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South Korean soccer team slammed with record fine for putting sex dolls in seats

South Korea’s K League said on Wednesday its disciplinary committee decided to impose a 100 million won ($ 113,173) fine on FC Seoul for using sex dolls instead of mannequins to fill empty seats in their stadium.

The club placed dolls in seats during a K League match on Sunday to make up for the absence of fans due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“The disciplinary committee decided to take heavy disciplinary action considering the graveness of the incident, caused by the ‘real doll’, that has greatly insulted and hurt female and family fans and to prevent similar incidents going forward,” K League said in a statement.

The club apologized on Monday saying they had failed to check the consignment sent by the supplier, though adding it was not aware the dolls were “adult products.”

Though the incident was not intended, it was possible to distinguish the dolls from ordinary mannequins and the club has made a serious mistake by not removing them when it had enough time before the game started, K League added.

Some of the dolls had been dressed in the club’s kit while others were holding supportive placards. Fans watching the match on television took to social media to raise doubts about the inflatable spectators.

About 25 mannequins were supplied by a local company and dressed in FC Seoul colours and wearing masks. The Yonhap news agency reported that fans posted suspicions about the life-size dolls on social media during the match and one banner showed the names of an adult toy manufacturer and of models who had inspired those dolls.

World’s attention

Such advertising is in breach of the competition’s rules, and K-League officials have referred the matter to a disciplinary committee.

On May 8, the K-League became the first major soccer league to start playing after the coronavirus pandemic shuttered sports around the world. The opening game attracted 19 million viewers worldwide.

There could be worse to follow for FC Seoul, the 2016 league champion. According to reports, Seoul Facilities Corporation, which operates the stadium, is investigating a potential breach. As part of its lease agreement, the club is required to obtain permission in advance for advertising. By not doing so, it could be expelled from the stadium where it has been based since 2004.

FC Seoul issued another apology on Wednesday as the case continued to dominate sports news. Yonhap said the club had asked the police to investigate.

“We apologize deeply to all those concerned about the unfortunate situation that occurred,” the club said. “We will review our internal procedures to ensure this does not happen again.”

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Hong Kong police slammed as ‘trigger-happy’ after teen shot

Heads bowed and dressed in black, schoolmates of a teenage demonstrator shot at close range in the chest by a Hong Kong riot officer condemned police tactics and demanded accountability Wednesday.

The shooting Tuesday during widespread anti-government demonstrations on China’s National Day marked a fearsome escalation in Hong Kong’s protest violence. The 18-year-old is the first known victim of police gunfire since the protests began in June. His condition in the hospital was described by the government as stable on Wednesday.

The officer fired as the protester struck him with a metal rod. His use of lethal weaponry is sure to inflame widespread public anger about police tactics during the crisis, widely condemned as heavy handed.

“The Hong Kong police have gone trigger-happy and nuts,” pro-democracy lawmaker Claudia Mo said Wednesday.

Having repeatedly viewed video of the shooting, Mo said: “The sensible police response should have been using a police baton or pepper spray, et cetera, to fight back. It wasn’t exactly an extreme situation and the use of live bullet simply cannot be justified.”

Several hundred people, including students, protested with quiet fury at the wounded demonstrator’s school in the Tsuen Wan district of Hong Kong on Wednesday morning.

Sitting crossed-legged, some held an arm across their chest to below their left shoulder — the location of the teenager’s gunshot wound. One held a hand-written message condemning “thug police.”

“When we go to fight, we are always the egg and they are the wall,” said a student who gave only his surname, Wong. “We are just bullied by them.”

This photo from Tuesday’s protest shows police as they try to stop a protester on a road in the Wanchai area in Hong Kong. (Nicolas Asfouri/AFP/Getty Images)

The police chief defended the officer’s use of force. Commissioner Stephen Lo said late Tuesday night that the officer had feared for his life and made “a split-second” to fire with a single shot at close range.

“It was the attacker who decided to come so close,” Lo said. “He had no choice, he could only use the weapon that he had available.”

Lo said there is no order for police to shoot if they are under threat but they can use appropriate force. He described protesters as “rioters,” saying they have committed widespread criminal acts — from attacking police officers, including 25 who were injured, to destroying public property and vandalizing shops and banks linked to China.

Local TV stations showed two officers with bloodied faces pointing pistols as protesters who sought to spoil the Oct. 1 anniversary of Communist rule fought pitched battles with riot police.

“These turned out to be very dangerous riots,” Hong Kong’s government said in a statement Wednesday that described protesters who carried out widespread acts of vandalism as “the mob.”

It claimed rioting was “planned and organized” and called upon parents and teachers to help restrain young protesters.

“What the society does not want to see is students being stirred to break the law,” it said.

Video that spread quickly on social media appeared to show the officer opening fire as the masked teenager came at him with a metal rod, striking the officer’s shooting arm. Taken by the City University Student Union, it showed a dozen black-clad protesters throwing objects at police and closing in on the lone officer who pointed his gun and opened fire. The protester toppled backward onto the street, bleeding from below his left shoulder.

Watch: Video from Oct. 1 shows Hong Kong protester being shot by police

Video from Campus TV and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Students’ Union shows a protester being shot by police during a clash. The video was slowed down by the source. 0:22

As another protester rushed in to try to drag away the wounded youth and was tackled by an officer, a gasoline bomb landed in the middle of the group of officers in an explosion of flames.

Riot police fired tear gas in at least six locations and used water cannons in the business district as usually bustling streets became battlefields. Determined to thumb their noses at Chinese President Xi Jinping, protesters ignored a security clampdown that saw nearly four dozen subway stations closed.

Chanting anti-China slogans and “Freedom for Hong Kong,” tens of thousands of peaceful marchers dressed in mournful black also demonstrated along a broad thoroughfare downtown in defiance of a police ban. Organizers said that rally attracted at least 100,000 people. Police didn’t give an estimate.

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Proposed changes to Champions League format slammed as 'catastrophic'

UEFA proposals to change part of the Champions League format would be "catastrophic" for soccer but FIFA plans to overhaul the Club World Cup will be a boon for the sport, La Liga president Javier Tebas told Reuters on Thursday.

Tebas lashed out at changes he said Europe's governing body is considering making to the Champions League, saying they would damage domestic competitions.

Accusing UEFA and the European Club Association (ECA) of plotting in secret, Tebas said the body wanted to play European games on weekends rather than in mid-week and expand the group stage to have four groups of eight teams, rather than the current format of eight groups of four sides.

“UEFA and the ECA are negotiating behind closed doors so that the others don’t know about the reforms which put national leagues in danger,” Tebas said in an exclusive interview.

"They are making reforms to the Champions League which are very dangerous for football. It's a model which is very damaging for national leagues and also for them, as they don't understand business."

UEFA did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Tebas earlier this year made headlines for attempting to switch a La Liga game between Barcelona and Girona to Miami, a move which was opposed by FIFA.

While he remains committed to taking domestic league games abroad to widen La Liga's global appeal, Tebas said his priority was stopping UEFA's proposed changes.

"Playing a game in Miami is much less important to La Liga than the catastrophic reforms of UEFA and the ECA," he said.

"FIFA has been transparent in the last few weeks and changed its position so we support them [in their Club World Cup plans], meanwhile UEFA and ECA are doing the opposite and we are very worried about that and don't support them."

Club World Cup vote to be held Friday

FIFA's ruling council meets on Friday in Miami to discuss and vote on president Gianni Infantino's plans for the revamped Club World Cup, which would take place in 2021, replacing the Confederations Cup.

The new-look competition would see 24 teams taking part instead of the current, annual tournament between six continental champions and an invited team, which has been dominated by the winners of the Champions League since 2013.

Tebas initially opposed Infantino’s plan for an annual, expanded Club World Cup, calling it “irresponsible” last year. But he said the Spanish league and other major European leagues have radically shifted their position on it.

"In the last year FIFA has made some changes and we are on the path to a good Club World Cup which fits well into the calendar and can be supported by national leagues," Tebas said.

"It still needs to be polished but they are discussing distributing the money more evenly to smaller leagues and that's very important. FIFA have also been more transparent about it.

"They've also committed to playing it every four years which affects national leagues a lot less."

The proposed shake up to the tournament has been rejected by UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin and the ECA chief Andrea Agnelli, who is also the chairman of Juventus.

World Cup expansion on the table

The FIFA council in Miami will also explore the possibility of expanding the 2022 World Cup in Qatar from 32 to 48 teams, which could see the number of host countries also increase.

The tournament will take place between November and December rather than the traditional slot of June and July due to Qatar’s scorching summer temperatures, which is set to disrupt domestic leagues across Europe and around the world.

"We always opposed the change of the dates and now La Liga is preparing ourselves for the break in the season," Tebas said.

"We also must decide what we do with all the players that are not going to the World Cup, of which there are many, not just in Spain but around the world and who didn't figure in decisions like this.

"We'll have to wait and see what FIFA decides but in principle, we at the Spanish league are not in favour of increasing the number of teams at the Qatar World Cup or any World Cup." 

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Britney Spears' Las Vegas Show Derailed When a Man Storms the Stage and Is Body Slammed by Security

Britney Spears was clearly shaken up when her Las Vegas show came to an abrupt halt.

While Spears was performing “(You Drive Me) Crazy” on Wednesday night during her concert at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, a man rushed the stage and was immediately apprehended by security. In a video taken from a concertgoer, the security guard can be seen wrestling with the man before body slamming him on the side of the stage. The man is then seen hopping up with his arms flailing, and this time, some of Spears’ male backup dancers jump in to help hold him down.

WATCH: Britney Spears Accidentally Flashes Audience at Las Vegas Residency Concert

Not long after that, Spears is made aware of the situation by two men from her team, and is heard saying into the microphone, “What’s going on? …Oh no!” The pop princess is quickly escorted backstage.

Concertgoer Jonathan Groce tells ET that he saw two men in the first section of the venue that were quite rowdy during the show, and were climbing over chairs and taking their shirts off. “The two men were drunk and wouldn’t put their shirts back on,” Groce recalls. “Security pushed one of the men against a wall. That man started hitting the security officer. And that’s when the other man ran down the aisle and jumped on stage during ‘You Drive Me Crazy.’ That’s when everything came to a complete stop. That’s when Britney said, ‘Is everything OK?’”

Groce says that while security was quick to tackle the man when he stormed the stage, it took about five minutes for them to actually restrain him and get him off stage. “The dancers and security completely surrounded her and tackled him to the ground. The whole show stopped,” he notes. “We saw Britney get whisked away by her security people. This guy was putting up a fight. The audience was very supportive of Britney yelling, ‘Leave Britney alone,’ and cussing at the guy.”

WATCH: Britney Spears ‘Cuts Loose,’ Dances in Bra Top Showing Her Insane Abs

The show, however, did go on once the man was removed. Groce says Spears returned to the stage after a couple minutes and asked the audience, “Do you want to hear one more?”

“The lights came back on and people started screaming their heads off,” Groce remembers of Spears continuing her performance. “Britney was very professional and continued on like nothing happened.”

This was the 35-year-old singer’s first show back following a brief hiatus. “Feels so good to be back in Vegas!! #PieceOfMe returns tonight!,” she tweeted ahead of the concert.

WATCH: Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough Gets Whipped By Britney Spears at Her Piece of Me Show in Las Vegas!

She also shared her excitement on Instagram, writing: “Missed being on stage… ready for Vegas tonight! I’m sooooo excited to see you all!!!”

This was also one of Spears’ last shows as part of her Piece of Me residency in Vegas, which started in 2013 and will end in December.

Spears’ dancers have been known to come to her aid mid-performance in the past. In October, one of her performers sprang into action when the pop princess’ halter strap on her bra top broke in the middle of her singing Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock ‘n Roll.” Check it out:

Reporting by Joseph Corral.


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