Why Thanksgiving will never be respected like Christmas

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The month of November is finally here as October and Halloween becomes the past. The thoughts of giving and sharing with each other are being staged to the world. People are promoting the idea of helping those less fortunate through their actions and words.

There is one small problem here that no one is even noticing. The actions being shown by individuals towards those less fortunate are being promoted for Christmas instead of Thanksgiving. Even in stores, as Halloween items and promotion ads are being taken down, they are being replaced by promotional ads of Christmas for shoppers to see. It is the month of November that is meant for promoting turkey, cranberries, ham and eating together as a family.

Time has shown over and over again that something being seen as a mistake has become a common error year after year. What could be the reason that year after year Thanksgiving is always being given the back door to Christmas so early?

Statistics has shown that retailers make 20%-30% more profits promoting Thanksgiving compared to promoting the holiday theme of Christmas. Individuals purchasing clothing, electronics, and fashion has no comparison in regards to simply purchasing food and drinks. Statistics and surveys even show that individuals and groups donate 50% more money towards charities promoting Christmas rather than Thanksgiving.

While Thanksgiving is rooted back to English traditions dating from the Protestant Reformation, Christmas is a historical pagan trait that morphed into a biblical Christian holiday celebrated mostly by the United States. China, Qatar, Morocco and surrounding countries don’t celebrate Christmas or see biblical beliefs that leads towards promoting Christmas as the United States does.

With it being towards the end of the fiscal year for businesses, they see the perfect opportunity to utilize the biblical and spiritual benefits humans will offer viewing the images of Christmas throughout stores. This is actually very interesting when there is no biblical scriptures that show significance of Jesus Christ being born anywhere near Christmas.

With America focused primarily on monetary greed and profits, it doesn’t surprise this reporter that Thanksgiving will never get the full respect it deserves the month that is created to focus primarily on that event. Even Religious organizations has made sure to promote Christmas over Thanksgiving in order to fill seats with possible donations expected that month.

When you think about the true meaning of Thanksgiving versus Christmas, you would expect individuals to focus more on Thanksgiving. Due to living in a world where many individuals try to promote care through false actions in order to prove they are promoting good within the world, it’s no surprise that Christmas starts in November instead of December. Will there ever be a time that Thanksgiving will finally get its month of celebration? It is always a possibility but due to today’s values and fake efforts, the odds are far against than for that it will happen anytime soon.

Thank you for reading this article and hopefully you will decide to be the rebel next year and allow the true meaning of giving to be promoted in the month of November for Thanksgiving instead of Christmas.

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