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U.K. police confirm Argentine soccer player's body recovered from plane wreckage

Police confirmed on Thursday that the body recovered from a plane in the English Channel was

Wreckage of plane carrying Argentine soccer player found, says searcher

The man leading a private search for the missing plane carrying Argentine soccer player Emiliano Sala

Argentine soccer player feared dead after plane disappears in English Channel

The search for the missing plane taking Argentine soccer player Emiliano Sala to his new team

Argentine submarine with 44 crew aboard found sunk a year after disappearing

Argentina's navy announced early Saturday that searchers had found the missing submarine ARA San Juan deep

Toronto FC bolsters attack, acquires Argentine Lucas Janson

Toronto FC has acquired Lucas Janson on loan from Argentina's Tigre, hoping the young South American

Water got in missing sub's snorkel, caused short circuit, Argentine navy says

Water entered the snorkel of an Argentine submarine and caused one of its batteries to short

Missing Argentine submarine: Investigators say sound consistent with explosion heard

An apparent explosion occurred near the time and place an Argentine submarine went missing, the country’s