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Global carbon dioxide emissions rose almost 3% in 2018

After several years of little growth, global emissions of heat-trapping carbon dioxide experienced their largest jump

Report Suggests Stocks of GTX 1080 Ti Are Almost Gone

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Meghan Markle's Dress Is Almost Identical to What She Wore the Day Before Her Wedding

Meghan Markle knows what she likes! The Duchess of Sussex continued her Australian royal tour with

Kelly Ripa Looks Almost Unrecognizable in Throwback Vacation Pic With 3 Kids

For parents, there’s definitely a difference between a vacation and a trip! Kelly Ripa, usually known

Trump downplays Cohen role, says co-operating with prosecutors 'should almost be illegal'

U.S. President Donald Trump dug in to his denials of wrongdoing as the White House struggled

Head of U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says fentanyl almost killed his son

The head of the top public health agency in the U.S. says the opioid epidemic will

Antidepressant drugs do work, review on almost 120,000 patients concludes

A vast research study that sought to settle a long-standing debate about whether anti-depressant drugs really

Almost 1 million Canadians give up food, heat to afford prescriptions: study

Nearly one million Canadians spent less on necessities like food and heat to afford their prescriptions in

Almost Two Years Later, We Still Don’t Know if Planet Nine Exists

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Kanye West Returns to the Stage Almost a Year After His Breakdown and Hospitalization

It looks like Kanye West may slowly be making a musical comeback. On Saturday, the rapper