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Katie Holmes Shares Rare Selfie With Daughter Suri

Katie Holmes Shares Rare Selfie With Daughter Suri | Entertainment Tonight

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Jamie Foxx Enjoys Guys Night Out Following Split From Katie Holmes

Jamie Foxx Enjoys Guys Night Out Following Split From Katie Holmes | Entertainment Tonight

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Jamie Foxx Shuts Down Sela Vave Dating Rumors Following Split From Katie Holmes: ‘That’s Absolutely Not True’

Jamie Foxx Shuts Down Sela Vave Dating Rumors Following Split From Katie Holmes: ‘That’s Absolutely Not True’ | Entertainment Tonight

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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Celebrate Her 40th Birthday in NYC — See the Pics

Katie Holmes is spending her 40th birthday with her loved ones.

The Logan Lucky actress and boyfriend Jamie Foxx were spotted heading to dinner to celebrate her special day at the famous Serendipity in New York City on Tuesday. The birthday girl opted for a colorful and cozy ensemble, wearing a rainbow full-length cardigan sweater with a gray t-shirt, blue jeans and black Gucci loafers. She shielded her eyes from the cameras’ flashes with dark sunglasses.

Foxx, 51, on his end, looked stylish in a plaid trench coat, grey scarf, ripped jeans and white sneakers as he arrived to the restaurant and birthday festivities.

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx NYC Katie's 40th Birthday

Image Direct

Holmes was also joined by her mother, Kathleen. The two were all smiles as they were photographed together.

Katie Holmes and Mom Kathleen 40th Birthday

ECP/GC Images

The happy couple were last photographed on a romantic date night at Restaurant R’evolution in New Orleans in November. The pair has been dating for years, yet keep their relationship private and out of the spotlight, always making sure to leave and arrive separately when stepping out.

Foxx and Holmes have been linked since August 2013. Though the two have been snapped showing PDA and enjoying dates together, they have never confirmed their romance or arrived together at a public event.

“They’ve always lived very independent lives, but try to make time to see each other. It’s not uncommon for them to go long stretches without seeing each other,” a source told ET in June.

See more on the pair in the video below.


Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Have a Dinner Date in New Orleans After Engagement Ring Speculation

Katie Holmes Sits on Jamie Foxx's Lap in Rare PDA Moment

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Work Up a Sweat Together at Gym in Atlanta

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Katie Holmes Hints at a Mini ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Reunion on Busy Philipps' Show (Exclusive)

Katie Holmes is all about women supporting other women! 

The 39-year-old actress opened up to ET at the Through Her Lens: The Tribeca Chanel Women’s Filmmaker Program Luncheon on Tuesday about her female influences and the importance of that support when it comes to raising her 12-year-old daughter, Suri. 

“I feel very fortunate to have had a lot of women influence me in my career and take care of me and protect me and inspire me,” she said. “When I was a new actor, I was lucky to work with Jane Adams when I was young, who taught me a lot.”

Holmes co-starred with Adams in the 2000 film Wonder Boys. She also praised the career and work of actress Jodie Foster, saying, “I remember watching Jodie Foster’s career about how she made that wonderful transition.”

Katie Holmes


The urge to build up other women is something that Holmes tries to incorporate into her everyday life with Suri. 

“That’s the way I grew up — women supporting women,” she explained. “I went to an all-girls high school and so I got very used to that female support system. That’s definitely something that is celebrated in my house, and you can see the benefits.”

Holmes worked with some great women on Dawson’s Creek and talked to ET about the possibility of being a guest on her former co-star Busy Philipps’ upcoming talk show.

“I would love to do anything with Busy,” Holmes said. “Yeah, she’s great.”

Katie Holmes and Courteney Cox


Holmes attended the luncheon looking chic in a cream-colored blazer jacket and fitted black pants. She also posed with another top lady in the industry — Friends star Courteney Cox. 

For more from the actress, watch the clip below: 


13 of Busy Philipps’ Best Celeb Stories From ‘This Will Only Hurt a Little’

Katie Holmes Sits on Jamie Foxx's Lap in Rare Show of PDA: Pic

Katie Holmes Stuns in Glam Red Look After Latest Outing With Jamie Foxx

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Katie Vincent, Laurence Vincent-Lapointe win gold at Canoe Sprint worlds

Canada's Katie Vincent and Laurence Vincent-Lapointe continued their medal haul on the final day of competition at the Canoe Sprint world championships in Montemor-o-Velho, Portugal, on Sunday.

The Canadian duo successfully defended their title in the women's C2 500-metre event, capturing gold in one minute 56.395 seconds, more than two seconds ahead of their closest competitor.

Hungary's Virág Balla and Kincso Takács picked up silver (1:58.632) while Belarus' Nadzeya Makarchanka and Volha Klimava rounded out the podium (2:00.485).

Vincent-Lapointe wasn't finished as she would later add another gold medal in the women's C1 5000. The Trois-Rivières, Que., native finished the race in a time of 27:43.020 ahead of Germany's Annika Loske by nearly 10 seconds. Chile's Maria Mailliard took home bronze with a time of 27:59.547.

The win gave Vincent-Lapointe her third gold medal of this year's world championships while Vincent leaves with three medals overall.

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CBC | Sports News

'The Bold Type' Boss, Star Katie Stevens on Season 2 Finale: Does Jane Pick Ben or Pinstripe? (Exclusive)

Warning: Spoiler alert! Do not proceed if you have not watched Tuesday’s season two finale of The Bold Type.

Who did Jane Sloan choose: Dr. Ben or Pinstripe?

On the season two finale of The Bold Type, Jane (Katie Stevens) finally made a choice between the good-natured, stable Aussie doc Ben (Luca James Lee) and the charming, newly minted book author Ryan (Dan Jeannotte), aka Pinstripe. The love triangle had been heating up all season, ramping up in the final episodes when Jane made the life-changing decision to freeze her eggs due to her BRCA gene.

There was Ben, who suggested domestic partnership to take advantage of his hospital’s free egg-freezing program. There was Ryan, who offered to use his new book advance to help Jane financially. Jane took neither Ben nor Ryan up on their offers, as detailed in her Scarlet essay calling out its parent company’s “lame policy” for female fertility, but she learned through the process that there was only one person she wanted to share any news in her life. The identity of who, however, will remain a mystery fans won’t learn the answer to until the new season.

“It really sucks because I know who it is and I am not allowed to post anything with that person until season three comes out,” Stevens tells ET of Jane’s choice, chuckling at the months-long moratorium that awaits. “We’re filming season three and I’m doing scenes with this person. But I think that the decision she makes is a good one and I think she will be happy. I’m all for Team Jane’s happiness. It’s all very cute!”

“We felt that there was passionate feelings for Team Ben and Team Pinstripe, and the more we debated, we felt like there were things that each guy had to offer that Jane would respond to. The more that we would get excited about each option, the more we wanted to see how it plays out and we’re looking forward to, in season three, to how that plays out,” showrunner Amanda Lasher tells ET, promising that fans will learn Jane’s choice “pretty quickly.” “You hope that people are on different teams, because that’s more interesting and more reflective of what life is, but it’s fun to see the different sides of Jane coming out with the different guys.”

While the answer to Ben versus Pinstripe won’t be revealed for a while, Stevens explained why they’re both good romantic options for Jane, especially after the journey she’s taken this year.

Left: Jane (Katie Stevens) and Ryan (Dan Jeannotte), aka Pinstripe. Right: Jane (Stevens) and Ben (Luca James Lee).


“In a time of such chaos for Jane, she had somebody like Ben, where he represented stability and he represented somebody who knows exactly what he wants and knows who he is. While those are all the things Jane was searching for in herself this season, to have somebody who represented that, that was what was so attractive about Ben,” Stevens says. “What was so attractive about Ryan to her is here was this person, to her, who didn’t represent any of those things. And now here he is, he’s really showing up as a friend and they have really unbelievable chemistry and he has been a constant in her life for a little while.”

“That’s where the confusion lies: Do I go with the person who I wanted to be with but didn’t really know that they were there yet, and now they’re there? Or do I go with the person who knows exactly what they want, is a good choice and a choice she knows is safe?” she explains. “She was not in a stable place in her life and now she is. She’s in a place where she’s taking control of what she wants, but that also means she needs to make a decision about what she wants in terms of her love life.”

Adds Lasher, “The thing I loved about the finale is even though at the very end, there’s a choice between two guys, it isn’t about her choosing between two guys, it’s about Jane taking her destiny into her own hands. It’s not until she does that that she turns her attention to the men and that she wants to be her own Prince Charming. That was the true love story that we were invested in for Jane.”

It’s been a rocky season for Jane, who dealt with everything from getting fired from Incite to struggles with freelancing to facing tough decisions about her future fertility plans, but Stevens noted that the hardships have made the aspiring writer more comfortable in her own skin by the season’s end.

“She really did take a lot of risks and put herself outside of her comfort zone, and I’m really happy for that because it made her more clear on who she is and what she wants out of life,” Stevens says. “I hope we continue to be that — maybe in a less heavy emotional aspect — [but] really trying to let go and lend herself over now to life experiences. She does need to think about how precious life is, and having the information that she has BRCA, I’d like to see her enjoy her life now.”

Sutton (Meaghann Fahy) and Kat (Aisha Dee) on ‘The Bold Type.’


Thankfully, Jane wasn’t the only one with good relationship news. After a season spent apart, Sutton (Meghann Fahy) — her blossoming fashion career on relatively solid ground — decided that true love was too important for her to pass up, rekindling her romance with Richard (Sam Page) in Paris and going public at the Scarlet bash.

“We really wanted to have Sutton step into her own and realize that she doesn’t have to worry about what other people think about her and that she could stand on her own two feet. I felt very, very strongly for her to go on that journey on her own, and when she met Richard, it was on her terms,” Lasher says. “What’s nice about seeing Sutton and Richard together is their relationship was always so secretive and in the shadows. Being able to see how they move through the world together in public and face challenges without having to be secretive about it. That right there is fun and interesting and we have a lot to play with.”

But Kat (Aisha Dee) wasn’t so lucky in the romance department. Her relationship with Adena (Nikohl Boosheri) fizzled by the end of the season, with the photographer expressing her desire to have some space, in part because her creative output was suffering. Is this it for Kat and Adena?

Lasher was coy about Boosheri’s future on the show, saying, “Adena is Kat’s first love and I think that our first loves stay with us in ways that are hard to shake.” Asked specifically if Adena’s story is complete, Lasher admitted she was “not at liberty to say that.”

And should there be worry over Jacqueline’s standing as editor of Scarlet after she published Jane’s critical take on the magazine’s parent company’s lack of coverage for specific women’s health needs? “I don’t know, how worried are you?” Stevens says with a laugh. “I will tell you that I’m doing scenes with Melora [Hardin], so she’s still on the show.”

Adds Lasher, “Here’s the thing about Jacqueline: She is a fighter and a survivor. No matter how hard she may be up against the world, you should never underestimate her.”

As for what fans can look forward to in the coming third season, Stevens and Lasher shared some teases (and some personal wishes) to tide viewers over until the show’s return.

“The first episode back is one of my favorite episodes of The Bold Type of all time,” Stevens hints. “There’s music, there’s office stuff, there’s out-of-office stuff. We changed our hair a little bit. There are some new characters who are going to come in that I can’t talk about yet.” Lasher shared details on one of the new faces fans will meet in season three, revealing that the character will be a new employee at Scarlet “who really challenges each of our characters in a unique way.”

And while there’s no immediate plans to meet members of Jane’s family just yet, Stevens was hopeful that Jane’s father and brother, the latter of whom she spoke with over the phone in the penultimate episode, would come into the fold at some point. “Jane never really mourned the loss of her mom. That’s why we see it bubble up to the surface and come to a head in certain scenes,” Stevens says, “and maybe having her confront her family about that [would be cathartic].”  

The Bold Type will return for season three in spring 2019 on Freeform.


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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Step Out for Dinner Together in NYC — Pic!

Despite rumors of a possible breakup, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes seem to be going strong, hitting the town in New York City on Monday evening for a dinner date.

The pair were spotted pulling up to the trendy TAO restaurant in Midtown for dinner on Monday. Upon arrival, Foxx could be seen acting the perfect gentleman, walking around the black SUV the pair arrived in to give Holmes his hand. The romantic night out comes amid rumors that the elusive couple — who have never publicly acknowledged their relationship — may have broken up.

A source recently told ET that rumos of a split are false and that the couple are just “still very, very private. You’re not going to hear or see every time they’re together because they don’t flaunt their relationship in public.”

Actress Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx do not seem bothered by the recent split rumors. The couple were spotted arriving together for dinner at TAO restaurant in Midtown. Jamie came out of the car and went around to Katie’s side to give her his hand and help her out of the vehicle as they headed into the restaurant.


Foxx, 50, and Holmes, 39, have kept their relationship extremely low profile for years. They were first romantically linked back in 2013 — a year after Holmes’ divorce from Tom Cruise — when they were spotted dancing together onstage at the 4th Annual Apollo in the Hamptons Benefit. Foxx publicly denied their relationship at the time, but evidence began to pile up over the years, whether it was a photo of the pair holding hands in his music studio, a quick dinner date in New York City or a romantic stroll on the beach in Malibu.

The couple got slightly less shy this year, making a rare public appearance together at the Clive Davis and the Recording Academy’s Pre-GRAMMY Gala in New York City.

But, true to form, Foxx, just one month later, yanked off his headset at a celebrity basketball game and abruptly ended an interview when asked about Holmes.

For a look at that short interview, watch the video below.


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Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise Twin in Floral Ahead of Paris Fashion Week

Jamie Foxx Reminds Everyone What an Incredible Voice He Has at the BET Awards — Watch!

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Katie Holmes Pens Sweet Note in Support of 'Dawson's Creek' Co-Stars Who Were Left Out of the Reunion

TheDawson’s Creekcast recently reunited for a nostalgic photo shoot to celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary, though two main characters were notably left out.

Mary-Margaret Humes and John Wesley Shipp, who portrayed Dawson’s parents, Gail and Mitch Leery, were absent from the Entertainment Weekly photo shoot. Luckily, Katie Holmes took to Instagram on Friday to share a sweet note about working with the two actors.

“Mary Margaret and John were such a huge and important part of #dawsonscreek I am so grateful to have worked with them and experience their kindness ? #creekweek @thereal_marymargarethumes @johnwesleyshippjr,” she wrote alongside a side-by-side throwback of the two on Dawson’s Creek and a present day shot of them recreating the pic.

Holmes’ post comes after Humes expressed on Instagram on Thursday how upset she and Shipp were to be excluded from the reunion. The actress had been sharing behind-the-scenes pics from her time on the show on Instagram in honor of its anniversary.

“Okay, so let me get this off my chest as the initial hurt has subsided just a bit…I send an enormous amount of love and shout outs to the thousands of followers messages and ❤️’s that both @johnwesleyshippjr and I have read about being left out of @entertainmentweekly ‘s #dawsonscreek ‘reunion’ photos,” Humes began her lengthy message. “This was their choice…not ours…it was done behind our backs and we both were literally blindsided by it when we woke up yesterday in NYC and LA.”

She continued by adding that the pair both did short phone interviews “after the fact, but were never told about the reunion.”

“For months I have been posting #behindthescenes photos to share my experiences of six years on this show…we were a #family & I know how much the photos mean to you from all the love you send me in comments,” she expressed. “Having said that… I will continue to post because yes, I have so much more to share. For the portion of our family that did appear in these photos…congratulations…you look great and I love you…I only wish I had been given the opportunity to have said it to your faces. Such a shame ? #moretocome ?☮️.”

Shipp, on the other hand, posted a picture from the EW spread with him and Humes photoshopped in.

“Oh look @thereal_marymargarethumes There we are❗️? Thank you @jedi2187 for the clever photobomb – er um shop – and all the ever-loving + faithful Creekers – ❤️right back atcha?⚡️,” he joked.

For more on the 20-year Dawson’s Creek reunion, watch below.


‘Dawson’s Creek’: Watch Katie Holmes Talk Playing ‘Racy’ Role of Joey Potter in 1997 (Flashback)

‘Dawson’s Creek’ Cast Reunites 20 Years Later: See Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, James Van Der Beek and More!

Katie Holmes Reflects on Her ‘Magical’ ‘Dawson’s Creek’ Days in Nostalgic Throwback Pic

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Katie Holmes Announces 'I Wish I Could Be a Lesbian' in 'Dear Dictator' Clip (Exclusive)

Katie Holmes will soon return to television playing an FBI agent, but first, she’s taking on a role that is basically the opposite of that. In the comedy, Dear Dictator, she stars as a suburban mom who lets a dethroned dictator (Michael Caine) crash with her family after he becomes pen pals with her daughter (Lady Bird‘s Odeya Rush).

In this exclusive clip, Holmes’ character, Darlene, laments over exes and talks gender politics with the disguised (by way of a ridiculous mustache) General Anton Vincent.

“Sometimes I wish I could be a lesbian, you know?” she says. “Like, I have spent my whole life chasing men, like they’re going to come in and fix all my problems. They’re men! I mean, think about it, there are no girl rapists or serial killers…When there’s an Amber Alert, are they ever looking for a 5′ 2″ blonde driving a VW bug? No! Because women don’t have that whole power trip deal.”

Dear Dictator Artwork


Watch the trailer for Dear Dictator:

Here is the movie’s official synopsis:

“When political turmoil forces a British-Caribbean dictator (Michael Caine) to flee his island nation, he seeks refuge with his pen pal, a rebellious teenage girl (Odeya Rush) in suburban America, and teaches her how to start a revolution and overthrow the ‘mean girls’ in her high school.”

Dear Dictator opens in theaters and is available on VOD on March 16.


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