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The drug PrEP is nearly 100% effective at stopping HIV but can cost $1,000/month. Now Alberta may fund it

After years of urging the province for changes, sexual health advocates are hopeful Alberta will finally

Nearly 1 in 4 civilians killed in Syria is a child, Lancet study says

As the war in Syria raged on at the end of 2016, nearly one in four civilians

Timbaland Reveals How Nearly Dying From an Overdose of Painkillers Changed His Life: 'There Was a Light'

[unable to retrieve full-text content] Timbaland is poised to have one of the most successful years

Quadriplegic nearly missed MRI because no staff were trained to assist him

The husband of a quadriplegic man in Halifax is calling on the Nova Scotia Health Authority

Nearly half of abortions worldwide are unsafe, study says

Nearly half of the estimated 56 million abortions performed worldwide every year are unsafe and putting women’s lives

Outraged New Hampshire town holds rally for biracial boy nearly hanged by teenagers

More than 100 people, holding hands and singing We Shall Overcome, gathered at a park to offer