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‘Your whole life is spent caring’: Clinicians over 60 stay on the job during pandemic despite the greater risk

More than one-third of Canada’s COVID-19 cases are people 60 and over. Many doctors and nurses are in that

Shia militias now a greater threat than ISIS in the Middle East, says Canadian commander

Iranian-backed Shia militias embedded alongside Iraqi security forces are now a bigger threat than the fragmented

Number of coronavirus cases inside China is now greater than the 2003 SARS outbreak

Latest developments: Several countries are assisting citizens who want to leave Wuhan.   Virus has killed 132 people and

Kavanaugh's 'hostile' defence won over Trump but likely put his Supreme Court hopes at greater risk

At the start of the month, Brett Kavanaugh came across as a devout Catholic with an unblemished personal

Canucks see greater good in whirlwind trip for NHL's debut in China

About to turn 37 years old, Henrik Sedin didn’t sound overly thrilled about the prospect of