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Legal marijuana linked to reduction in opioid prescriptions

Can legalizing marijuana fight the problem of opioid addiction and fatal overdoses? Two new studies in

Research lacking on medical marijuana, new prescription guideline suggests

A new guideline for medical marijuana, developed by Edmonton researchers, warns family doctors that the risks

4/20 marijuana celebration tied to rise in fatal car crashes

Marijuana users’ self-proclaimed holiday is linked with a slight increase in fatal U.S. car crashes, an

Medical marijuana for the world: Canadian producers have a crop and expertise to sell

Medical marijuana consumers in Prague rang in 2018 with a new Canadian import, Tilray Milled Cannabis,

California officially enters era of legal marijuana with new rules starting today

Californians may awake on New Year’s Day to a stronger-than-normal whiff of marijuana as America’s cannabis

Marijuana use down among minors, up among older Canadians, StatsCan study finds

More older Canadians, including senior citizens, are using marijuana as fewer minors consume the substance, according

Comparing marijuana to fentanyl is social conservatism without a clue: Robyn Urback

In many ways, it’s much more fun to serve as Official Opposition than in cabinet. You

Shoppers Drug Mart posts job for medical marijuana brand manager

Shoppers Drug Mart is looking to hire a medical marijuana brand manager as it tries to

'A very real danger': U.S. attorney general's views on marijuana create uncertainty over medical cannabis

At the moment, Leah Heise’s soon-to-open dispensary in Baltimore is just an empty room. She hopes

U.S. study links marijuana use to more sex

Where there is smoke, there tends to be fire, say medical researchers who conducted research indicating frequent marijuana