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Kenya floods have killed nearly 200, displaced thousands

Floods and landslides in Kenya have killed nearly 200 people, displaced 100,000 and strained critical infrastructure, with unprecedentedly high water levels at two dams forcing the evacuation of villagers at risk, officials said on Wednesday.

The heavy rain, which accelerated in mid-April, is expected to continue in already hard-hit areas in the coming weeks, the Kenya Meteorological Department said in its most recent forecast. May usually marks the end of the rainy season.

In Budalangi, western Kenya, residents have had to carry their belongings away from their submerged houses using boats and motorbikes, after the Nzoia River burst its banks, spilling over the land for kilometres.

Government spokesperson Cyrus Oguna said on Twitter that over the past three weeks, floods had displaced 100,000 people — complicating efforts to protect against the spread of the coronavirus, which has killed 24 people in the country.

The government is providing food and water to the displaced people and has also requested the health ministry provide them with masks as a precautionary measure.

The floods and landslides have been concentrated in western Kenya and have so far killed 194 people, said Eugene Wamalwa, the minister in charge of relations between the regional leadership and the national government.

“Yesterday alone, we have lost 30 people in a matter of 24 hours,” Wamalwa said.

Twin effects of floods, coronavirus

Energy Minister Charles Keter said the water levels at two major Kenyan dams were unprecedentedly high.

The two dams, Masinga and Turkwel, represent about six per cent of Kenya’s total installed capacity.

As Masinga also feeds into several other dams, officials advised people living near those downstream reservoirs to evacuate.

“We are telling people who are downstream, Garissa all the way to Tana River — things are worsening,” Keter said about residents of the two eastern counties.

“We are asking them to move. Let them not wait for water, because this is historical.”

An aerial view on May 3 shows flood waters near the Sigiri Bridge in Budalangi, Kenya. (Thomas Mukoya/Reuters)

Security officials were already evacuating residents in high-risk areas, Interior Minister Fred Matiang’i added.

“We are not waiting for people to move — we are moving some people away from danger,” he said.

The floods have also destroyed 8,000 acres of rice fields, said Sicily Kariuki, the cabinet secretary for water and irrigation.

Kenya was already facing a looming rice shortage due to shipping disruptions caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

The heavy rains and landslides could also lead to water shortages, Kariuki said.

“The infrastructure to deliver water has been washed away … pipelines have been clogged,” said Kariuki, asking residents of several cities, including the capital of Nairobi, to use their water in a “rational” manner.

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CBC | World News

Kandi Burruss Says ‘RHOA’ Cast Is ‘Over and Tired of’ NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore’s Drama (Exclusive)

Kandi Burruss Says ‘RHOA’ Cast Is ‘Over and Tired of’ NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore’s Drama (Exclusive) | Entertainment Tonight

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Why Kenya Moore Is ‘Optimistic’ About Saving Her Marriage to Marc Daly (Exclusive)

‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Star Kenya Moore ‘Optimistic’ About Saving Her Marriage to Marc Daly (Exclusive) | Entertainment Tonight

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What we know about the Canadian arrested in connection to an attack in Kenya

A Canadian man has been detained in Kenya on suspicion he may be connected to this week's deadly attack in Nairobi.

Abdihakim Guleid and five others are accused of aiding extremist gunmen who launched an assault on a hotel and business complex in the country's capital, killing at least 21 people.

A judge ordered the suspects held for 30 days while authorities look into the assault on the dusitD2 hotel complex that was carried out by al-Shabaab, a group linked to al-Qaeda and based in neighbouring Somalia. 

Not yet charged

Despite appearing in court on Friday, Guleid, 46, has not been charged with anything.

Noordin Haji, director of public prosecutions in Nairobi, said authorities are investigating a phone call Guleid allegedly received from one of the attackers.

"He alleges that his phone is registered to his wife," said Haji. "But after the communication, he SMSed a phone number. And that's what we are investigating."

Civilians who had been hiding in buildings flee under the direction of a member of security forces at a hotel complex in Nairobi, Kenya, on Tuesday. (Ben Curtis/Associated Press)

Global Affairs Canada said it's aware a Canadian has been arrested in Kenya and said it's working to gather more information.

The agency also said that the family of the Canadian arrested is being provided consular services.

Stephanie Carvin, a security specialist from Carleton University in Ottawa, said Kenyan investigators are looking for any and all connections.

"After such a severe attack, it doesn't surprise me that the Kenyans would be looking at pretty much any opportunity they could to try to find out what happened," she said, noting that it is "not at all surprising" that Kenyan authorities would cast a wide net due to the aggressive reputation of the country's intelligence services.

Originally from Somalia

Guleid's passport, which was issued in Edmonton, shows he was born in Somalia. His Ontario driver's licence shows an address in Etobicoke, in the west end of Toronto.

This is not the first time Canadians have been linked to al-Shabaab or been the group's victims.

In this image taken from security camera footage released to the local media, heavily armed attackers walk in the compound of a hotel in Nairobi on Tuesday. (Security Camera Footage/Associated Press)

"Quite a number of Canadians have gone to Somalia, and for a long time Somalia was the No. 1 foreign fighter concern for Canada," said Carvin. "Probably somewhere around 20 Canadians have gone to East Africa, Somalia in order to engage with groups like al-Shabaab."

It's still not been proven Guleid had anything to do with the attack or has any link to al-Shabaab. 

Kenya's military has been battling the group while the U.S. has launched airstrikes against al-Shabaab bases in Somalia.

Erica Marsh, a security analyst who has studied the group, said this week's attack was meant to send a message.

"A big part of this attack was to illustrate that they could still conduct cross-border attacks and large-scale, complex attacks in the face of the very strong U.S.air campaign that's been targeting them in the last two years," he said.

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CBC | World News

Kenya hotel attack may not be over as renewed gunfire heard

There are indications an attack on a hotel in Kenya's captial may not be over. More than 12 hours after the initial explosions and gunfire Tuesday, a first responder reported renewed gunfire and explosions coming from the Nairobi  complex. 

Extremists initially attacked a luxury hotel Tuesday afternoon local time, sending people fleeing in panic as explosions and heavy gunfire reverberated through the complex and black smoke rose over the scene. 

Surveillance video showed three attackers dressed in black running across the parking lot at 3:30 p.m., shortly followed by a fourth. At least two of the men were wearing green scarves in the close-up footage. One appeared to be wearing a green belt with grenades on it.

Al-Shabaab — the Somalia-based extremist group that carried out the 2013 Westgate Mall attack in Nairobi that left 67 people dead — claimed responsibility.

In this grab taken from security camera footage released to the local media, heavily armed attackers walk in the compound of a Nairobi hotel Tuesday. (Security Camera Footage/Associated Press)

"It is terrible. What I have seen is terrible. I have seen a human as I ran out, and there is what looks like minced meat all over," said one man who said he ran from the scene, Charles Njenga. He did not give details.

The co-ordinated assault began with an explosion that targeted three vehicles outside a bank, and a suicide bombing in the hotel lobby that severely wounded a number of guests, said Kenya's national police chief, Joseph Boinnet.

Cars are seen on fire at the scene of explosions and gunshots in Nairobi on Tuesday. (Thomas Mukoya/Reuters)

About eight hours after the siege began, Interior Minister Fred Matian'i said that all of the buildings affected by the attack had been secured and that security forces were mopping up.

"I would like to reiterate that the situation is under control and the country is safe," he said.

But into the early hours of Wednesday local time, gunfire could still be heard as authorities evacuated about 150 survivors from the buildings, according to a first responder, who said a pregnant woman and the daughter of a former Kenyan politician were among them. 

Civilians who had been hiding in buildings flee under the direction of a member of security forces. (Ben Curtis/Associated Press)

He said many more wounded remained trapped inside.

A Kenyan police officer said at least 15 bodies had been taken to the morgue over the course of the day. The officer spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to reporters.

A U.S. State Department official confirmed one of the victims was American.

Kenyan authorities have not yet announced whether the attackers are dead, detained or on the run. 

Security camera footage released to the local media showed an armed attacker walking in the notel compound. Al-Shabab, the Somalia-based extremist group, is claiming responsibility. (Security Camera Footage/Associated Press)

Families have said some people are still hiding inside the complex.

A witness who gave his name only as Ken said he saw five bodies at the hotel entrance during the attack. He said that other people were shouting for help and "when we rushed back to try to rescue them, gunshots started coming from upstairs, and we had to duck, because they were targeting us and we could see two guys shooting."

​Kenyan hospitals appealed for blood donations even as the number of wounded remained unclear.

'Quite nerve-racking'

The complex includes the DusitD2 hotel, along with bars, restaurants, banks and offices and is in a well-to-do neighborhood with large numbers of American, European and Indian expatriates.

Security forces point their weapons through a shattered door behind which an unexploded grenade lies. (Ben Curtis/Associated Press)

Simon Crump, an Australian who has lived in Kenya for five years, told CBC's As It Happens he didn't know if it was safe to run outside when the violence broke out, so instead he and two colleagues barricaded themselves in his office and waited for things to subside.

They couldn't see anything, because they were on the side of the building facing away from the chaos.

"You'd hear footsteps above, you'd hear other things, other people moving around in the building," said Crump.

"And it's quite nerve-racking, because you just don't know whether the noises you're hearing, whether it's people, whether it's police, whether it's terrorists, you just don't know what those noises are."

Civilians flee the scene after terrorists attacked an upscale hotel complex in Kenya's capital Tuesday, sending people fleeing in panic as explosions and heavy gunfire reverberated through the neighbourhood. (Ben Curtis/Associated Press)

Other survivors closer to the where the attackers rampaged reported hearing a shattering blast and saw people mowed down by gunmen as they sat at a cafe. Victims were left lying on tables, bleeding.

"We were changing our shifts, and that is when I heard a loud blast and people were screaming," said Enoch Kibet, who works as a cleaner at the cafe and managed to crawl out of a gate in the basement. "I couldn't believe I was alive. The blast was so loud and shook the whole complex."

Associated Press video from inside the hotel showed Kenyan security officers anxiously searching the building and scared workers emerging from hiding while gunfire could still be heard. Some women climbed out of windows. One man got up from the floor where he appeared to be trying to hide under a piece of wood paneling, then showed his ID badge.

As officers searched luxury fashion displays, wounded people were carried away on stretchers.

Anniversary of military base attack

Gunfire continued several minutes after the first reports as ambulances, security forces and firefighters converged on the scene. A bomb disposal unit arrived, and vehicles were cordoned off for fear they contained explosives.

Police said they blew up a car that had explosives inside. An unexploded grenade was also seen in a hallway at the complex.

Crump said gunfire could still be heard as him and his colleagues eventually evacuated.

"I don't know where those shots were coming from or who they were coming from, but as we were leaving it was definitely still much still very much active shooters around," he said.

Al-Shabaab has vowed retribution against Kenya for sending troops to Somalia since 2011. The al-Qaeda-linked group has killed hundreds of people in Kenya, which has been targeted more than any other of the six countries providing troops to an African Union force in Somalia. 

Members of security forces secure a building at the scene in Nairobi. (Baz Ratner/Reuters)

The hotel complex in Nairobi's Westlands neighborhood is less than two kilometres from Westgate Mall and lies on a relatively quiet, tree-lined road in what is considered one of the most secure areas of the city. The hotel's website says it is "cocooned away from the hustle and bustle in a secure and peaceful haven."

"I've been here five years, and obviously you're aware of the security issues and the fact that hotels and corporate office blocks and shopping centres are high targets, but I think we've had a false sense of security," said Crump.

On Monday, a magistrate ruled that three men must stand trial on charges they were involved in the Westgate Mall siege. A fourth suspect was freed for lack of evidence.

The attack on Tuesday came three years to the day after al-Shabaab extremists attacked a Kenyan military base in neighbouring Somalia, killing scores of people.

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CBC | World News

Kenya Moore Shows Off Abs 3 Weeks After Giving Birth

Kenya Moore is looking incredible less than a month after giving birth!

The 47-year-old Real Housewives of Atlanta star took to Instagram on Tuesday to show off her post-baby body after welcoming her daughter, Brooklyn, with husband Marc Daly earlier this month.

In an aqua sports bra and gray leggings, Moore looks unbelievable as she displays her toned stomach and arms in three separate shots. Also wearing silver hoop earrings, Moore is glowing in the pics.

“The SnapBack is real! 🙈👀😝😊LOL I still can’t work out yet but I feel much better,” Moore captioned the photos. “I was cut twice during my 3 hr Csection but I made it! I’ve always been healthy and worked out my entire life…whatever my body will do I’m not rushing it. It feels good to start to feel myself again. #brooklyndaly is worth every battlescar! #myangel #miraclebaby #motherhood #love #family”

The post comes after a challenging pregnancy for Moore, whose doctors feared she was suffering from preeclampsia — a pregnancy complication that is “characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to another organ system, most often the liver and kidneys,” according to the Mayo Clinic — after she gained 17 pounds in one week.

Since welcoming Brooklyn, Moore has taken to Instagram to share a pic of her baby’s hand, another from the delivery room and a third of her cradling her little girl.

“She’s so perfect and strong! Marc was incredible in the [delivery] room. I lost a lot of blood so I’m very weak but they both were strong for me,” she wrote alongside one post. “God is so good. We are blessed and doing well. My heart is so full at the abundance of love for our family! We love you all.”

 Watch the video below for more on the growing family:


Kenya Moore Cradles Her 'Miracle Baby' After Scary Pregnancy Complications

'RHOA' Star Kenya Moore Gives Birth to First Child at 47

'RHOA' Star Kenya Moore Says She Gained 17 Pounds in One Week Due to Pregnancy Complication

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2 people killed in separate hippo attacks in Kenya

A Chinese tourist was attacked and killed by a hippo while taking pictures on the edge of Lake Naivasha in Kenya's Rift Valley just hours after a local fisherman was mauled to death in the same area, authorities said Sunday.

Another Chinese tourist was injured in the incident Saturday night and received treatment in the local hospital in Naivasha, 91 kilometres northwest of Nairobi, the Kenya Wildlife Service said in a statement

In the same area, the fisherman was fatally bitten by another hippo a few kilometres from where the tourists were attacked, a police official said.

"The man was bitten on the chest and his injuries were serious and he died minutes after he was retrieved from the lake," said Rift Valley Head of Criminal investigations Gideon Kibunja.

The deaths brought to six the number of people who have been killed by hippos around Lake Naivasha so far this year.

Wildlife service spokesperson Paul Udoto said the circumstances are not clear in which the two Chinese people were attacked. He said attacks on tourists are rare because they are usually protected by guides.

He said hippos and lone buffaloes pose the greatest danger to humans and there have been many attacks in which civilians and even rangers have lost their lives.

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'RHOA' Star Kenya Moore Expecting First Baby With Husband Marc Daly

Kenya Moore and her husband, Marc Daly, are expecting their first child!

Moore revealed the news during the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special, which aired Sunday night, telling host Andy Cohen, “We will definitely be welcoming a boy or girl in late this year.”

When asked how far along she is, Moore said she didn’t “want to talk about the details” just yet.

“I’m still very nervous about everything and so I just want to get past a safe place,” the 47-year-old reality star explained. When asked about the baby’s sex, Moore said, “I just want a healthy baby.”

ET’s Nischelle Turner exclusively spoke with Cohen after the reunion special, and the host addressed the star’s revelation.

“I’m so happy for her, but I’m worried because it’s very early. I think you’re not supposed to announce it until three months… so I’m just wishing her very good health,” Cohen said, adding that Moore has “been wanting a kid for a very long time.”

Moore has been very open about her fertility struggles during her time on the show. In 2016, before she began a relationship with Daly, Moore spoke with ET about her efforts to get pregnant.

“You know, you have to be on a schedule, and you have to be tested at a very specific time,” Kenya explained. “And it just never worked out while I was filming, and so I just decided to do it while I’m not [filming], and we’ll see. Kandi [Burruss] did it while she wasn’t filming, and I figured this is the best way for me to do it.”

While her IVF attempts didn’t pan out then, it seems her efforts to welcome a baby with Daly — whom she wed in June 2017 — have been more successful.

Moore and Daly made their debut red carpet appearance together back in March at the Elton John AIDs Foundation Oscars party, where they stopped to chat with ET for their first joint interview.

When asked when he realized Moore was “the one,” Daly gushed, “How could I not know? Great heart, great person, love at first sight.”

The pair also addressed wild conspiracies and rumors that Daly wasn’t even real, due to the speed of their marriage and his absence from the Bravo series.

“Honestly, I just laugh at it,” Daly said of the speculation that he is, in fact, a fake person made up by Moore for reasons unknown. “I know I’m real, and she knows I’m real and that’s all that matters.”

Check out the video below to hear more from the happy couple.


Kenya Moore’s Grandmother Who Raised Her Passes Away From Alzheimer’s Disease: Read Her Touching Tribute

‘RHOA’ Star Kenya Moore Reveals Her Husband’s Identity

‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Star Kenya Moore Shares First Photo From Wedding Day

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Kenya holds new presidential election amid call for boycott

Some polling stations in Kenyan opposition areas did not open on Thursday after the start of Kenya’s second presidential election since August, reflecting the main opposition leader’s call for his followers to boycott the vote in the bitterly divided East African country.

Police fired tear gas in clashes with opposition supporters in Kibera, a Nairobi slum.

Voting, meanwhile, proceeded in areas where President Uhuru Kenyatta has support, but fewer voters were turning out in comparison to an Aug. 8 election that the Supreme Court nullified because it found illegalities and irregularities in the election process.

Voters lined up before dawn at a polling station in Kenyatta’s hometown of Gatundu and electoral workers prepared ballot papers by flashlight after heavy rains knocked out power to the site. Downpours also disrupted the delivery of ballot papers in Kenya’s Kitui area, according to local media.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, who was declared the winner in the August vote, said in a televised address on Wednesday that security forces would be deployed nationwide to ensure order, and he urged Kenyans to vote while respecting the rights of those who don’t.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga said the new vote won’t be credible because of a lack of electoral reform since the August election and accused Kenyatta of moving a country known for relative stability and openness toward authoritarian rule.

Odinga’s call for an election boycott appeared to have resonated strongly in Kisumu, Kenya’s third-largest city and an opposition stronghold. Many polling stations were closed even after the official opening time of 6 a.m. and Kenyan media reported that opposition supporters had blocked roads leading to some polling stations in the region.


Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga, seen here greeting supporters in Nairobi earlier this week, says the vote won’t be credible. (Siegfried Modola/Reuters)

Odinga has urged followers to stay away from polling stations because of concerns about a crackdown by security forces. Human rights groups said police killed dozens of people during protests after the August vote; authorities confirmed a smaller number of deaths and said they had to take action against rioters.

Odinga and Kenyatta, who seeks a second term, also faced off in a 2013 election marred by opposition allegations of vote-rigging. The opposition leader also ran unsuccessfully in 2007 — ethnic-fueled animosity after that vote killed more than 1,000 people and forced 600,000 from their homes.

Many observers say Kenya’s ethnic-based politics overshadow the promise of its democracy. Kenyatta is a Kikuyu, while Odinga is a Luo.


Opposition supporters burn tires in protest for presidential candidate Odinga, in the Kibera slum on Wednesday in Nairobi. Tensions were high as Kenyans readied to head to the polls for a repeat election. (Andrew Renneisen/Getty Images)

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CBC | World News

Kenya election overturned, new vote ordered within 60 days

Kenya’s Supreme Court has overturned the re-election of President Uhuru Kenyatta, citing irregularities in last month’s election.

The court called for a new election within 60 days.

Opposition candidate Raila Odinga had claimed that the electronic voting results were hacked into and manipulated in favour of Kenyatta, who won a second term with 54 per cent of the vote.

Kenyans had been braced for another round of protests if the court upheld Kenyatta’s victory.

Odinga had unsuccessfully challenged the results of the 2013 vote.

Human rights groups have said police killed at least 24 people in unrest that followed the Aug. 8 vote.

Kenya’s electoral commission had said there was a hacking attempt but it failed. International election observers have said they saw no interference with the vote.

Unease around the election rose when the official who oversaw the electronic voting system was found tortured and killed days before the vote.

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