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Watch the Ultimate Garden Clash: Combined Events edition

Click on the video player above on Sunday at 11 a.m. ET to watch action from the Ultimate Garden Clash.

The third edition of the event features the world’s top three decathletes – Kevin Mayer of France, Germany’s Niklas Kaul, and Maicel Uibo of Estonia – facing off in a unique virtual ‘triathlon’ from their respective training bases in France, Germany and the U.S.

The trio will compete in one discipline of each of the core athletics groups of running, jumping and throwing.

The combined events competition follows events in both men’s and women’s pole vault last month.

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Mortal Kombat 11 Serves Up the Ultimate ’80s Fight: RoboCop vs. Terminator

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Mortal Kombat 11 players will soon be able to play out one of the most-discussed cinematic battles of the 1980s that never actually happened. RoboCop and Terminator are both coming to the franchise, finally allowing gamers to answer for themselves what we used to argue over during lunch.

Now, personally, I have to say — I’ve always been 100 percent on Team Terminator on this issue. In fact, I don’t even see how the “PRoboCop” faction even has a leg to stand on.

Let’s examine the facts. Alexander James Murphy is a cop who gets most of his brain shot out by a crime boss before his amazingly corrupt employer literally shoves a few of his organs and parts of his cerebellum and cerebrum into a titanium can.

The T-800, in contrast, is a ruthless, entirely mechanical adversary. It’s much faster than RoboCop. RoboCop is, to be sure, extremely durable — but the T-800 has survived direct hits from grenades, incendiaries, high-speed vehicles, and a truly astonishing number of bullets. It’s simply astonishing to argue that…

Oh. Right. There’s actually a story attached to this. First up, here’s a video that ends with RoboCop delivering one of his fatalities:

There’s also a second video available, this one with a demonstration of the T-800 laying out the pain. Both are full of easter eggs, including references to the RoboCop Versus The Terminator comic, in which RoboCop discovered Skynet had been built in part from his own technology, and plotted for decades to destroy it. The Terminator’s signature step-out recalls an iconic scene from T2, while changing it to fit the Mortal Kombat universe.

Mortal Kombat, MKII, and MK3 were staples of my adolescence and young adulthood, but I haven’t kept in touch with the series much through the intervening games. Visually, it’s impressive, though I’d rather some of the damage inflicted in the periodic close-ups actually remain on the model once we transition back to the fight. Mortal Kombat 11 clearly uses two different rendering approaches throughout the matches, and while the game transitions cleanly and quickly between them, it’s still a little visually jarring. We suddenly move from a battlefield perspective to what looks like an entirely different area, and the lighting model and detail level shift dramatically to accommodate Fatalities or various high-damage attacks. I’m genuinely curious to see what the next console generation brings to the table for fighting games like this — the advent of substantially faster CPUs and ray tracing should allow for some incredible animation and art.

I don’t have the game, but I certainly wouldn’t mind a match or three — if only to put RoboCop in its place, once and for all.

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Microsoft Unveils DirectX 12 Ultimate, Its Next-Generation API

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It’s been a few years since Microsoft introduced DirectX 12, and there’s a new set of console introductions coming this fall, so the time is ripe for the unveiling of a new DirectX version. Microsoft has just launched DirectX 12 Ultimate, an extension and unification of various DX12 features that should serve as a common capability reference for new products and consoles.

GPUs labeled as supporting DirectX 12 Ultimate will offer the following capabilities:

DirectX Raytracing
Variable Rate Shading
Mesh Shaders
Sampler Feedback

GPUs that can’t provide all of these capabilities will continue to be sold as DirectX 12 GPUs, not DirectX 12 Ultimate cards. None of the capabilities above are new — Nvidia introduced the first GPUs with DX12 raytracing support back in 2018 — but they aren’t supported across modern GPU families.

More of a Point Update

The way DirectX 12 Ultimate functions is more like a point update than a completely new API version. Just because a game supports DirectX 12 Ultimate doesn’t mean your existing DX12 card won’t run it — you just won’t have access to that common group of features.

The reason Microsoft is doing this, I suspect, is because there are now significant new features in DX12 that aren’t really “attached” to the standard. This would be equivalent to a DirectX 12_2 feature level, except Microsoft has decided to throw new branding around the concept and go with DX12U.

In this case, Nvidia has a leg up on other GPUSEEAMAZON_ET_135 See Amazon ET commerce families, with support for these features already baked into Turing. At this point, however, gamers would be better off waiting to see what Ampere brings to the table rather than buying into Turing if the goal is longevity and maximum feature support — everything Turing can do in these regards, Ampere will obviously be able to do better. Anandtech has put together a table showing how the major GPUs from AMD, Nvidia, and Intel compare:


Image by Anandtech

According to AMD, all new Navi 20 GPUs coming in 2020 will support DirectX 12 Ultimate.

Specific Features

First, we’ve got DirectX raytracing 1.1: Going forward, developers will be able to create raytracing tasks that run directly on the GPU without invoking the CPU. Streaming engines will now be able to load raytracing shaders more efficiently, and there’s a new “inline” raytracing feature that gives the developer more control over the RT process. Microsoft writes:

Scenarios with many complex shaders will run better with dynamic-shader-based raytracing, as opposed to using massive inline raytracing uber-shaders. Meanwhile, scenarios that have a minimal shading complexity and/or very few shaders will run better with inline raytracing.

If the above all seems quite complicated, well, it is! The high-level takeaway is that both the new inline raytracing and the original dynamic-shader-based raytracing are valuable for different purposes.

Variable-rate shading is a feature we’ve discussed before. It allows the GPU to dedicate more resources to the most important areas of a game (visually speaking) and reduces detail level in areas where you are unlikely to notice it. Mesh shaders have been described as “compute shaders for geometry.” Here’s how Microsoft describes them:

Prior to mesh shader, the GPU geometry pipeline hid the parallel nature of GPU hardware execution behind a simplified programming abstraction which only gave developers access to seemingly linear shader functions… Mesh shaders change this by making geometry processing behave more like compute shaders. Rather than a single function that shades one vertex or one primitive, mesh shaders operate across an entire compute thread group, with access to group shared memory and advanced compute features such as cross-lane wave intrinsics that provide even more fine grained control over actual hardware execution.

This should remove substantial overhead from geometry processing and allow for the creation of more detailed objects and scenes. Microsoft’s blog post has additional details on how they expect this advance to simplify GPU programming. Geometry culling should also be more efficient — mesh shaders basically add a mid-step cull between the coarse (per-mesh) and fine (per-triangle) culling performed in the existing geometry pipeline. The one catch? Implementing mesh shaders would probably require a game to be written for DX12U hardware and above, meaning we won’t see those kinds of titles until the standard is established as the expected baseline.

These are features and capabilities we’ll see rolled out over time, but with ray tracing debuting on consoles and AMD GPUs for the PC market, we should start to see increased uptake of that feature, at least, in 2021 – 2022. If you don’t have a DX12U card, there’s no reason to worry — you’ll be fully compatible with games for quite some time yet.

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KSI vs Logan Paul: See Who Won the Ultimate Boxing Match

KSI vs Logan Paul: See Who Won the Ultimate Boxing Match | Entertainment Tonight

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Lil Nas X Just Proved He’s the Ultimate Stand-Up Guy After Adopting Puppies

Lil Nas X Just Proved He’s the Ultimate Stand-Up Guy After Adopting Puppies | Entertainment Tonight

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Squid Kids Vs. Electric Rats

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In spite of some excellent third-party contributions, Nintendo’s first-party support has been more than a little disappointing this year. However, Nintendo is ending 2018 strong with the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This fifth installment in the cherished crossover fighting series brings back every playable character to date and gives Switch owners something to crow about during game-of-the-year discussions.

Tom Marks was tasked with reviewing Smash 5 on our sister site IGN, and he gave it an Amazing score of 9.4/10. This brawler benefits from the large single player campaign, a robust collection of playable characters, a quicker pace of play, and the 1,000+ “Spirits” that cover every obscure reference you could hope for.

At Metacritic, 66 reviews have been counted up, and the game enjoys a metascore of 93/100. And since that matches or exceeds the average of the previous games in the series, it’s safe to say that Ultimate is easy to recommend. Many reviewers and fans roll their eyes at how long it takes to unlock every member of the ridiculously large roster, but those complaints are small potatoes in terms of the overall reception.

Most reviews end up somewhere between 90/100 and a perfect score, but some outlets like Attack of the Fanboy and the Telegraph are slightly more critical. For example, William Schwartz was close to the lukewarm part of the scale with a score of 3.5/5 on AotF. There’s no doubt he thoroughly enjoys the heart of the game, but the tedious unlock process and the problematic online mode keep it from top marks.

Earlier this year, Nintendo confirmed that, when docked, the game runs at 1920×1080 at 60fps. Undock the Switch, and it’ll drop down to a native 1280×720 at 60fps. While the Wii U version of Smash 4 was comparable to the docked mode, this is leaps and bounds better than the 3DS version of the previous installment. It resolved at a mere 400×240, so the step up to 720p is massive.

There hasn’t been a comprehensive analysis yet of every mode and every stage while both docked and undocked, but our time spent with various one-on-ones and four-player free-for-alls have resulted in good performance. Loads between menus tend to be a little bit longer than we’d like, but the fundamentals of Smash are handled quite well regardless of whether you’re playing on the handheld or on the television.

There haven’t been any noticeable issues with local play for us, but there are some disheartening reports popping up of lackluster online play. Considering that Nintendo now expects us to pay for online multiplayer, that aspect of this release is borderline unacceptable at launch.

[Image credit: IGN]

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Kim Kardashian Shares Sweet Videos of North West Being the Ultimate Big Sister

North West is such a great big sister.

Kim Kardashian shared the sweetest videos of her 5-year-old daughter holding her baby sister, Chicago, on Saturday morning. While having fun with various Instagram filters, the 37-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star first shared a handful of clips of just herself and little Chi.

She then posted an adorable clip of North wearing a lavender dress with her hair up in two space buns, and smiling as she held on to her 6-month-old little sis. “You guys are so cute,” the mother of three proudly says, as both girls have butterflies flying around their heads.

In the second clip, North and Chi are in the same position only with a different filter, which Kim really seems to enjoy.

“Oh, this one is really pretty,” Kim tells her daughters. “You both have little flower ears and little freckles. Say ‘good morning.’ I love you girls.”

It seems as if the makeup mogul can’t help but marvel over how cute her children are, and constantly shares snippets of her daughters and son, Saint, on social media.

Earlier this month, Chicago had a cousins photo shoot with Khloe Kardashian’s newborn daughter, True, and Kylie Jenner’s baby girl, Stormi.

Before the shoot, Kim spoke exclusively told ET about staging a session with True, Stormi and Chicago, who are only a few months apart.

“The three little girls are gonna grow up together. Chi and Stormi are just two weeks apart and then True is just a few months behind so that’s really exciting,” Kim dished. “We’re so excited. Me and Kylie and Khloe are planning one of those kids’ photo shoots, just like a silly shot that we can have all the girls, ‘cause Stormi and Chicago have so many pictures together. So, we can’t wait for True to join the crew.”

Hear more in the video below.


Kim Kardashian Wears Stylish Swimsuit While Doing Beach Yoga — Pic

Kim Kardashian Can’t Stop Instagram Filtering Baby Chicago — See the Cute Pics!

Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner and North West Star in Fendi’s Newest Campaign — See the Pics!

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'Game of Thrones' Just Blew Our Minds With the Ultimate Dragon Twist and This Changes Everything!

Meanwhile, back in Winterfell, Littlefinger is once again causing some very big problems. Arya confronted Sansa about the letter Cersei “forced her” to write to Robb all those years ago, and the sisters are now in the middle of a very intense Stark family standoff.

At the urging of Littlefinger, Sansa ordered Brienne down to King’s Landing to attend a gathering on behalf of the Lady of Winterfell and Brienne reluctantly agreed to obey her wishes.

Who else wants to bet that there is no gathering in King’s Landing and it was actually Littlefinger who sent that invitation to Sansa? (You should all be raising your hands right now, because you know we’re right.)

Make sure you subscribe to Entertainment Tonight’s YouTube channel and tune in every Monday for a brand new episode of Westeros Weekly, the ultimate Game of Thrones after-show featuring exclusive interviews with your favorite GoT stars and celebrity superfans!

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Celine Dion Is the Ultimate Hockey Mom as She Busts a Move at Her Son's Game

If you thought Celine Dion was high-energy onstage, you should see her in the stands.

The 49-year-old singer recently attended a hockey game for one of her sons, and got very excited while cheering on his team. In a video shared on Instagram by someone at the game, Dion is seen up out of her seat and dancing and clapping with her hands in the air while wearing a hockey jersey.

According to the Montreal Gazette, Dion’s 16-year-old son, René Charles Angélil, was playing on the U16 Jr. Golden Knights team.

WATCH: Celine Dion Is the Queen of Couture, Rocks 6 Dazzling Looks for Vogue Fashion Film

Instagram user Maximilien was seated behind Dion — who appeared to be makeup-free, sporting glasses and a messy bun — and even got her to pose mid-dance.

EXCLUSIVE: Celine Dion on BBMAs Honor and Son’s Surprise — ‘I Thought I Was Going to Make it Through the Night Without Tears’

In February, ET spoke with Dion about how she’s coping with being a single mom after the death of her husband, Rene Angelil, early last year. “I feel stronger,” the “Power of Love” singer shared. “He gave me the rest of him. I feel stronger, I step forward. I say what I mean, I mean what I say. I stand up for my kids and I feel like I’m the leader of the family.”

Here’s a look at ET’s emotional interview withthe mother of three:


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The Ultimate 'Friends' History Book Hitting Shelves in Time for Sitcom's 25th Anniversary

If you’re a Friends superfan, there’s a new book dedicated to exploring the history and legacy of the beloved sitcom.

I’ll Be There for You, penned by Kelsey Miller, was recently acquired by Harlequin imprint Hanover Square Press, and will be coming out in time for the sitcom’s 25th anniversary in 2019.

NEWS: A ‘Friends’ Off-Broadway Musical Is Happening, and It’s Going to Be Epic

Friends, which debuted on NBC in 1994, ended up running for 10 seasons and 236 episodes and was one of the most successful shows at the time, and it’s series finale in May 2006 had some of the highest viewership numbers of all time for a scripted show, behind only M*A*S*H, Cheers and Seinfeld.

To this day the show thrives among millennials, reportedly snagging over 16 million viewers a week in reruns across multiple broadcast platforms. The upcoming tome will examine the show’s enduring popularity — as well as some behind-the-scenes looks at how the series came to exist.

WATCH: Jennifer Aniston Reveals Why She Thinks ‘Friends’ Would Never Exist in Today’s Smartphone Age

The book — which will also serve as a definitive compendium of Friends facts and tidbits — will also look back at the litany of guest stars and the way Friends influenced pop culture (including the impact of Jennifer Aniston’s iconic haircut known forever as “The Rachel.”)

For more on the celebrated comedy series, check out the video below.


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