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Maduro airs video of American detained in alleged Venezuela plot

Venezuelan President Nicol├ís Maduro on Wednesday touted a video showing a scruffy-looking American divulging details about a

‘We need more than just caring’: Family of Canadian man detained in Egypt urges feds to bring him home

The family of a Canadian man who has been in a Cairo prison for the last

Several pro-democracy Hong Kong lawmakers detained

Seven pro-democracy lawmakers in Hong Kong have either been detained or face arrest on Saturday, in a

RCMP investigating whether Canadian newlyweds detained in Turkey were radicalized

The RCMP has been combing through the background of two Canadian newlyweds who disappeared while on

At least 2,300 detained in crackdown in Indian-administered Kashmir

At least 2,300 people, mostly young men, have been detained in Indian-administered Kashmir during a security

Thousands detained in Kashmir to contain unrest after India strips it of special status

Thousands of people, mostly young male protesters, have been arrested and detained in Indian-administered Kashmir during

Detained migrants shown pleading for help in released U.S. government photos

U.S. government investigators warned of dangerous overcrowding at more migrant facilities on the southwest U.S. border,

Hundreds detained during Moscow protest over journalist’s arrest

Russian police detained more than 400 people on Wednesday, including opposition politician Alexei Navalny,  at a protest

FIFA vice president detained and questioned by French authorities

FIFA vice president Ahmad was detained and questioned by French authorities on Thursday in the latest

China must treat detained Canadians fairly, NATO chief says

NATO's chief weighed in Thursday on the diplomatic spat between China and Canada, calling on Chinese officials to