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Dating of mahabharata war.Venus and Mars in tandem under Pegasus Pisces in the Zodiac.

Dating of mahabharata war.Venus and Mars in tandem under Pegasus Pisces in the Zodiac.

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Should be interesting to get away when precisely and also by who Mahabharata had been announced a mythology. BB Lal’s guide, ‘Historicity for the Mahabharata: proof of Literature, Art and Archaeology’. Aryan Books Overseas, New Delhi. His dating is based from the Matsya in addition to Vayu Purana, which list out of the 24 generations beginning with Parikshit grandson of Arjuna till Udayan, Udayan being the 24th ruler from Parikshit and contemporary of Buddha BCE.

Giving 15 years per ruler, the pugilative War works out to BCE. You’re able to figure out the date of a reference that is astronomical taking into consideration the motions of this planets like the Sun additionally the Moon within the different constellations for the sky, the motion associated with the world using its axis inclined into the ecliptic while the precession and nutation with this axis along with the regular modifications described within the text. The references that are astronomical the Mahabharata have already been experienced carefully together with roles regarding the planets Saturn, Jupiter, Mars etc.

It has been done by -considering the references through the view-point of consistency.

A specific duration has been acquired through the recommendations to various dynasties of kings, account of writings of international people to Asia and of recommendations in those nations in this connection like Greece, Egypt and Persia. The durations of this various planets being understood, have now been utilized to obtain the jobs for the planets, including Rahu and Ketu into the constellations associated with sky by mathematical technique.

These jobs trust those provided into the Mahabharata text. Continue reading