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Cozy Loungewear for Staying In — Matching Sets, Jogger Pants and More

Cozy Loungewear for Staying In — Matching Sets, Jogger Pants and More | Entertainment Tonight

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Madewell Sale: Take 40% Off Tops, Dresses, Pants and More

Madewell Sale: Take 40% Off Almost Everything | Entertainment Tonight

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Drought over, pants on: Bombers deliver a Grey Cup win for the ages

The longest Grey Cup drought in the Canadian Football League is over and a longtime Winnipeg Blue Bombers fan can finally put on pants.

In front of a crowd of 35,439 fans at McMahon Stadium in Calgary, the Bombers defeated the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 33-12 to capture their 11th Grey Cup in team history but first title since 1990.

Winnipeg native Andrew Harris became the first player in CFL history to win both the Grey Cup’s Most Outstanding Player as well as the Most Outstanding Canadian awards. 

“I’m so proud to be a Winnipegger and I can’t wait to get back and share this with all them,” Harris said. “I just wanted to prove it to my teammates and deliver for them. Everything else, whatever. I just wanted to be the best player I could be today.”

WATCH | Andrew Harris has historic Grey Cup night:

Andrew Harris became the first player to win both Most Outstanding Player and Most Outstanding Canadian.  The defence also came up big in Winnipeg’s 33-12 win over Hamilton. 2:37

Harris finished the championship game rushing for 134 yards and had six catches for 35 yards through the air. He’s also the first Canadian to be named Grey Cup MVP since the legendary quarterback Russ Jackson of the Ottawa Rough Riders in 1969.

“It’s surreal. It’s amazing. It’s a dream come true. When your hard work is rewarded it’s an amazing feat,” Harris said.

It’s been a turbulent season for Harris. In August, Harris was suspended for two games after testing positive for Metandienone, which is a banned substance under the drug policy of the CFL. He still managed to have a stand-out season, racking up 1,380 rushing yards. However, he didn’t win a league award and wasn’t named to the all-star team.

“The only trophy I’m worried about is that shiny silver one,” Harris said. “We’ve been counted out all year. I’ve been counted out and disrespected all year. This is just a dream come true.”

Soaking up the moment

Harris and his teammates celebrated on the McMahon turf, hoisting the Grey Cup with family and friends nearby as blue and gold confetti swirled in the Calgary sky.

Off to the side, CFL Defensive Player of the Year Willie Jefferson held his daughter in his arms, soaking in the moment.

“This is my beautiful daughter Kelley Brielle Jefferson,” he said. “I just had to come out here and give it my all. I had my dad, my mom, my wife and my daughter. I couldn’t come out here and play a mediocre game in front of my family.”

Jefferson finished the game with three quarterback sacks and two forced fumbles to help guide the Bombers to victory.

Willie Jefferson helped lead the Bombers to Grey Cup glory with three quarterback sacks and two forced fumbles. (Nathan Denette/Canadian Press)

“I’m speechless. I don’t know what to do. I just want to hold my baby and be with my family. I can’t wait for the champagne to cover my eyes,” Jefferson said.

Inside the locker room Bombers players sprayed champagne and smoked cigars, dancing around to music. A number of players tried to sneak-attack a Gatorade shower on their head coach Mike O’Shea, who was prepared for it. He grabbed the jug and dumped on his players before getting soaked by the second wave.

O’Shea, in his sixth season as head coach, praised his team in the locker room after the win.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers head coach Mike O’Shea gets doused with a celebratory shower. (Frank Gunn/Canadian Press )

“That was an impressive win. To play your best when it mattered most is fantastic. You should be all proud of yourself,” he said.

Putting pants on again

The Grey Cup victory ends a woeful 29-year drought for Winnipeg and it also allowed superfan Chris Matthew the opportunity to finally put pants on again. Eighteen years ago, in November 2001, Matthew made a bet with friends that he wouldn’t wear shorts again until the Bombers won the Grey Cup. He didn’t expect it to last for nearly two decades.

Shaw Communications reached out to Matthew on Saturday afternoon, asking him if he had any interest in attending the championship game in Calgary. That’s when the Canadian telecommunications company gifted him the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to see his team take home the Grey Cup for the first time since 1990.

When zeroes hit the clock, Matthew made his way from his seat onto the McMahon Stadium turf to put on a pair of camouflage track pants.

“The game, fabulous. The outcome, fabulous. Wearing pants again, I’m not sure yet. It’s all new to me,” he said.

Matthew had originally planned on going over to a friend’s house, like he has for so many years, to watch the Grey Cup. But when he got the call he just had to attend the game and be in the stands to watch his beloved Bombers hoist the Cup.

“This is phenomenal. I was ready to go to my friend’s place like I do every Grey Cup and have a few wobbly pops and watch the game. And here I am. It’s indescribable,” he said.

Standing by Matthew’s side on the turf was his wife, Darla Robinson. She stayed clear of picking out the pants he’d be wearing.

“I actually know fashion,” Robinson said. “Those are horrible. He does have nice slacks that he would wear to a funeral. But these are comfortable.”

Robinson says she doesn’t think the pants will last for long.

“He’s always said he’ll wear pants for a day, but he likes wearing his shorts.”

It’s something she doesn’t mind putting up with.

“He’s such a wonderful man that you pick your battles and that wasn’t one of them,” she said.

And Matthew says it was never about putting pants on again but about the fact that the Bombers finally won.

“That’s the important thing. My pants, that’s secondary. In fact, I’ll probably live in shorts again after this. I’ll probably take these off. But the Bombers earned it today. The fans in Winnipeg deserve it,” he said.

Bombers deliver knockout punch

The Bombers won every playoff game on the road, having to leave Winnipeg because of their third-place finish in the West. They knocked off the defending Grey Cup champion Calgary Stampeders on their home turf in the West Division semifinal

Then they went into the hostile environment of Saskatchewan and made three crucial defensive stops late in the West Final to secure a Grey Cup berth.

And, when the biggest game of the year finally arrived, the Bombers were their best. But getting to this point hasn’t been easy. After starting the season 9-3, the Bombers lost four of their last six games. But when the post-season arrived, the coaching staff implemented a playoff motto.

“Punch first, keep swing’n, stay in the fight,” was plastered all around their locker room, in their meeting rooms and on scouting notes.

The Winnipeg coaching staff used the motto: ‘Punch first, keep swing’n, stay in the fight,’ to help fuel the Bombers’ playoff run. (Devin Heroux/CBC Sports)

It was defensive assistant coach James Stanley who came up with it.

“We just needed something. We needed a spark going into the playoffs. And it worked against Calgary, so we just kept going with it,” he said.

The day before every playoff game Stanley and defensive coordinator Richie Hall would show the players one round from legendary fights over the years.

Against the Stampeders they showed Ron Lyle and George Foreman fighting in 1976. Against the Roughriders the two played showed the team a round between Marvin Hegler and Thomas Hearns – a 1985 battle considered one of the greatest fights ever.

Shayne Gauthier of the Bombers drinks from the Cup. (Nathan Denette/Canadian Press)

And finally, before the Grey Cup game Stanley and Hall showed the 1978 battle between Larry Holmes and Ken Norton.

“We showed the final round of that championship fight and Larry Holmes won it in a split decision 143-142,” Hall said. “Whatever it takes. Just keep swinging and you never know what will happen.”

Hall and Stanley both say all the Bombers players bought into the idea that the playoff games were going to be the fight of their lives and they were going to take some punches.

But Hall says their resilience shone when it mattered most and they had an answer every time.

“They bought into it. They said let’s not let it come down to a decision. Let’s go out there and take it to them. They said if we have a chance to knock them out, let’s knock them out.”

The Bombers got their knockout punch on Sunday night—now they’re Grey Cup champions.

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CBC | Sports News

Curling fashion becoming more than those Norwegian pants

NORTH BATTLEFORD, Sask. — It's hard to forget about those fancy curling pants from Norway.

Thomas Ulsrud and his Norwegian squad bolted into the curling fashion limelight at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver by wearing their splashy, patterned pants. For years they garnered a lot of attention at every bonspiel for them.

Norway second Christoffer Svae was the one behind his team's trademark eye-catching attire. The Norwegians were preparing for the Games when a miscommunication left them with less-than-desirable uniforms.

Svae took charge and ordered the first wave of flashy pants that became the team's signature look.

"We were going to practice with them but never play in them," Svae said. "But the last day of practice before the Olympics we were talking to some other Norwegian athletes from snowboarding and they said we should wear them."

The rest is history.

An Olympic medal matches any outfit. Just ask them. (Robert Bukaty/Associated Press)

But if you assumed it was about to catch on in curling, think again. In a lot of ways, curling is reserved for the traditional — stepping outside of that familiar vibe is often frowned upon.

"Our sport is so conservative and singular. Why do we need to follow that mould when there are so many people in the sport who aren't that way?" Colin Hodgson said.

"We're pigeon-holing people into acting and looking a certain way and suppressing the flair that could exist in the sport."

Going out on a limb

Hodgson is the lead for Team Carruthers out of Manitoba. He's best-known for his funky hairstyles, something he started years ago after watching the Brad Pitt movie Fury.

"I still get some looks sometimes but growing up I've realized I'm not happy when I care about what those people say," Hodgson said. "Leads don't get that much attention so I have to find a way to stand out. I'm living in the shadow of Reid and Mike [McEwen]."

Hodgson wants to change the way people view curling through what the players are wearing. That's why a few years ago he started his own apparel company called Dynasty Curling with business partner Faron Asham.

"One of the first jerseys we did was something crazy, the Viking uniform for Edin. This was five years ago. That just changed it all. They wanted to go out on a limb. We saw how popular it was immediately and our company exploded because of it," Hodgson said.

There were four teams who took a chance on Hodgson's company early on. Teams skipped by Edin, Chelsea Carey, Kerri Einarson and Val Sweeting all signed up to be the first to wear Dynasty Curling uniforms.

"They kind of took a chance on us. My own team wasn't even using my apparel because we had a previous sponsorship," says Hodgson.

Now he is the official clothier of more than 1,000 rinks from 25 different countries, including the team of former NFL players skipped by Jared Allen.

Backwards hat? Check. Evel Knievel-esque jacket? Check. And for good measure, former NFLer Jared Allen completed the look with a pair of white Chuck Taylors. (Jim Mone/Associated Press)

"They're wearing our apparel. I got that call in the middle of the summer this year and had to keep it quiet until they announced they would be curling and wearing them," Hodgson said.

It's been a wild fashion curling journey for Hodgson who just secured the contract for Curling Canada events over the next four years. He hopes to push the limits when it comes to traditional looks in the traditional game.

"It's going away from the boring and conservative to bright and vibrant. It's going along with the movement," he said.

White belts and Technicolor trousers

One of the first teams to really shake things up was Team Howard when they introduced white belts to their wardrobe. At the time, it was something Glenn Howard says just wasn't the norm.

"I'm still wearing it," Howard said, laughing. "I think it was Richie Hart back in the day who came up with that when Craig, Brent and I played together."

Glenn Howard took his white belt from the golf course to the curling sheets and hasn't looked back. (Jason Franson/Canadian Press)

Howard said they were always wearing white belts golfing and thought they could do it on the ice too. But it wasn't always met with a positive response.

"We kind of got the hairy eyeball for a while but if you see the junior curlers are all wearing them, I love the way the game is going."

This week in North Battleford, Rylan Kleiter's Saskatchewan rink had psychedelic pants — similar to some of the Norwegians' finest. They were also met with some side-eyes at times.

Rylan Kleiter's Saskatchewan rink sported some flashy trousers at the Canadian Open in North Battleford. (Devin Heroux/CBC Sports)

Howard, who has been around the game longer than most on the ice, says he wants to see more of it.

"It spices up our game. I think it's great. We're all wearing black pants. Brad Gushue is wearing blue. McEwen had the red pair years ago. "I love the fact the there are new pants coming out."

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CBC | Sports News

Katy Perry Splits Her Pants Laughing, Flashes the ‘American Idol’ Audience: Watch!

From Swish Swish to Rip Rip!

Katy Perry got overly excited on Monday’s American Idol, and shared the moment with her Twitter followers.

“I have good news and bad news today — I won’t be able to live stream #AmericanIdol today but I CAN promise you some pants splitting fun,” the 33-year-old singer captioned a snippet from the show.

In the clip, Perry is laughing hard at something one of her fellow judges is saying when she rips her silver sequin bell bottoms.

“Oop! I just split my pants,” she declares before standing up and turning around to show the audience the large rip.

The hole was so large that American Idol sensors had to cover it up. Perry’s fellow judge, Lionel Richie, also tried to cover her up, following her around the stage and shielding her from the audience.

Meanwhile, Luke Bryan slipped his shades on to avert his gaze, as Perry grinned and continued to flash the split. Thankfully, Perry got some tape and the problem was quickly solved.

This isn’t the first time Perry has suffered a wardrobe malfunction on the show.

During an earlier audition on Idol, the pop star was dancing with Venezuelan contestant Michelle Sussett and fell while wearing a mini-dress and heels, exposing a little more than she’d planned.

Watch the clip below for more!

American Idol airs Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7 Central on ABC.


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Hilaria Baldwin Poses in a Bra and No Pants in Racy Baby Bump Pic

Hilaria Baldwin is leaving little to the imagination as she marks a pregnancy milestone. 

Alec Baldwin’s wife took to Instagram on Friday to share a new pic of her baby bump to celebrate hitting six months — but it was her lack of pants (or underwear) that caught fans’ attention. 

“6 months with Baldwinito #4! I have to remind myself every day how working out and eating well while pregnant will mean that I will have a easier pregnancy, delivery, and recovery,” Hilaria captioned the pic. “I let myself slow down, but try to do an activity almost every day where I keep my circulation going, maintain flexibility, and tone muscles.”

“I’m also completely at peace with the fact that I WILL gain weight, cellulite WILL happen, my body NEEDS fat and rest in order to grow a healthy baby. Through 4 pregnancies, I have found balance and calm—embracing natural changes in my body, yet taking care of myself in a way where these changes are temporary, and once the baby is out, I will find my non pregnant self again,” she continued. “Please talk to me and to each other about your experiences with this, questions, and advice—no negativity—this is a namaste place?. #WeGotThis2018.” 

6 months with Baldwinito #4! I have to remind myself every day how working out and eating well while pregnant will mean that I will have a easier pregnancy, delivery, and recovery. I let myself slow down, but try to do an activity almost every day where I keep my circulation going, maintain flexibility, and tone muscles. I’m also completely at peace with the fact that I WILL gain weight, cellulite WILL happen, my body NEEDS fat and rest in order to grow a healthy baby. Through 4 pregnancies, I have found balance and calm—embracing natural changes in my body, yet taking care of myself in a way where these changes are temporary, and once the baby is out, I will find my non pregnant self again. Please talk to me and to each other about your experiences with this, questions, and advice—no negativity—this is a namaste place?. #WeGotThis2018 (in full disclosure, there is no filter, but I did brighten up the image a bit, since the bathroom in this hotel doesn’t have strong light).

A post shared by Hilaria Thomas Baldwin (@hilariabaldwin) on

Alec and Hilaria announced they were expecting their fourth child together in November, and one day later revealed they will be having another baby boy. The couple are already parents to daughter Carmen, 4, and sons Rafael, 2, and Leonardo, 1. Alec also shares 22-year-old daughter Ireland with his ex, Kim Basinger. 

See more on the Baldwins in the video below. 


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Hilaria Baldwin Bares Growing Baby Bump In New Instagram Post — See the Pic!

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin’s Family Christmas Card With Santa Is Hilarious

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America Ferrera Talks Naming Her Child and Whether the Traveling Pants Work as Maternity Wear

[unable to retrieve full-text content]

Don’t expect there to be an America Ferrera Jr.! The 33-year-old actress and activist visited The Late Show on Wednesday where she opened up to Stephen Colbert about her first pregnancy. When the comedian and host asked her if she planned to give her future child a unique name like her own, she replied, “I’m going to go with no. I love my name now, but growing up with the name America’s not easy, and I don’t want to put that on my child, because I know what that feels like. So I’m going to go…

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Rita Ora’s Bathrobe to Demi Lovato’s Sheer Pants: See the Top 5 Craziest Looks at the MTV EMAs: Pics!

Demi Lovato

After wowing in her cleavage-baring plaid red carpet style, the 25-year-old pop singer slayed on the stage, singing her hit songs “Sorry Not Sorry” and “Tell Me You Love Me.” For the powerful performances, the former Disney star wore a belted black top and shimmery sheer pants that left little to the imagination. #SNS

Prior to her awards show appearance, ET spoke exclusively with Lovato about her love life and more. Check it out:

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