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Trump says he called off secret meeting with Taliban, cites recent attack

U.S. President Donald Trump said he cancelled a secret weekend meeting at Camp David with Taliban

New McMaster study could change how doctors treat heart attack survivors

A new study from McMaster University in Hamilton offers some advice for doctors poking around the

At least 63 killed in suicide attack at Afghanistan wedding hall

The death toll from a suicide bombing at a wedding in Afghanistan’s capital is at least

Motive still a mystery in Dayton attack

As authorities in Ohio try to pin down a motive for the weekend’s second U.S. mass

9 killed, 26 wounded in Dayton, Ohio, shooting, 2nd U.S. attack in 24 hours

Nine people in Ohio have been killed in the second mass shooting in the U.S. in

Attack at office of Afghan vice-presidential candidate kills 20: official

An Afghan official says at least 20 people were killed during a complex attack Sunday against

Triad gangsters attack Hong Kong protesters following violent demonstrations, opposition says

Hong Kong’s opposition Democratic Party is investigating attacks by suspected triad gangsters on train passengers on

Taliban attack kills 8 election officials in Afghanistan

Taliban insurgents killed eight election officials in a bomb attack in the southern Kandahar province, Afghan

5th suspect arrested over homophobic attack on London bus

Police in London have arrested a fifth suspect on suspicion of punching two women on a bus

Japan stabbing attack leaves at least 1child dead, many wounded

One young schoolgirl was killed and at least 12 other children were injured in a stabbing at