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Demand for EI sickness benefits rising

More and more Canadians are applying for federal help as they take time away from work

Canadians prove they're a rising force at figure skating worlds

MILAN, ITALY — Getting to compete at the ISU World Figure Skating Championships is a dream come true for

Invasive Group A strep cases rising, but the reason is a medical mystery

It’s been just over a year since a common type of bacteria that lives all around

Mount Agung appears calmer, but magma still rising

Authorities in Bali are constantly monitoring Mount Agung’s activities to make sure the people living nearby are

Drug costs rising fast in Canadian health-care spending, report finds

Hospitals still account for the biggest portion of heath-care spending in Canada but drugs are the fastest-growing

Rising river threatens Florida residents in Irma's wake

Officials went door-to-door Saturday warning residents who live near the Withlacoochee River north of the Tampa

Denis Shapovalov: 5 things to know about rising star

Canadian teen tennis sensation Denis Shapovalov (pronounced DEN-iss shop-oh-VALL-ahv) had the biggest win of his young