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What happens when your neighbours smoke up, and it could kill you?

A condominium corporation in Mississauga, Ont., is puzzling over how it can accommodate the conflicting medical

Your used smartphone could be helpful for blind people

A simple smartphone can make a big difference to someone who is blind or has sight

Scientists Say Closest Exoplanet Could Be Habitable After All

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How psychedelic therapy could treat mental illness — by helping people think more like kids

Welcome to Part Two of The Big Trip, a special Day 6 series all about the future

Probiotics might not help your gut microbiome and could prevent return to healthy state, studies say

Is there much benefit in the average person taking over-the-counter probiotics? Research released this week says

Russian Investigators Suggest ISS Damage Could Have Been Sabotage

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After lashing South Florida, tropical storm Gordon could strengthen over Gulf of Mexico

Tropical storm Gordon whipped the southern tip of Florida with high winds and rain on Monday and

Brazil could limit number of Venezuelans entering

Brazilian authorities are considering significantly reducing the number of Venezuelans entering the country each day as

The Saudi temper tantrum could land one devastating blow — to Canadian health care: Neil Macdonald

Here's a proposed Canadian reply to the escalating Saudi temper tantrum. Call in the kingdom's ambassador

'Behind the badge we have a human being': Officers could struggle psychologically after Fredericton shooting

Four years after Justin Bourque's Moncton shooting rampage that killed three RCMP constables, police officers in