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Nvidia Accidentally Releases RTX 3060 Driver With No Mining Limiter

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Up until now, claims that miners had found a way around Nvidia’s Ethereum mining limitations on the RTX 3060 have been fake. That’s now changed after Nvidia inadvertently provided a beta driver capable of mining at full speed on the RTX 3060.

The driver in question was beta 470.05 and it’s already been yanked. With previous drivers, mining performance on the RTX 3060 was hitting about 28MH/s. With the 470.05 driver, the RTX 3060 is hitting 44-48MH/s. Whoops.

This news raises questions about the accuracy of the following tweet from Bryan Del Rizzo, Nvidia’s communications director:

These events don’t mean there isn’t some kind of secure handshake between the BIOS and the driver under normal circumstances, but clearly, that handshake can itself be modified or omitted by Nvidia in driver code without any kind of failure or problem. Hopefully, miners won’t be able to figure out how this driver bypasses the code lockout.

A specific BIOS version is rumored to be required to use the driver, but other reports have indicated this isn’t necessary. Nvidia has yanked access to the driver from its own portals, but it’s likely to pop up again in other places. Miners aren’t going to let this one go. Nvidia’s rate-limiting should still be of some value here, since not literally every miner will find out about this driver, but this release effectively undoes some of the work the company had previously done to limit mining on its GPUs.

Here’s the good news. If Nvidia releases a hypothetical RTX 3080 Ti with the same mining limits as the RTX 3060 (limits not shared by the vanilla RTX 3080), said card won’t be supported in the GeForce 470.05 beta driver. If Nvidia was going to make a mistake like this, it made it at the right time — namely, before it launches any refreshed cards with mining limits.

Limiting cryptocurrency mining on GPUs may or may not improve overall availability, but it’s one of the only options for manufacturers to plausibly deploy. Nvidia has the right idea with the RTX 3060, in our opinion, this mistake notwithstanding.

GPU Availability Is Not Improving

In other news, DigiTimes is reporting that Nvidia GPU availability is “unlikely to ease by the third quarter of this year.” This could still change as the year progresses, but it’s likely to be due to a change in demand rather than supply. TSMC and Samsung should have full visibility into their own yields and wafer starts for the various chips AMD and Nvidia need to ship. AMD isn’t mentioned in the DigiTimes story, but Team Red has been facing its own severe GPU shortages.

If yields and shipments can’t grow, demand will have to drop. The two most likely causes for such an event are the slow end to the pandemic and a loosening of restrictions as more people are vaccinated and the end of the current crypto-mining craze. We don’t know how demand for electronics will shift as people can go outside again. We do know that the crypto market will probably cool off eventually, but not when. If demand stays high and the market is undersupplied through the end of the year, it could be 2022 before pricing stabilizes.

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Once you’ve been vaccinated: U.S. releases recommended do’s and don’ts

This story is part of Watching Washington, a regular dispatch from CBC News correspondents reporting on U.S. politics and developments that affect Canadians. 

Here’s a glimpse of what life might look like in the next phase of mass-vaccination against COVID-19, a peek at a future where people are increasingly immune to the deadly virus.

Ahead of Canada in the sprint to vaccinate its citizens, the United States has just released its do’s and don’ts, recommendations for what its newly vaccinated residents should and shouldn’t change.

It’s a useful roadmap for what the coming months might look like.

There’s some good news, and less-good news, in the guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control released Monday. The guidelines include numerous caveats, starting with a big one: these instructions apply only to people who have been fully vaccinated.

To meet that definition of being fully vaccinated, according to the CDC, means waiting two weeks after your final jab to allow the last dose to take effect. 

Good news first

It should be fine to gather indoors, without a mask, in the presence of other vaccinated people, two weeks after your final vaccine, the CDC said.

It’s also okay to gather indoors without a mask with unvaccinated people from one other household, so long as none of those people live with someone at increased risk from pre-existing conditions.

Here’s the best news for grandparents: it means being able to see your unvaccinated grandkids, as long as they don’t have an underlying condition. 

If you’ve been near someone with COVID-19, vaccination makes the response easier too. The CDC said there’s no need to isolate or get tested, unless you also show symptoms

If you live in a group setting, like a nursing home, you should still isolate for 14 days and get tested if you’ve been near someone with COVID, the agency said.

The less-good news

The CDC said that in numerous circumstances you should still wear a mask, avoid crowds and poorly ventilated spaces, and remain at least six feet from others.

Those circumstances that require extra precautions include being in public, or around unvaccinated people from more than one household, or being around someone who lives with someone with increased risk.  

Keep avoiding medium or large-sized gatherings, said the CDC.

As for travel: not so fast. The CDC urges people to delay domestic and international travel, and to follow guidelines if they must travel. 

Why all those caveats?

The CDC said there’s still a lot we don’t know about the vaccines: like how effective they are against new variants of the virus, whether vaccinated people can transmit the virus, and how long immunity lasts.

Why it matters to Canada?

Canadian public health officials, seen here at a news conference in December, have not yet issued more relaxed recommendations for vaccinated people, including vaccinated travellers from the U.S. (David Kawai/CP)

Canada’s public health agency has yet to release such vaccination guidelines.

The U.S. guidance offers an early look at the sorts of issues policy makers are grappling with, and into the sorts of instructions Canadians might see as vaccination rates increase. 

If these new suggestions from the U.S. are any indication, the road to normalcy will be winding. Even as vaccinations ramp up, prepare for months of gradual, rather than instantaneous, easing.

Health Canada declined to comment on the U.S. guidelines Monday, and said there’s still too little data on key issues like how long immunity lasts, and whether vaccinated people can still transmit COVID-19.

Also, travellers beware. Being vaccinated doesn’t mean easier entry into Canada.

Health Canada said vaccinated travellers into Canada, by air or by land, will for now still have to quarantine for 14 days and follow mandatory testing requirements.

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NASA Releases Incredible Perseverance Rover Landing Video

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NASA’s Perseverance rover has been on the surface of Mars for several days, giving the team here on Earth time to run system checks and download preliminary data from the robot. The agency has now released the first large batch of media from the mission, including hundreds of still images and the first video and audio ever recorded on Mars. 

Some past Mars missions have sent back “videos,” but those were actually GIFs stitched together from a handful of still frames. Perseverance has 23 cameras, several of which can record full-motion video. NASA used some of those cameras to capture the rover’s landing in incredible detail. 

The video below shows the entire landing procedure, starting as the descent stage began lining up for its touchdown in Jezero Crater. Early in the video, an upward-facing camera filmed the parachute deployment, while the downward view showed the heat shield dropping off. With the rover exposed, the landing cameras and radar were able to pick out the landing zone, which is entirely autonomous as Mars is too far away to control the robot in real-time. 

The truly amazing part of the landing video comes the sky crane works its magic. Just like Curiosity, Perseverance used a rocket-powered sled to hover just above the surface, allowing the crane to place it gently on the planet before flying off to crash a safe distance away. This time, NASA and the rest of the world gets to see the sky crane in action from multiple angles: there’s video of the dusty crater floor under the rover, a shot from the rover looking up at the crane, and a video from the crane looking down at Perseverance as it dangled at the end of the cables. At the very end, you can see the sky crane float out of frame as it moves clear of the lander. 

Following the landing, NASA flipped the switch on Perseverance’s microphones, which are a new addition this year. The InSight lander was able to record sounds in a roundabout way by translating vibrations in its solar panels into audio, but Perseverance has just returned the first real sound from Mars. As expected, it’s quiet and a little eerie. 

The team is currently working on getting the rover’s high-gain antenna online. When that happens, it will be easier to send and receive data from Perseverance. In the meantime, there are already hundreds of new images from Mars available on the Mas 2020 site. You can check regularly to see more of the raw data and mission updates.

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Trudeau to address Canadians on COVID-19 as Tam releases sobering new projections

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to address Canadians today as COVID-19 cases climb across the country and provinces impose new restrictions to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Chief Public Health Officer Dr. Theresa Tam discussed the latest modelling with detailed projections on new infections during a news conference Friday morning.

CBC reported Thursday that COVID-19 could reach 60,000 cases a day by the end of December if Canadians increase their current level of contact with other people, according to modelling charts prepared by the Public Health Agency of Canada and seen by CBC News.

That number could be limited to 20,000 a day if Canadians maintain their current number of personal contacts, according to PHAC. 

But to drive that number under 10,000 cases a day by the end of the year, Canadians would need to limit their interactions to essential activities while maintaining physical distancing and adhering to other public health guidelines.

“We are not on a good trajectory,” Tam said Friday. “I think across the board, across Canada, we have to say the time is now, with urgency, that we limit contacts. However that is being done at the local level, that is the underlying principle. Keep those contacts down by restrictions and of course each individual doing their work.”

‘This won’t be forever’

Tam said the caseload has already surpassed the peak during the first wave of the virus, and it is spreading across a wider geographic area of Canada.

She said the rise in infections is causing a strain on hospitals and health-care systems, pushing some to capacity and leading to the postponement of other medical procedures.

Tam asked people to take precautions during the upcoming holiday season by following public health guidelines, limiting outings and keeping in-person activities to household members where possible.

“This won’t be forever. Recently there has been some really good news about vaccine development. Keep this beacon of hope in mind as we all come together, apart, to do what is needed,” she said. “Right now every effort you make as an individual matters.”

Health Minister Patty Hajdu also urged vigilance.

“The more people who get this disease, the harder it is to get it under control,” she said.

Hajdu said the federal government has been working to support the provinces and territories with “surge demands” with necessary supplies such as personal protective equipment (PPE) and ventilators. But she said front-line workers, pharmacy workers and personal support workers are under strain after working flat out for several months.

“That is a limiting factor for all of us,” she said.

More, and larger, outbreaks

Trudeau and opposition leaders met with Tam and her deputy Dr. Howard Njoo late Thursday to discuss the new modelling.

Trudeau will address Canadians Friday about the worsening situation at 11:30 a.m. ET from outside Rideau Cottage, returning to the doorstep media conferences that characterized the early days of the pandemic.

The modelling predicts that the number of COVID-19 deaths could rise from the current level of slightly more than 11,100 to just more than 12,100 by the end of the month if Canadians maintain their current level of contact with other people.

The modelling says that there are more outbreaks now, those outbreaks are larger — more than 50 cases each — and they are affecting long-term care homes. 

It also says that Indigenous communities and schools are also seeing rising caseloads and that the situation is set to get worse in all regions except the Atlantic provinces and parts of the North unless action is taken.

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Sony Releases List of PS4 Games You Can’t Play on PS5

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For months, there have been questions about what Sony’s backward compatibility looked like, and which titles would and wouldn’t be supported. The company has been cagey on this issue, stating that 99 percent of PS4 games would work, but declining to offer specifics much past that. Sony has now published what it calls “a list” of PS4 games that won’t work on its newest console. They are:

  • DWVR
  • Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma Volume One
  • TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2
  • Just Deal With It!
  • Shadow Complex Remastered
  • Robinson: The Journey
  • We Sing
  • Hitman Go: Definitive Edition
  • Shadwen
  • Joe’s Diner

Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma Volume 1, in addition to being one of the worst-named titles of all time, was one of the worst-received games of all time. How bad is it? Well, GameSpot gave Daikatana a 4.6/10, while AS2RKV1 got a 2/10. Draw your own conclusions.

Not all of these games are bad. TT Isle of Man is well-reviewed, and Shadow Complex Remastered, while based on an old game, received strong reviews. So did Hitman: Go. All of them, however, seem like fairly niche titles.

There are a few things of note on Sony’s new backward compatibility page. First, the company does not state that the list of incompatible titles is complete, referring to it as “a list” rather than “the” list. Games might still be added as launch day approaches. Second, Sony is warning gamers to be cautious before assuming perfect backward compatibility. The company states:

Although many PS4 games are playable on PS5 consoles, some functionalities that were available on the PS4 console may not be available on PS5 consoles. In addition, some PS4 games may exhibit errors or unexpected behavior when played on PS5 consoles. Before purchasing add-ons to play with your PS4 games on PS5 consoles, please try to boot and play your PS4 games on your PS5 console to see if you are happy with the play experience.

Sony has not clarified what errors, missing features, or unexpected behaviors might occur, so it’s difficult to know how much emphasis to put on the warning. Until more is known, we suggest taking the company’s recommendation to test the base game experience before committing to any additional content purchases. Games that only run on PS4 will be marked in the PlayStation Store as “Playable On: PS4 Only.”

One tidbit of information we discovered today is that the PlayStation 5 has a Game Boost mode to improve the performance of older titles. The FAQ states that “select” games will run in this mode, which may make frame rates on last-generation titles higher or smoother compared to playing the same game on PlayStation 4.

The More Details, the Better

I’d really like to see Sony speak more transparently on this issue, not because I think Microsoft is automatically offering a better deal, but because it’s impossible to compare them given how little we know about the specifics of Sony’s support.

It’s good to know that the first list of incompatible games is both short and a bit niche-y, but it’d be nice to know if there are more titles to be added or not. COVID-19 has dictated that backward compatibility is a major feature this generation, but we don’t know if Microsoft and Sony will support “boost” modes in the same games, or how the feature upgrades will differ.

We also don’t know how the emphasis on backward compatibility will impact purchasing decisions this year. Microsoft’s Xbox Series S/X is a great deal for anyone already invested in the Xbox ecosystem because you can once again play any game you’ve previously owned. Does it offer much value to a current PlayStation gamer (or vice-versa?) I’m less certain.

I’m sure some PlayStation gamers will buy an Xbox this generation and then pick up a few last-gen games for it (or vice-versa), but the entire point of offering backward-compatibility as a feature is to keep support for games you already own. I doubt many gamers are going to pick up an Xbox Series or a PlayStation 5 primarily to play older titles in the long term, and that may limit the ability of this feature to attract new buyers. Back-compat is more for the customers you’ve previously had, though obviously there’s a certain promise being dangled in front of new owners as well.

With the launch just weeks away, we’ve gotten most of the information we’re going to get from both Sony and Microsoft, but there are a few things I’d still like to know: How many games are going to get the Game Boost treatment, and are there any more titles expected to drop on the initial no-play list?

For now — assuming that these 10 titles are all that’s coming — Sony is in a pretty good place as far as backward compatibility for the PS4 generation is concerned. It’s disappointing that older consoles aren’t included, but that difference is a known point between fans of both platforms these days.

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MSI Releases Statement on RTX 3080, RTX 3090 Stability Issues

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We’ve covered the reports of instability across the RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 product families, even cards from different manufacturers. An early theory, coined by Igor of Igor’s Lab, is that the issue could be caused by sub-par power circuitry, especially since there seemed to be evidence that the problems were concentrated in certain specific GPU families much more so than others.

Nvidia and vendors have remained very quiet about the issue to-date, but MSI has released a statement recently. It says:

MSI became aware of reports from customers, reviewers, and system integrators that there may be instability when GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics cards core clocks exceeded a certain amount. The latest GeForce driver (456.55) includes fixes for the issue. As such, MSI recommends owners of GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics cards update to the latest driver release which can be downloaded from the NVIDIA GeForce website.

MSI stands behind its design decisions for its GeForce RTX 30 Series graphics cards catalog which consists of GAMING models and VENTUS models. MSI utilizes a mixed capacitor grouping in its designs to benefit from the strengths of both SP-Caps and MLCCs. All MSI GeForce RTX 30 Series cards that have shipped out since the beginning of production, which include media review samples, feature the PCB configurations as shown in the updated images below.

MSI also released an image of the backs of its GPUs to prove the designs haven’t changed.

Here’s the truth of the situation as we know it today:

Nvidia launched Ampere. A lot of customers had problems with Ampere. A logical theory based on the quality of the power rail circuitry was advanced and endorsed as plausible.

Meanwhile, people discovered that lowering your GPU boost clock by ~100MHz or locking your GPU clock to a high, fixed frequency both produced more stability. This was not in tension with the first theory — a circuit that can’t quite keep up with the demand places on it at 2.1GHz might be perfectly at ease at 1.9GHz. Similarly, repeatedly switching a GPUs clock speed up and down requires much more complex power distribution compared with running things at a static clock.

After several days of speculation, Nvidia has released a new driver, 456.55, that seems to have dramatically improved the situation for most players. Games that were previously unstable at low clocks now run rock-solid at higher frequencies. There are some people still having problems after the update, but it appears to have worked for the majority of people.

We’re still going to keep an eye on this solution as it evolves, but Nvidia’s latest driver appears to resolve the issue quite effectively.

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Buckingham Palace releases photos of Princess Beatrice’s wedding

Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi leave The Royal Chapel of All Saints at Royal Lodge after their wedding, in Windsor, U.K., in this official wedding photograph released by the Royal Communications on Saturday. (Benjamin Wheeler/Pool via Reuters)

Princess Beatrice wore a vintage dress loaned to her by her grandmother Queen Elizabeth II at her wedding to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, Buckingham Palace said Saturday as it released official photographs from the private family event.

The Queen’s granddaughter and the property tycoon were married Friday in the Royal Chapel of All Saints at Royal Lodge, Windsor. The 94-year-old British monarch and her husband, Prince Philip, 99, attended along with the parents and siblings of the bride and groom.

The palace said guidelines to stop the spread of COVID-19 were followed at the ceremony. Music was played but there were no hymns and no singing — not even during the national anthem, God Save the Queen.

Beatrice, 31, wore a vintage ivory taffeta dress by Norman Hartnell and a diamond tiara that was worn by the Queen on her own wedding day in 1947. The 36-year-old groom wore a morning suit.

Beatrice, the daughter of Prince Andrew and his former wife, Sarah Ferguson, had originally planned to marry Mapelli Mozzi on May 29 in the Chapel Royal at St. James’s Palace. The ceremony was postponed because of the pandemic.

The nuptials have also been overshadowed by questions about Andrew’s friendship with the late American sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein. The prince has stopped performing public royal duties amid demands by U.S. authorities to question him about Epstein, who died in a New York jail in August 2019 while facing sex-trafficking charges.

Andrew does not appear in the two wedding photos released by the palace, which show the couple leaving the church and with the Queen and Prince Philip.

From left: The Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth, Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi stand outside The Royal Chapel of All Saints at Royal Lodge. (Benjamin Wheeler/Pool via Reuters)

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NBA releases restart schedule after sides sign off on final terms of Florida plan

Acknowledging that no option would have been risk-free during a pandemic, NBA commissioner Adam Silver said Friday that the concern shared by the league and its players surrounding next month’s restart of the season is rising as coronavirus cases in Florida keep climbing.

That said, the league and the National Basketball Players Association are moving forward — finalizing the deal that will bring the game back and see teams start arriving at the Disney campus near Orlando, Fla., in less than two weeks.

The defending champion Toronto Raptors will resume their season on Aug. 1 against the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Raptors, along with the NBA, announced their revised eight-game schedule on Friday.

Under the format for the restart, the 22 participating teams will have eight “seeding games,” selected from their remaining regular-season matchups.

Toronto will also play Miami, Orlando, Boston, Memphis, Milwaukee, Philadelphia and Denver, with the seeding games concluding by Aug. 14.

All games will be played at ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida with no fans in attendance.

The Raptors held down the second seed in the Eastern Conference when play was suspended in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The NBA’s reopening night on July 31 will see New Orleans against Utah and the Clippers versus the Lakers.

Many of the details of the return-to-play agreement were already known: that “stringent health and safety protocols” would be in place for the participating teams, that no fans will be present and that games will be held in three different arenas at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex.

But when those protocols were completed, the Orange County, Fla., area — which includes Orlando — had seen a five per cent rate of positive coronavirus tests over the preceding 10 days. In the 10 days that have followed, the rate of positive tests there has soared to just over 15 per cent.

“We ultimately believe it will be safer on our campus than outside it,” Silver said Friday afternoon. “But the signal we are sending is this is definitely not business as usual. This is far from an ideal way to finish our season, and it will require tremendous sacrifices from all those involved.”

WATCH | Former Raptors star Vince Carter calls it a career:

After playing for a record 22 seasons, 43-year-old Vince Carter, who launched his career with the Raptors, announced his retirement, leaving behind a complicated legacy in Toronto. 2:42

Silver said the league is working with Disney to test at least some of its on-site employees who could be in the same room as NBA players, which he believes will make the setting even safer.

Once players get to Disney, they will be tested daily. Testing is currently in an every-other-day mandatory phase for the teams set to participate in the restarted season. The results from Tuesday’s first 302 tests showed that 16 players were positive for the virus.

“I think one would have been concerning,” NBPA executive director Michele Roberts said. “But, God forgive me, I was frankly to some extent relieved that the number was not higher…. If nothing else, it told me that the great majority of our players have been doing exactly what they should have been doing to keep themselves safe.”

Silver said it may be possible that, if there was a significant spread of the virus within the Disney campus, “that might lead us to stopping.” He said the league has not precisely concluded what number of positive tests it would take to shut down the season once it resumes, and he continues working with the players and health officials to determine what that number should be.

Social justice a priority

The league and the union announced earlier this week that addressing racial issues and inequality in the country will be a priority during the restarted season. Silver, Roberts and others — including union president Chris Paul of the Oklahoma City Thunder — stressed Friday that those matters will be an extremely critical component of what happens at Disney, both on and off the floor.

While dealing with the plans for pulling off a restarted season and then playing a full post-season during a pandemic, the league and the union have had numerous meetings to discuss options for how to address issues such as the recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, the ongoing problem of police brutality and furthering the Black Lives Matter movement.

“We all understand how powerful our voice is,” Paul said. “Even if we’re back to playing, our voice can still be heard … on an unbelievable platform. You’re going to continue to hear us. It’s never a `shut up and dribble’ situation. You’re going to continue to hear us.”

Silver said the NBA sees itself as a key partner to the messages that players want to be seen and heard at Disney during a time of what he called enormous social unrest.

“We may be the most uniquely qualified organization in the world to effect change,” Silver said, noting that the league’s players are some of the best-known Black personalities on the planet.

The NBA suspended its season on March 11 because of the virus. It took the league more than three months just to get to this point, and it would seem very unlikely that once teams get into what the league hopes is a secure environment at Disney, issues such as more positive tests wouldn’t be a factor.

There are countless business reasons to play, with massive revenue streams at stake for players, the league and the NBA’s media partners — Disney included. And Silver acknowledged that even though the league “hasn’t worked through every scenario” regarding the possibility of on-site positive tests at Disney, he believes coming back is the best move.

“Ultimately, whether it’s fighting racism or a pandemic, we’re coming back because sports matter in our society,” Silver said. “They bring people together when we need it the most and they can show how we can balance public health and economic necessity.”

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Prince’s Estate Releases a Powerful Handwritten Letter From the Singer About Racial Intolerance

Prince’s Estate Releases a Powerful Handwritten Letter From the Singer About Racial Intolerance | Entertainment Tonight

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‘Girl With No Job’ Instagram Star Claudia Oshry Releases Trailer for Her Debut Stand-Up Special

‘Girl With No Job’ Instagram Star Claudia Oshry Releases Trailer for Her Debut Stand-Up Special | Entertainment Tonight

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