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Matthews, Marner, Marleau relive start of ageless friendship in chaotic video call

Auston Matthews remembers returning to the Toronto Maple Leafs’ hotel after dinner one night and finding something unexpected.

It was a road trip early in the 2017-18 season, and when the door to his room swung open, there was fellow second-year pro Mitch Marner sitting on the bed with newly signed, then-38-year-old winger Patrick Marleau.

“[They were] waiting for me and we were going to watch a movie … we put on Cars 3,” Matthews recalled with a smile. “That was a tradition every road trip — put on a movie and order dessert.”

Matthews, Marner and Marleau took part in an at-times chaotic league-run video conference call/pseudo family reunion Monday amid the NHL shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It included shared memories, a 10-minute game of personal trivia, kids and spouses joining the conversation, dogs barking, phones ringing and doors that needed answering.

WATCH | Ex-teammates talk beards, mini sticks and Jumbo Joe:

These three former teammates talk beards, mini-sticks, and Jumbo Joe.  1:55

At one point Matthews playfully scolded Marner for the noise on his end of the call: “Mitch, please.”

While things were kept mostly light by a member of the NHL’s public relations staff leading the call — independent reporters submitted questions beforehand — the bond forged by the three as teammates after Marleau signed with the Leafs in free agency in July 2017 following 19 seasons with the San Jose Sharks was evident once again.

“They seemed like really good, young guys,” Marleau said. “Just took a liking to them.”

The NHL paused its season March 12 in response to the novel coronavirus outbreak that’s killed thousands worldwide, crippled the economy and shuttered sports leagues.

With time on their hands, the trio reflected on how, despite an age gap of nearly two decades, the friendship and chemistry flourished.

Marleau followed up by inviting Matthews and Marner, both 20 at the time, for a meal with his wife Christina and the couple’s four boys at their home in Toronto. That soon turned into frequent visits, pictures, singalongs and games of mini-sticks where an Apple watch or two was sacrificed.

“Every time we went after [the first trip] we brought an extra pair of clothes,” Marner said. “We knew we’re gonna get all sweaty play mini-sticks for hours. That’s kind of just where the relationship started — when we started going over there and hanging out with all the kids, just kind of feeling like we were a part of the family.”

WATCH | Best of Atlantic division conference call:

Today we shift over to the Atlantic Division to find out who you don’t want to be sitting behind on the bus after he ate chicken wings.  3:07

Marleau scored 27 goals and 47 points in his first campaign with Toronto, and added four goals and an assist in a seven-game playoff loss to the Boston Bruins that spring.

“I knew they were really highly skilled and played that up-tempo, offensive game,” the veteran winger said of Matthews and Marner. “They make everybody around them better. That was one of the things that appealed to me.”

Marner said signing Marleau to his three-year, $ 18.75-million US contract sent a strong message to a young Toronto core coming off just its second post-season appearance since the 2004-05 lockout.

“It gave us the confidence that we’re bringing in a guy that can do everything our team needed,” said the winger, now 22. “Everyone knew what his resume was, how long he’s been in the league. As soon as he started speaking everyone listened.

“We’re both very grateful to have played with him.”

But time catches up to everyone.

Marleau regressed to 37 points in 2018-19, his lowest total in a full season since 1997-98 as a rookie, and just two assists in another playoff loss to the Bruins.

With the Leafs in a salary cap crunch last summer — coincidentally, Marner’s need for a new contract played a huge factor — Marleau was traded to Carolina in a cost-cutting measure. The Hurricanes couldn’t convince the soon-to-be-40-year-old to play for them, so he was bought out before signing back with the Sharks for one season.

San Jose then dealt Marleau to the Pittsburgh Penguins, who beat the Sharks for the Stanley Cup in 2016, at the NHL trade deadline.

Eight games later, the coronavirus brought life on and off the ice to a screeching halt.

WATCH | What could playoffs look like if NHL returns?

While the NHL is on pause because of Covid-19, Rob Pizzo looks at what could happen if the league starts back up again this season.  3:20

“The short amount of time I spent there was great,” Marleau said from his home in San Jose. “Just a great opportunity for myself to get another shot at winning a Cup.”

Whether that shot actually happens this season is anyone’s guess. NHL players have been self-quarantined since the middle of March — a directive recently pushed back until at least April 15 and likely to be extended further.

The league could return later this spring, in the summer or perhaps not until 2020-21.

Matthews, who’s spending the pause in Phoenix with Leafs goalie Frederik Andersen and was on pace to become just the fourth different Toronto player to score 50 goals in a season, said Marleau’s influence on both he and Marner came early and often.

“If I ever need something or want to bounce something off somebody, he’s a guy that has been through a lot,” Matthews said. “He’s always going to give honest feedback and his opinion.”

Maybe over a movie and dessert.

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Relive the Most Memorable Red Carpet Moments of the Decade

Relive the Most Memorable Red Carpet Moments of the Decade | Entertainment Tonight

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'Scandal': Relive the 11 Most Shocking Moments Before the Series Finale

Time to put on your white hats for the very last time, gladiators — Scandal is coming to an end.

We first met Olivia Pope & Associates when the Shondaland series premiered in 2012. A fresh-faced Kerry Washington was hard to miss when she flawlessly took on the role of Olivia Pope and “handled” each and every curveball thrown her way. Not to mention the captivating performances by the ensemble of Tony Goldwyn, Bellamy Young, Jeff Perry, Guillermo Diaz, Katie Lowes, Darby Stanchfield, Scott Foley, Joshua Malina, Joe Morton and more.

Through the years, viewers have experienced emotional betrayals, tearful goodbyes, jaw-dropping shockers and the rise and fall (and possible rise again?) of Olitz. How it all ends on Thursday’s series finale, we’re not sure, but one thing we know is we’re just not quite ready for a life without Scandal.

Take a trip down memory lane with a look back at the show’s 11 most shocking moments.

The Affair That Started It All



Let’s start with the shocker of all shockers: the pilot’s reveal that Olivia was having an affair with President Fitzgerald Grant (Goldwyn). While it’s hard to imagine a time when Fitz and Olivia weren’t a thing, not even Cyrus Beene (Perry) knew of their affair until walking in on them mid-kiss in the Oval Office. Scandal!

The Motley Crew That Rigged the Election



In season two, episode four, we discovered that while Olivia, Cyrus, Verna Thornton (Debra Mooney), Hollis Doyle (Gregg Henry) and Mellie Grant (Young) might not always get along, they were able to come to an agreement on one thing: rigging the election. The episode revealed the five’s decision to fix the vote in Defiance, Ohio, in a move that seems to still have repercussions in season seven.

Fitz Gets Shot — And Then Kills Verna



Just three episodes later, audiences were delivered another shocker, when an assassination attempt was made on Fitz while he was on his way to a gala. While we can’t imagine a world without him, for a good half an hour, we weren’t really sure he was going to make it. Fitz pulled through, however, and soon discovered it was Verna who put the hit on him (and also rigged the election). How did Fitz respond? By suffocating her with a pillow.

Mellie Was Raped by Fitz’s Dad



Scandal didn’t just drop bombshells in the present — flashbacks were also fair game when it came to unbelievable twists. That’s what happened in season three, episode seven, when viewers learned that there was more to the love-to-hate Mellie than meets the eye. In an upsetting flashback taking place years before Fitz became president, Mellie was raped by his father, which may have gotten her pregnant with her son, Jerry (RIP!).

Olivia’s Parents Are Who?



We found out in the season two finale that Rowan (Joe Morton), the head of B613, was actually Eli Pope — and Olivia’s dad. In season three, episode nine, it was revealed that Olivia’s mom, Maya Lewis (Khandi Alexander) didn’t actually die in a plane crash. Nope, she was alive and well, and an international terrorist. The worst part? She knew how to play Olivia like a fiddle.

Jake Guns Down James



Season three, episode 14 had everyone talking after the previous week ended on a cliffhanger, with all signs pointing to Jake Ballard (Foley) killing David Rosen (Malina). It wasn’t until the episode aired that we learned that David was safe — but Cyrus’ husband, James Novak (Dan Bucatinsky), wasn’t. It was a twist that reminded us that no one is safe on Scandal (except maybe Olivia and Fitz), and reminded us that Jake is just as deadly as he is beautiful.

The Death of Jerry Grant



Fitz needed to get re-elected, so his oldest child had to go. Season three, episode 18 killed off poor Jerry Grant Jr. (Dylan Minnette), who didn’t do anything to deserve his tragic death by way of meningitis on stage during his dad’s speech, but that didn’t matter to Rowan.

Olivia Gets an Abortion



First lady life isn’t for everyone — and definitely not for Olivia Pope. While she and Fitz seemed to finally be happy with their relationship out in the open, not everything is what it seems on Scandal. By the end of season five, episode nine, it was clear that Olivia was far from happy, and a baby wasn’t going to make her happier. The D.C. fixer made a trip to the doctor, where she received an abortion — and then broke up with Fitz.

Olivia Gets Dirty



All that anger has to get released somewhere! Viewers found out that Olivia was willing to get her hands (and face, and beautiful white coat) dirty in season five, episode 17, when the former Vice President Andrew Nichols (Jon Tenney) threatened to reveal Mellie’s secrets — so Olivia beat him to death with a chair.

Who Killed Frankie Vargas



It was a mystery that seemed to last an eternity (but really just lasted six episodes). In season six, episode six, we finally found out who killed President-elect Frankie Vargas (Ricardo Chavira), and surprise, it was Papa Pope — only this time he wasn’t pulling the strings. As it turns out, the whole thing was planned by Frankie’s wife, Luna (Tessie Santiago), in one heck of a messed up power play.

Quinn’s Alive!



Season seven’s big conundrum was revealed in episode six, when pregnant Quinn Perkins (Lowes) was mysteriously kidnapped on her wedding day. One week later, it appeared as if Rowan killed after Olivia told him she didn’t care what became of Quinn after coming to blows with him over his dinosaur bones. Then, in episode eight, Charlie (George Newbern), Quinn’s fiance and father of her child, found a baby (his and Quinn’s) in Rowan’s house. In episode nine, it’s revealed that Quinn survived — no thanks to Olivia.

Affairs, murders and drama aside, the team appears to be all back together just in time for Thursday’s big finale. See what Washington told ET about how it all ends in the video below.

The series finale of Scandal airs Thursday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.


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'Rest easy,' Trump told undocumented immigrants. Now Dreamers relive childhood deportation fears

Gaby Pacheco, a Miami activist who has spent most of her life fearing deportation, noticed an awkward Facebook anniversary last week: A group photo marking four years since she visited Trump Tower in New York City to meet Donald Trump.

At Trump’s invitation in August 2013, the then 28-year-old undocumented resident joined fellow activists to promote immigration reform. The group of so-called Dreamers — the name often given to individuals who were brought into the U.S. illegally as children — gathered in Trump’s office overlooking Central Park. They found him to be gracious and inquisitive, even receptive about a push for legal status. He listened to their stories.

“You’ve convinced me,” the billionaire assured his guests. They beamed, believing they had broken through to him, as he escorted them to the lobby to pick souvenirs.

Today, as president of the United States, Trump doesn’t seem so convinced. He’s considering ending the very program that gave deportation reprieve to Pacheco and the three other undocumented activists who apparently won his sympathies in Manhattan.

“We love the Dreamers,” he said from the Oval Office on Friday.

Trump Immigration

Michael Claros, 8, of Silver Spring, Md., attends a rally in favour of immigration reform on Aug. 15 at the White House. Michael is a U.S. citizen whose parents would have been eligible for DAPA, or Deferred Action for Parents of Americans, an Obama-era policy memo that the Trump administration has since formally revoked. (Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press)

But as soon as Tuesday, the White House said, Trump will announce plans on whether to revoke DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). Implemented by his White House predecessor, Barack Obama, in 2012, the policy shields people who were brought over illegally as children so they can work and study without fear of deportation.

Undoing Obama’s executive order would leave some 800,000 DACA recipients vulnerable to being rounded up and sent away to countries they barely know.

One governor and 10 ultra-conservative state attorneys general have threatened in a letter to sue him unless Trump rescinds DACA by Sept. 5, arguing the program “amounts to an unlawful use of executive power.”

Trump has seemingly agonized over what to do, alternating between hard-line rhetoric against illegal immigration and expressions of compassion. In February, he pledged to treat Dreamers “with heart.” In April, he said they should “rest easy.”

He’s now reportedly leaning towards rescinding DACA.

Olivia Vazquez

Olivia Vazquez, a 23-year-old DACA recipient, says the prospect of losing deportation protections makes her anxious. Her mixed-status family also means separation is possible at any time. Her brother is a U.S.-born citizen, but her mother is fully undocumented. (Courtesy Olivia Vazquez)

Anxiety about deportations stayed with Pacheco even after she received her green card two months ago. The 32-year-old immigration rights activist, who is originally from Ecuador, feels responsible for the young people who signed up despite feeling skeptical about the government now having their records. She was part of a team that negotiated for DACA years ago. But how can she trust anything Trump says after that meeting in 2013?

“Trump was Trump,” Pacheco recalled about her Manhattan visit. “I think he’s a man who wants to be well liked.”

Then a reality TV star, Trump’s guests spoke of growing up amid the perpetual threat of deportation. In an apparent bid to connect with his Hispanic guests, he praised “imwamigrant” labour for keeping his golf courses “so beautifully green,” Pacheco said.

“He didn’t say ‘undocumented’ immigrants, but he hinted at it. We were like, ‘Are you admitting something?'”

Nevertheless, the four Dreamers felt their message had reached the billionaire.


A Trump supporter yells at a police officer in New York on Wednesday as other protesters march against the president’s proposed end of the DACA program. (Joe Penney /Reuters)

Estuardo Rodriguez, a Peruvian-American lawyer and activist who facilitated the 2013 meeting, was also encouraged. He left with a souvenir Trump tie.

“He gave the full show of attention, compassion, reaching out,” Rodriguez said. “So the hypocrisy is that much more hurtful if he comes tonight, tomorrow, next week, he just rips that out” by terminating DACA or refusing to grant renewals.

Enrollees are eligible if they entered the U.S. before age 16 and lived in the country continuously since 2007 without having committed serious crimes. The protection lasts for two years, then must be renewed.

Marketing specialist Ivy Teng Lei, whose parents brought her to New York City from China when she was seven, received her deferred status in 2013, permitting her to get a driver’s licence, travel outside the continental United States and find employment. Had the program existed sooner, she could have qualified for internships and financial aid for college. DACA was a godsend. When it was first announced, her father cried.

“It’s changed my life, given me a number that gave my existence here meaning,” the 26-year-old said, calling it “the first time I had a chance at this American Dream.”

Trump Tower Protests

Activists supporting DACA gather near Trump Tower in New York on Aug. 15. (Craig Ruttle/Associated Press)

It was also the first time Lei felt safe being open about her immigration status.

Up until then, it was a more common experience for undocumented immigrant children to live under the radar. Jumping a subway turnstile or getting a speeding ticket could draw attention from authorities demanding immigration papers.

Even after she became a DACA beneficiery, Olivia Vazquez, a 23-year-old community organizer in Philadelphia, said she still went into “panic mode” when a police cruiser entered traffic behind her while she was driving.

“I had my licence, I had my car, but I would get short of breath. I’d have to remind myself to calm down.”

Rescinding DACA would awaken “a second wave” of those kinds of anxieties, said Roberto Gonzales, a Harvard University professor who has carried out hundreds of in-depth interviews with DACA recipients.

APTOPIX Obama Immigration

Then President Barack Obama meets a group of Dreamers in the Oval Office in 2015. (Evan Vucci/Associated Press)

“Of course there were many young people who were skeptical and either didn’t come forward, or it took them awhile to come forward. Now we’re facing the very real possibility that if DACA ends, these young people could be priorities for removal.”

Lei says revoking DACA now would amount to a “betrayal” of people’s trust in the government.

“If you rewind back to the promise of DACA, it’s that if you give us your information, we make a promise to you that you will not be deported.”

An estimated 700,000 jobs would also be lost, costing billions in lost economic output, according to a report by the Center for American Progress. Top CEOs already angered by Trump’s Muslim travel ban might express outrage over the impact to company workforce.

Unlike with other immigration debates, “almost all agree the people brought to the United States were children with no moral culpability to come here,” says Stephen Legomsky, who teaches immigration law at Washington University in St. Louis.

Trump Immigration

During an immigration-reform rally Aug. 15 at the White House, a woman holds up a sign in support of the Obama administration program. (Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press)

He notes that even immigration hawks such as Trump’s chief of staff, John Kelly, who took a hard line on illegal immigration as Homeland Security secretary, like DACA as an institutional compromise.

And on Friday, Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan urged Trump to keep the program, telling a Wisconsin radio station that doing so would affect “kids who know no other country” who are living “in limbo.” A legislative fix is needed, Ryan said.

Whatever the president decides, Rodriguez, the lawyer who took a souvenir Trump tie in 2013, agrees a permanent immigration solution will fall to Congress. He believes Trump’s meeting with the Dreamers years ago at least made some difference.

“The fact he hadn’t repealed it outright makes me think that maybe there was something he recognized in them,” he said. “I’m just hoping that whatever the president does, those amazing kids he met with back in 2013 lingered enough in his mind to make him think through this carefully.”

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CBC | World News

EXCLUSIVE: Why Joe Jonas Devoured Pancakes for Charli XCX — Plus, Watch Him Relive His 'Worst Date Ever!'

Joe Jonas wants you to relive his “worst date ever” in a story that’s completely reenacted by puppets. Yes, you read that last part correctly: puppets.

It’s all for Wilmer Valderrama’s new TV show on Fuse, The Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow. Each week, celebrities recount true tales of their wildest adventures as they are reenacted by their very own doppelgänger marionette puppets — and on tonight’s all new episode, Jonas’ “racy” puppet is recounting the date that almost got the DNCE singer arrested!

“If you’ve ever been curious to know what I look like as a puppet, then this will answer your questions,” Jonas said with a laugh on a recent phone call with ET. “This is a true story, as crazy as it may sound. The puppets make things a little bit more extravagant, so some of it is a little fabricated, but it’s all based on a real date. I hope you all enjoy it and find it just as humorous as I did when it was all going down.​”

Press play on the video below for an exclusive sneak peek of Jonas’ puppet and keep reading for the secret to his long friendship with Demi Lovato and why he was hungry to appear in Charli XCX’s new music video for “Boys.” (Spoiler alert: It’s not just because there were pancakes involved!)

EXCLUSIVE: Sophie Turner Brings Joe Jonas to Comic-Con, Calls Him ‘A Good Accessory’

ET: In our sneak peek clip from The Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow, things get pretty crazy when your date falls asleep in the middle of your romantic night. Be honest, did all of this really happen?
Yeah that was a true story and it was one of those kind of experiences that you can’t make up, right? Like, it was so wild that you can’t make that s**t up. It definitely was my worst date and I hope it will be my worst date of all time and nothing crazier will happen, you know what I mean? Like, all jokes aside I’m kind of glad that it happened because it makes for a great story, but at the same time, I think I was pretty close to being sent to jail that night. Luckily, one of my most embarrassing moments is also one of my favorites.”

What was your initial thought when you first saw your lookalike puppet?
When I saw mini-me, I don’t know if it was love at first sight or if I was just scared at first sight. It’s insane! I just wish I could’ve kept my puppet.

Wait, so where is your slightly creepy puppet now?
That’s a good question! I feel like Wilmer has a beautiful collection at his house or is eBaying them.

In the episode, your puppet does some pretty racy things. [Insert joke about the puppet being made of wood here.] What was your reaction when you watched those scenes?
It was kind of shocking when I first saw it. And they were like, ‘We can take out whatever you’re not comfortable with.’ I was like, ‘Absolutely not! You’re leaving everything in there!’ It was so ridiculous and so over the top and yeah, my puppet does have some moments that are a little sketch, but I love it.”

Do you think this girl will reach out to you again after she sees Tuesday’s episode?
No, and I kind of hope that she doesn’t. The story could really be about a few people, [so] if she ever hits me up then I can just play plead the fifth and be like, ‘Oh no the story isn’t about you.’ She wouldn’t even remember it because she was asleep the whole time! [Laughs]

We now know your worst date ever, but what’s your best date ever?
Best date ever? Probably just me cooking at home. That’s always really nice. I think low-key cooking at home is my favorite kind of night. I’m not the greatest [cook] but I can do pretty much the basics. But you know, going to the grocery story, picking up the ingredients, and trying your best, that’s kind of part of it and even if it’s not the greatest meal you’ve ever had, I prefer nights like that than planning a big extravagant dinner for a dinner date.

MORE: Meet All 75 Swoonworthy Guys in Charli XCX’s ‘Boys’ Video — From Joe Jonas to KAYTRANADA

Photo: YouTube

You recently starred in Charli XCX’s new music video “Boys” alongside 74 other hunky men. How did you get involved?
This music video has a longer leg than I expected. It’s pretty cool to see how much love there is for this video, but I kind of just thought it was a genius concept. Charli reached out to me and came up with this idea, I was like, “Yes! The roles should be reversed. It’s about time. Lets just make this like, over the top!” We had a bunch of different ideas, but I kind of loved the idea that she came up with for me, which was like, just eating a stack of pancakes. So it was a good excuse to dive in.

Did you actually devour those pancakes on set?
Yeah. It was just me and a camera crew and a stack of pancakes. That was definitely my dinner for the day. It’s kind of weird when there’s a bunch of people just watching and silently judging you eating a stack of pancakes.

Would you ever return the favor and ask Charli to be in one of your music videos for DNCE?
I would love for her to be in one of my videos. I think that she’s so talented, beautiful and to have Charli be a part of it, or to do a song with her would be awesome.

Your pal Demi Lovato is releasing hit after hit this summer! Are you dancing around to “Sorry Not Sorry” just like the rest of us?
Yeah I’ve been rocking out to Demi’s new stuff. I’m really happy and proud of her and the songs are doing so well, but I’m not surprised by that.

The music industry can be a pretty chaotic place. What would you say is the secret to your long-lasting friendship with Demi?
I think it has to do with really just trying to show face. If it’s just in text or trying to catch up whenever you can, it shouldn’t just be like, you know you’re going to run into each other. For example, tomorrow I know I’m going to bump into her, but like, putting in a little bit more effort that that. Sending a message here and there just to kind of do what you can to reach out.

What’s still on your DNCE bucket list?
Probably performing on the moon. Or I would love DNCE to be a cartoon, so if we could do Family Guy or The Simpsons, that would be a dream come true for us. Oh! Actually, the top of the list is Rick and Morty.

Catch Jonas’ appearance on The Hollywood Puppet Sh!tshow Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT, 9:30 p.m. CT on Fuse.


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MTV's 'TRL' Officially Returning This Fall! Relive 7 of the Show's Best Moments

Cue the nostalgia — Total Request Live is officially making a comeback!

MTV announced on Sunday that TRL, the popular music video countdown show that aired on the network from 1998 to 2008, will be making its return this fall.

WATCH: Katy Perry to Host the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards

Originally hosted live from New York City by Carson Daly, the revival will premiere in October and will introduce viewers to new talent, including rapper and comedian DC Young Fly and Erik Zachary, a radio host for 103.5 KISS FM in Chicago. A massive studio facing Times Square (much like the original one) is currently under construction.

“If we’re going to come back and reinvent MTV, the studio is a given,” MTV president Chris McCarthy told The New York Times. “It is the centerpiece.”

“It’s the right route,” he added. “When you talk to artists and they say to you, unaware of what we’re doing, ‘Can you bring back TRL?’ We’d be crazy not to reinvent that. MTV’s reinvention is coming by harnessing its heritage.”

The all-new TRL is slated to air an hour a day on the network, but McCarthy says it may grow to two to three hours a day once the show is completely developed. The NYT reports the show will also produce daily content on Instagram and Snapchat.

“You’ve been doubted before…,” DC Young Fly, who appeared on season seven of MTV’s Wild ‘N Out, wrote on Instagram following the announcement. “#ILoveMakingThemBelievers #MTVLetsTurnUp #TRLisBack.”

Zachary also took to social media, tweeting, “Anddd the secret is out. Words truly cannot explain how much of a dream come true this is. (and yes! I’ll still be on @1035KISSFM too!!!!)”

In celebration of the exciting news, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite guest appearances from the late ’90s and early ’00s.

Watch below:

1998: Hanson hosts

1999: The Backstreet Boys release Millennium & shut down Times Square

1999: Christina Aguilera performs “Genie In a Bottle”

2000: Britney Spears performs “Oops! I Did It Again”

2000: Eminem takes over

2005: Destiny’s Child reveal breakup

2006: Robin Williams answers fan questions live via webcam

MORE: Kendrick Lamar, Katy Perry and The Weeknd Lead 2017 MTV Video Music Awards Nominations


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