Teresa Giudice’s ‘Standing Strong’: 7 Revelations From Her New Memoir — From Divorce to Trump

If you thought Teresa Giudice revealed all in her post-prison memoir, Turning the Tables, think again.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star gets really real in her follow-up, Standing Strong, even confessing that some of what she wrote in the first book wasn’t exactly true. Here are seven things we learned from Standing Strong, available everywhere now.

1. Teresa finally blames her husband, Joe, for their situation.

In her first book, Teresa never explicitly blamed her husband, Joe, for getting them into trouble with the law. Now, nearly a year out of prison, she’s changed her tune. In fact, a lot of the book involves Teresa working through her anger and resentment toward Joe, who is currently serving his own three-year sentence behind bars.

“Joe was a pretty good husband,” she says at one point. “Until he royally f**ked up.”

Teresa goes on to call Joe “stupid” and admits she finds it hard to believe he didn’t know he was doing anything wrong. Joe did eventually tell Teresa he was “sorry,” but she claims it took months into his prison sentence for it to happen.

She also shares an untold story, which she says — looking back — should have been a sign of what was to come. Teresa confesses that she and Joe attempted in vitro fertilization before she started RHONJ, in hopes of conceiving a boy. When the process didn’t work, Teresa says “stubborn” Joe refused to pay the clinic its $ 10,000 fee, because why should he pay for something that failed? The clinic eventually put a lien on the couple’s home, and Teresa says she wasn’t able to pay it off until she was out of prison.

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