protests, ending the nearly